About Us

Standish Group which was formed in 1985 and it is research advisory organization that focuses primarily on measuring software project performance because any innovation or initiative in this area will result in healthier and more rapid software development.

According to the Standish Group 2015 CHAOS Report showed that out of all 50,000 projects in the study, 71% failed to meet these three criteria: on time, on budget, and with satisfactory results.

The problem is even higher for big projects. Medium-sized projects failed at 91% and large projects at 94%. This 71% failure rate reflects the expected outcome of all project including small, medium, and large.

The results indicate that there is still work to be done around achieving successful outcomes from software development projects. This findings summarizes the outcomes of projects over the last five years using the new definition of success factors which is on time, on budget and with a satisfactory result).

Based on researched data and facts available around, you know that getting things delivered is the key to successful projects because we believe that:

No Delivery = No Result which is nothing but unhappy clients + vendors + everyone involved

About GED

At GED, we have 1.5 decades of experience & knowledge in the industry in which we serve, dealing with rich array of geographical specificities to create, tailor best technology solutions, ensuring its long-term growth.

Atit Purani – The Brain Behind GED

An ordinary person with extraordinary technical and leadership abilities – Atit Purani, founder of GED.

He commenced his journey into software project management as a software tutor, then contributed as a software developer, later founded his software enterprise, and he later transformed himself into an entrepreneur-leader.

With the power of passion, focus and consistent efforts, initially, he made his mark, just eight months into software developer’s job, as one of the best SQL Server experts in the company he worked for. He also topped online SQL Server examinations and certifications. This success encouraged him to take up newer challenges in the software industry. Throughout one and a half decades in the Offshore Software Development industry, he developed his own models and frameworks in project delivery and making it a success for clients and everyone involved.

Eight years of founding several IT startups and entrepreneurship provided him the opportunity to freely experiment, test and practice the principles he had found in his job earlier. The models and principles got fine-tuned into project delivery mantras.

Next phase is to evangelize the well-tested models of software project delivery for the benefit of the community involved in delivering the best software and system solutions to their customers including the founders of IT startups, individuals, entrepreneurs, project managers, delivery heads among others. With this wisdom distilled in a book, consulting services, blog posts, invited talks and other means, the 13 mantras that ‘Get Everything Delivered’ now benefit a large number of his clients and followers.

Atit has traveled across continents and currently lives in Ahmedabad. He is a graduate in commerce, law and a post-graduate in computer science.

He humbly welcomes all who wish to learn, manage and evangelize software project management that delivers results!

Walked In Our Shoes And We Both Will Walk Together

We support software developers, Project managers, delivery heads, project coordinators, project leaders, executives or anyone involved directly or indirectly in achieving strategic objectives and delivery software projects.
We have a solid track record of helping business and IT leaders improve organizational performance while addressing business challenges and navigating the complexities of today’s companies.

We at GED strives to make the consulting a better world by being more impactful to the problem and being more customer oriented and of course affordable.

What we want to achieve: Mission & Vision

Our mission is to diagnose and treat performance shortcomings in Project delivery plan. We learn about our client’s transformational needs. We established a plan with a tangible execution path. And we see the execution through to ensure the outcome meets client’s desired objectives.