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21 days to your big idea: Your business has more days to fight than Mahabharata battle against coronavirus

The battle of Mahabharata lasted for 18 days, fight against corona will take 21 days – PM Narendra Modi


Whether it’s the war of Mahabharata ages before or the time when we are all fighting against the pandemic war of spreading coronavirus, the only thing that can help us fight the hard times is the inner core strength we all have in ourselves. Patience, perseverance and our attitude towards the situation defines how vigorously we can fight the odds that arise every now and then.

While I was watching the above tweet by our respected Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi, the one thing that caught my head was the Shloka that he described during his speech;

मुक्ति जन्म महि जानि ग्यान खान अघ हानि कर। 

जहँ बस संभु भवानि सो कासी सेइअ कस न ॥

As he was referring to Kashi as the land of Lord Shiva, he described how it could set an example for the rest of the world with its knowledge and experience. Along with it he also narrated some qualities like the power to restrain, coordinate, empathize, tolerates and most importantly fight the situation by finding the solution.

This made the nerves in my mind run like how these qualities are true for any situation whether in the condition of lockdowns or business or even in the real-life. So being a business owner and a responsible citizen of my country, I decided to share my perspective on the importance of these qualities for any startup business and how embedding them in your business plans can make it stand against any catastrophe.

So let’s get started!

Research says it takes 21 days to form a habit and as we are all locked down for the 21 days, for now, why not use it as an opportunity to habituate your startup business plan with such qualities.

Here are some ways business owners can STICK TO THE CORE and develop values for their startup business during 21 days lockdown.

  • Restrain your business from overestimation

As per my experience during the last 15 years, I have seen many startup businesses fail as they do not have control over the expectations they set with their clients and also with the people working for them.

It’s good to have some predicted benchmarks to achieve, but knowing the feasibility of your commitments is equally important. There are many business owners who make the deal with the clients in a way that takes their expectations to the next level, but disappoints them when it comes to delivery. This thing can have a great impact on the business value that you are creating for yourself as a startup in the market.

Restraining yourself from overestimating the things and taking forward the only moves you are confident enough is what every newbie owner needs to understand. Don’t be overconfident and take only the calculated risk.

  • Coordination is the key to structured systems

Have you ever heard the story of ants in your childhood? Like how ants build a strong structured house made of soil for themselves? Well, the mechanism that works behind it is self-organizing and central coordination. In order to build the business of your dreams, it’s very important for you to have a well-coordinated team.

Yes, a team with a clear vision, a single motto, and a great understanding among themselves can make any business reach the heights. So before you dream to elevate your business graphs, make sure you have a united and qualified team behind yourself to back you for anything to make it possible. Achieving it is hard for many of the business owners, but one who has it is ready to face all kinds of odds.

There are many team building programs available out there to help you make your team stronger.

  • Tolerance to customer dislikes

Coming to the most important aspect of any business, that is its customer, the next thing any business owner needs to learn as a quality for its business is Tolerance.

We all as a businessman are working for our customers, so understanding them and making the things they like is a great task to achieve. During this process, there would be times when you would have tried something that is in the favor of your audience, but its newness and concept would be less understandable for your customers which thus leads them to dislike your product.

Make yourself prepared for such tolerance, you might have done things from your frame of mind, which you might think would work, but it’s not true in all cases. Understanding dislikes and failures are a part of the business and these are to be taken as a lesson for the future.

  • Build a solution-oriented mindset 

While living in today’s world, crises are ought to come, like think about the situation we are stuck in today due to lockdown, most of us will be focusing on the problems that are occurring due to these conditions while there are rare people out there who are carving their ways out by finding the solutions.

Try to be a part of the class and not the mass. As soon as any problem arrives in front of you, think about the possible solutions you could define for it instead of sitting and worrying about its existence. The person with the solution-oriented mindset will never find it difficult to fight against any situation no matter how worse it gets. This idea of focusing on giving efforts for finding the alternatives helps them get out of any situation easily and in no time.

I can give you a live example based on the current scenario of the pandemic, where people are panicked of its existence, but none of them want to be the part of the solution and maintain social distancing thus making it hard to get things into control.

  • Empathize your people and clients

If you are a person with a business mind and a great idea, but you lack a very basic quality of being a human that is empathy, you would not be able to run your business for a longer time. In the world where you have to work for the people (your clients) and with the people (your employees), having a side that is sensitive and understanding is a must-have attribute for any business owner.

Think what if you lack this quality? You will never be able to have good terms with your client or a leadership repo with your team members. The only way to remain connected with people is by understanding them and their situations. Talking to them, understanding their concerns and making them feel that they can trust you with their issues is what could help you build a stronger foundation for your business.

In a nutshell

21 days are a big opportunity for you and your business to get prepared, the only thing you have to focus on these days is getting back to basics and relearn some qualities (also mentioned by Modiji) that can help you improve your business along with fighting the COVID-19 effects.

Try to apply these qualities in your personal life and once you are ready personally start finding ways to practically implement it in your business world. If you still find it difficult, I can join you aboard. Whether it’s about honing your business plans or showing your team the right way to work together, I can help you gain control over both the aspects of your business with my special training programs.

Shoot an email with your business inquiry or inbox me your business details by filling the signup form on the contact page.

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