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The 10-Minute Productivity Hack that You Should Incorporate in your Daily Routine

I have been reading a lot these days, especially about successful people. Why? It always intrigued me, how they got their tasks done, and managed the work-life balance so well. That’s when I read about this 10-minute break productivity hack. It is said that you should take a break of about 10 minutes after every 50 minutes of work. Yes, it exists!

So, the next day when I went for a cup of coffee with one of my friends, I sat down and discussed it with him. To my surprise, this guy had been following this productivity hack for a while now. I wanted to know more, which is why our 1-hour coffee meet went on for a few hours.

He told me a story, which with his permission I am going to narrate here.

A few years back he was travelling for work, and he was to visit multiple countries. His visit to Japan and the US, as well as countries like Ireland and Sweden, proved to be quite fruitful, not only for business but also in making him a better person.

So, on one such visit, his client discussed the whole agenda and after 50 minutes of the discussion, he decided to take a break and said let’s meet in 10. My friend said fine and walked out of the room for a cup of coffee. In exactly 10 minutes the client was back in the cabin for the discussion. Again, after 50 odd minutes, he took the second break. This happened till lunch time. My friend could not control his curiosity and asked the client why he was taking the breaks so often.

To that the client replied, and I would like to quote him here “If I go on with the discussion for hours, I won’t be able to ponder on the points given by you. I take a break of 10 minutes after every 50 minutes, so that I am a bit refreshed, and can take the task or meeting forward with better thoughts and mindset. I can think fresh, and I will be more productive with the work, as a result.” He also mentioned how his focus increases as a result of the 10-minute break.

Interesting, I said! and After that coffee meeting with my friend, I thought about what he had told me, and I realized that the 10-minute break is an interesting thing to adopt. However, the one question that did not leave my mind was, what to do in that 10-minute break? Here are a few things that you can do with this break.

#1 Go for a walk

When I decided to adopt the 10-minute break routine, I went for a walk on the first day. I walked to the next door coffee shop, took a cup and came back. My 10 minutes were up by the time I reached my desk. This was an amazing and refreshing experience.

A good walk, either to the coffee shop or just a small stroll down the lane is a good way to spend the 10 minutes between two tasks. You will be re-energized to continue with the work. You should ideally decide to go for a walk if you have been brainstorming for the past 50 minutes.

#2 Read a book

Yes, during that 10-minute break, you can read a book that you have been meaning to for a while. It is a good way to enjoy that 10-minute break. In fact, if you take some of the non-fiction books to read, you will be able to gain some help in improving yourself, and also get some insights into how people work their ways up the ladder. Some of the books on marketing, finance etc. which belong to your niche can also be part of the 10-minute break. I am not saying you should not read fiction but, it is a good idea if you can read something that helps you improve as a person.

#3 Work out at your desk

Oh yes! Stretching and planks are a good way to spend the 10 minutes of your break. You can just give your back some rest or you can simply do that workout which you weren’t able to during the day. You don’t even need gym clothes for planks or stretching. If you are feeling tired, then you will be able to get rid of that with this short workout. It is ok if people are watching you; who knows, they may even join you.

#4 Detox during lunch

A good detox during those 10 minutes is essential. If you are planning on a 10-minute coffee or lunch, then you ought to unplug from social media. It would be a good idea to leave your phone on the desk and go for that small break. This way your entire focus would be on eating, and you would feel satisfied. Meals are tastier when you focus all your energies into completing that meal. You would even end up chewing every bite of that meal.

#5 A quick nap

Power naps are a great way to regain your focus and improve your productivity. Instead of doing anything else, you can opt for having a power nap. Sleep on your desk for quick 10 minutes, wash your face and get back to work. You would have regained your focus.

#6 Organize your schedule and desk

You have 10 minutes to actually organize your desk as well as your schedule. You can reorganize the tasks for the day, know how much time you will spend on them, and finally get done with scheduling every little task. If you have organized your schedule, you might want to organize the desk so that you can find all the things, including files and papers easily. It is easier to get this done during the 10-minute break, and you will be able to focus your energies on the task you will be taking on after the break.

Summing up

If you are in corporate or a professional, it is time to encourage the 10-minute break. You will be able to improve the productivity levels in your organization and identify new ways to get tasks done easily. You can even organize quick dancing or other sessions during the 10-minute break so that your employees are rejuvenated.

For more productivity hacks and ways to increase efficiency, you can connect with me via email or phone. I will not only help you increase your organization efficiency and help get things delivered on time.

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