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Successful people do things differently. Here’s what you can learn from them

I remember this conversation from long back, the one I had with a colleague. It happened during the initial stages of my career. So, while having a cup of tea at the roadside shop, I was loud thinking about how people grow successful. I wondered if it was part luck and part hard work or sheer luck, as even we are working hard but not nearly as successful as them. My colleague stopped me right there and made this statement that I will never forget. He said “Atit, successful people don’t rely on luck. They carve their path and know just how to do it.”

This set me thinking and changed my life completely. I no longer wonder what makes a person successful because I know just that. Here, I will share with all you people who believe that success comes from luck that it doesn’t. In fact, success comes from belief and slight change in your lifestyle.

Here’s what successful people do different that brings home the victory.

Going ahead with specific goals

You don’t just set goals; you intend to go specific with your goals. For instance, if you plan on earning a million dollars by the end of two years, you should set targets for each month, and should have specific plans for each month as in how you will earn it. The planning towards achieving your goals should be specific, and you should have planned both short-term and long-term goals.

How does it help? You will start feeling motivated when you have goals that you aim to achieve. The more precise your goals are, the more encouraged you will feel at the end of the day.

Time for them is valuable

Successful people value time. They consider both theirs and others time precious and believe that it should be spent on something useful.

My boss once told me that time is not infinite. You should never wait for tomorrow. As the days passed, and left me frustrated, I used to repeat this mantra, and realized that the only way to a successful future is when I start valuing today and the present moment. I began understanding that I need to invest my time in not only professional growth, but also in personal well-being, as both are linked in their own ways.

I eventually learnt to spend my time on things that are important, and stopped wasting it on things that are invaluable or beyond me.

Change their attitude towards life

Mindset makes a difference, and I am definitely one of the people who believes in this thought. If you think success, you can definitely achieve success. If you have happy thoughts, happiness is something you can achieve with ease. As they say, happiness is a result of what you think and not a result of your circumstances.

Getting scared or being tense about something will not help you achieve success. This is one thing that the successful people know, and which is why they are able to achieve the success. They know how to control the negative emotions and thoughts, and put their full faith in the positive thoughts.

To become positive with your thoughts, you ought to pay close attention to the kind of emotions that float in your mind, and how to attain the best emotional state. Positivity is a result of habits and happy thoughts.

A sense of ownership is prevalent

If they have done something wrong, they own it up. If they have failed, they own it up. They know they are responsible for their downfall and not the others. They never blame others for their shortcomings.

Apart from this, they never tend to take credit for the success that they gain. They ensure that the success is a team effort, and make sure to credit the entire team. However, coming to this level is not easy. You cannot take ownership without blaming others with ease, if you have never done it. It is defined in the way you look at life, and shows in the positive attitude you have towards life.

The leap of faith defines a person who is successful. They are ready to risk everything, including facing failure if it has to come to that, before they take the leap of faith. Their aim is to learn from the failures and not get embarrassed by the failures.

Take lessons from failure

Yes, if you want to become successful, then you ought to have this trait in you. it is important that you treat failure as important and valuable as you would treat success. Failure is indeed something that teaches you more about how you can go about success, and what went wrong while you were trying to attain the success.

To be successful, you should make a complete list of all the things that did not work out for you, starting with what led to the failure. Find out the reason for the failure of this particular task that you had in mind. When you work on the reasons as well as the things that led to this failure, you will be able to learn better, and would be prepared for the future.

Challenges they love

Success comes to those who embrace challenges.

If you run away from the very word challenge or, give up instantly when you are unable to perform, then you won’t go too far with success. However, if you look at every difficulty as a challenge, and take it up and try to win it, then you will get the success you are striving for.

There was a time when I was handed over a project which I had no idea about. The worst part was that there was a deadline that I had to abide by, which made learning all the more difficult. I could have quit then but, something came over me and I realized I should not give up. I sat with the team that night, took notes, went home and studied it over. I sat with the team again and made them realize the importance of the deadline, and how we can achieve it. I had a roadmap by then, which was expected of me. I decided to sit back with the team, keep them motivated, and even help them wherever needed. Before we knew it, we had accomplished the deadline.

I realized then that instead of cribbing about the lack of time, taking it up as a challenge really works. You just need to know what path would help you achieve the task in the best way possible, and make life easier for you.

Saying no comes easy

Well, if you are going to say yes to everything, you might not be able to achieve anything. Success comes to them who are able to say no, and can take a tough stand. They know it will hurt the other person but, they know it is going to be difficult for them to achieve what is being asked.

Along with saying no, they are open to criticism and do share their feedback, both positive and negative without hesitation.

It is not that you should not help others but, you should make sure your work is done before you can go out of your way and help the others.

How can you achieve this? The only way you can do it is by prioritizing your work, and ensuring you do the work of others during spare time.

Summing up

Success does not come easily. You need to give up on some things and imbibe certain others as habit before you strike chord with success.

Attaining success requires a change in your lifestyle and attitude. Make sure you work on having more of positive energy in your life, and increasing your mental strength, as these two things will impact your success majorly.

I don’t tell people how to attain success; I show them the path to getting things delivered, which automatically helps them become successful. If you or your company is facing issues with achieving goals or completing tasks on time, then it is time you connect with me. I will show you the path that is less travelled and will help you get things delivered on time.

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