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And they did not give up.. The best way to overcome negative emotions and boost your morales

As a child I have read numerous stories, including how the tortoise despite being slow never gave up and won the race, and how the man who dug soil little by little, managed to till an entire land and make it agriculture worthy. These are all inspiring stories, motivating us to do our part in this world. We spin stories not to create interest and engagement, but also to inspire and motivate people.

When we give out awards at the workplace, we are motivating the people to do better, and earn their rewards. When we give a child a chocolate bar when they score decent marks, we are trying to motivate them to do better.

However, external motivation is just a part of all our achievements; we need the power of internal or self-motivation as they call it, if we want to do away with the negative thoughts.

Successful people are motivated, without anyone coming forth to motivate them. The first mantra they catch up on is “I can do it, and that too successfully”. Yes, if you are on this mantra too, you can attain success.

Apart from this, there are a few other things that successful people do to stay motivated and away from negative thoughts. Let’s get started with what they are.

Set your goals:

It doesn’t matter whether they are achievable or not or, you don’t believe in them just yet. It is important that you set the goals, and set it right. How high can you dream, is how high your goal should be. This goal will eventually become your cause, and you can win big battles with this single purpose at hand. Once you have a cause, you ought to dream about it, and set your standards high. What is the biggest goal of the wrestler? To win a gold during Olympics. That’s how high your goal and purpose in life should be.

Be your own competition:

For long, we have all been compared to others, to achieve things and stay motivated. Not anymore! You ought to be your own enemy and your own hero. Your battle is mostly with yourself when it comes to motivation. Your performance is singular, and it cannot be compared with anyone else. Always remember, when you compete with yourself, chances of winning the race is better.

Own your mistakes:

When you are running along a path, there are bound to be mistakes that you have made along the way. It is important that you own them, and ensure that you learn from the mistakes that you have made. The learning part is important as it gives you some way of ensuring you don’t repeat the same mistake or a similar one in the near future.

Exercise is good:

Some kind of physical exertion is essential if you want to overcome negative emotions and motivate yourself. Running in the wee hours of morning or hitting the gym for an hour can do you a lot good. Make sure you have a routine set for yourself, as that will help in building the motivation.

NLP is good:

Programming your mind to release the negative emotions by constantly talking to it is a good strategy. NLP works for a lot of people, and you could be one of them too. You can use a lot of the self help NLP books or work with a consultant to help you guide your way through the programming strategies.

Hitting the bed early:

This is the final thing, one that most people ignore. Whether you are self employed or working for a boss, it is important that you shut down your work early and make sure you have some time to read, listen to music before you hit the bed. Make sure your mobile is miles away before it is bed time, so that you get some sound sleep.

Summing up:

Staying motivated is a routine, and you will need to work on it continuously. You may not be able to achieve it in one go or may need a lot of external help to ensure self motivation techniques help. If you want a strategy for your workplace issues or help with personal growth and motivation, connect with me via email. I will understand your needs before issuing you the perfect course of action.

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