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10 habits that will make you a better person professionally and personally

I have often been asked, “Atit, what is the secret to your positivity?” People often tell me how they have never seen me frown or, never seen me disturbed. In fact, I always have time for everyone.

While the answer lies in these simple two words- lifestyle changes, it is not that simple. I do remember the times when I would get hyper, and I would stay stressed. It is not something that happened overnight. I still remember how hard it was for me to come from “I don’t have time for this” to “Why wait for tomorrow? Let’s do it right now!” without actually creating any stress for anyone.

So, what is changed? How did I transform? I experimented with my lifestyle a bit, and it did wonders for me. So, here I am, ready to share the ten habits that changed my life from stressful to stress-free.

#1 Never skip your breakfast

Earlier, there was a time when I had no time for breakfast or, I used to have it on the go. Some days, I would rely on a cup of coffee to carry me through until lunchtime. That no longer happens.

I now take some time to have a full meal before I leave my house in the morning. Breakfast is not just family time for me, but also the only time when I am totally relaxed and think of nothing.

don’t read a paper or make my to-do lists while having my breakfast. I simply concentrate on what I am eating. Along with the never skip my breakfast part, I have also taken up eating something healthy at that hour of the day. I make sure to have nuts, smoothie and have a meal plan in place. I want my day to begin on a healthy note, which is why I have taken the pains to plan my first meal.

#2 Stop multitasking right away

I had this bad habit of doing two things at a time. I would be on the phone with someone and checking my emails at the same time. Sometimes, I would even check for errors in a project while talking to someone.

When I sat to introspect, I realized that none of the tasks got my full attention, and I did make my share of mistakes as a result. Like if I was talking on the phone and reviewing a report, I realized that the report was never appropriately proofread, and the person on the phone was just noise for me. I never really understood what the other side was trying to communicate. Eventually, I would get frustrated, and reduce my productivity.

I started taking one task at a time. It made my life easy. Actually, I achieved more than I normally would with one task at a time.

#3 Reading can stimulate you

I always loved reading, which is why I was able to write a book. However, I never really considered reading as an important daily task, one that required my time and attention. It would be a weekend activity or, an activity I indulged in when I got some time.

However, I realized that whatever little reading I was doing was helping me become a better person. I decided to imbibe a daily reading habit, and guess what it stimulated my brains with lots of ideas. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, reading always helps. I spend at least an hour of my day reading a book. I have set a reading goal too for this year.

#4 Appreciate your life

One of the most significant stressors in our life is that we rarely appreciate what we have. I have always complained about how I did not get credit for the project I completed or, how life was unfair to me. What I didn’t realize for a long time was that life was being good to me. There were many instances when I received something good, which others wanted. I have been showered with many nice things that I was busy to notice because I spent that hour complaining about things I did not get.

A simple rule of life- appreciate the person, thing or even the small moment you get in life. Every single minute matters.

#5 List your important tasks

There are certain tasks in a day that require most of your attention. Spend your first half of the day working on those tasks. When you are done with those tasks, you will realize that 80% of the work is done. Now, you can go back to concentrating on the remaining tasks, which requires only 20% of your attention span.

I never did this earlier as I had a habit of following the to-do list I had created. However, with time I learnt that following the to-do list did not help me increase my productivity. Hence, I decided to opt for this method of listing out three major tasks and finishing it when I am highly productive.

#6 Have a workout regime

I did workout earlier, and it is not something new I started. I used to love being fit always. I am adding this to the list because I want to tell you how working out helped me boost my stamina and be more productive.

I used to have a workout regime at the gym, and it helped me stay fit. Even after years of stress, the workout helped me keep my body stable and manage my health issues.

A good morning workout keeps you energized through your day.

#7 Give specific hours to social media

Social media can be quite distracting, and it can bog your confidence down at some other times. Instead of checking your feed every other hour, you should dedicate some time to social media. I have a one-hour slot specifically meant for social media. I don’t check my feed before that.

How has it changed my life? For one, it has made me more responsible. Secondly, I don’t find myself checking posts every other minute, which has increased my discipline levels. Third, it has helped me keep myself positive, as I stay away from all the negativity that social media can sometimes invoke in you.

#8 Unwind yourself

At the end of the day, the brain and the body, both are tired. You need to relax them both. A good meal or a nice long bath can actually do the job.

I listen to some good music or go for a run just to unwind myself. It helps me get out of the stress the day may have given me and helps me relax my bones and body. Find that one technique that should help you unwind and practice it daily.

#9 Listen more, talk less

Often, we tend to speak more than listen. It is a normal tendency. However, I realized that listening helps you learn more.
I always believe in giving my subordinates at work, and my family (even the youngest member) a chance to communicate their thoughts. I know I will learn something for sure, and the ideas will be worth implementing. It has made my life easier in many ways.

#10 Learn something new each day

I strive hard to keep learning something new every day. It could be a new word, an original recipe or even a new lesson from an error I have made. The idea is to add some value to everyday life.

If you want to be a better person, it is important that you add value in your daily life. Never stop learning, and never stop believing in yourself.

Summing up

Life can be what you make of it, and it is important to make some lifestyle changes if you want to add positivity to your life. I have been trying hard to be a better person each day. Share in the comments section, how have you redefined yourself, and the daily habits that you have imbibed.

I would love to know what new thoughts you have to share. So, type in the comments section, and connect with me.

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