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4 ways startups can reduce web development costs for your business

“Digitization”, the trend that’s transforming the business landscape is increasing the importance of the enterprise web apps and web development services.

According to a survey, the online sales market is increasing by 20% every year and is expected to reach $4 trillion by the end of 2020. These facts are the reason for the increased competition for web apps in the industry, which demands the best quality apps to survive the cut-throat competition.

But wait, doesn’t good quality mean increased cost? 

Yes, to meet the industry requirements it’s very important for the app owner to ensure that they give the best quality products to their audience. 

So how is it possible to cut the web development rates without compromising the app quality?

Below are the answers to your questions! But, before we jump on to that part let’s know about some common app development mistakes to avoid that influences the development costs.

Avoid these startup web app development mistakes to reduce costs 

  • Lack of research about UI/UX cost estimations 

The costing of the apps depends on the kind of designs that are chosen and the number of features that are to be designed and navigated throughout the user app journey. Depending on the OS for which it is developed and the number of devices that it needs to fit in, the UI/UX charges are apparently different. 

The rates of simple app designs are lesser than the complex ones with a large number of features. Gaining clarity about what exactly you are looking for in terms of designs, platforms and the market trend can help you save some bucks as you know how much less or more you need in the app to evaluate it’s costing. 

  • Uncertain decisions about development platforms 

Being a startup or a non-tech business owner, it’s hard for you to understand what’s a better platform or technology to develop your business web apps. These uncertainties can cost you as the rates of web app development for various development frameworks differs to a great extent. 

Most of the startup app owners here make the wrong choices and thus have to pay for the re-development process once they find the right technology suit for their web app. Taking expert advice from someone experienced in the business and the tech world can be a great option as they can guide you on what’s better for your business. 

  • Development budgets that miss maintenance, updates and additional features costs 

The next in the list is the undervalued activities that do have separate costing. Software updates, embedding the latest features, purchasing professional tools and the cost of web app maintenance, these small things do play a major role in the overall application development process. 

Like if you ask your developer to create a feature that’s completely new in the market, you are pushing innovation but these innovations do have backend costs that involve purchasing a license of the software to develop your features. Consideration of such additional cost along with your current app implementation costing is what most people miss while finalizing their budget. 

Moving further, let’s move on to know the strategies that could help decrease the web app development for startups costs.

Ways startups can reduce web app development costs without losing quality 

  • Adopt an MVP approach

What if you have created an extraordinary web app, full of features but your customer finds it complex to use and your product doesn’t work in the market? All the efforts and money invested in developing this full-fledged app equipped with lots of features is in vain. 

The MVP approach involves creating a first model of the app that includes only the core feature with basic functionalities. This version of the app is used for treating the audience to check the viability of the app in the market. As the development cost of MVP is comparatively lesser than the full app development it saves a lot of money from app owners. 

This method also ensures the probability of app workability and failure chances. 

Build an MVP for your startup app with GED

  • Opt for simple and elegant UI

Yes, this is the easiest way to keep your development costs under budget. Do your research, find how most simple apps reach heights. Find how your contemporaries designed their apps and filter things you don’t need to have in yours. 

List out on your features and web app design based on “need” and “want” criteria. Once you are clear about what you do not want, you would start getting ideas about how elegantly you could design your app with needed features. Don’t chase complex app ideas, find how a minimalistic app design can do wonders both for your business and your pocket. 

  • Clarity and good communication could save bucks 

Good products are only produced with better communication. To achieve the end results that you as a startup owner are expecting, it’s very important for you to remain in the process continuously. Regular communication about app updates and future plans can help gain a better understanding among the developers about what exactly is expected from them and what they have to produce. 

This process reduces the hours of development and can help create more productive results. It also reduces the number of revisions of the app and can help them find the bugs better. 

  • Regular testing with Iterative development 

Having a constant eye on your apps loopholes can help you save your additional costs of maintenance after the app launch. Troubleshoot each new build on your app to test its workability in real. Adopting an iterative development process can make the development process much easier as here the whole process is divided into small stages of development.

These stages include the addition of various features and services which are tested and deployed once approved. In case of the change, the developer doesn’t need to redesign the whole app again and can resume with the last iteration. 

Don’t rush the process, take your time to examine each aspect of the development with patience as your one miss here can make you incur some extra costs after the development. 

Why developing a web app for a startup important in the current market?

The wake of the COVID-19 outbreak has made most of the world dependent on online services and software. For a business to survive in the current market scenario, the development of a website or an application has become a must. 

Being in the early stage of the business, it’s hard for many startups to keep their web development budget bigger. The team at GED can help you create a cost-effective website and apps for your business with our web development services. Our experienced team of developers with their outstanding knowledge can guide you on what’s best for your startup app while giving you some pocket-friendly app development proposals.

Send your web app queries with us by signing up the form below or drop in our inbox via email and our representative will get back to you to help you with your concerns.