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About Us

You! Yes, you! You are the best!

Your business deserves to be at the top and that’s why we are always here with the most tangible growth opportunities.

From development of your website/application to spreading the word about your business using the most modern digital marketing tactics, it’s our duty to build your business from scratch to top.

Who Are We?

Get everything delivered – the name signifies getting things delivered by a proven system & process underlying huge experience. The idea of GED is inspired by the book ‘Get-it-delivered‘ where there are 13 rules mentioned for smooth Project Delivery… To extend that thought, founder Atit Purani started a company called Get Everything Delivered (Shortly known as ‘GED’).

GED is not only a web and mobile application development company but a one-stop solution for all startups and businesses. GED is a people-oriented company with more than 300 employees in a corporate group. Our focus is nothing else than to deliver our customers the best results.

Like Warren Buffets with stocks and Steve Jobs with the smartphone, we make the digital transformation for our customers.

Our thoughts

We do not believe in belief but, we believe in Data and Delivery.

Our idea is to make web and mobile app development and consulting a better experience by approaching the problem more effectively and being more customer-centric to understand their needs and provide relevant solutions. We help individuals, startups, and SMEs to generate results through investments, advisory, mobile app/web development, and growth opportunities for digital marketing.

From ideation to execution,
we simplify the startup journey.

Trust us. We’ve been there. A good idea won’t amount much if you don’t execute & deliver it the right way. So, we aim to ease your entire migration from rat race to walk of life by making it more relevant.

Don’t let your doubts end your startup journey. Ask experts at GED about IT and non-IT questions. We will peek into our 3-decade of experience to answer.

Atit Purani

The Brain Behind GED