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Apna Time Aayega- The New Mantra Chugging the Minds of Planners and Managers

Ever since the release of the song “Apna Time Aayega” from Gully Boy, it’s got stuck in my head. I believe I am not the only one who is affected by this song; there are people around the globe who are singing this song, and getting through their day. The energy, the lyrics and the entire ensemble somehow makes you positive.

One such group of people who would be impacted by this song are the planners and the account managers. Their task is not just tedious, but also quite hands-on. Each day seems like the biggest ordeal, as they get things done by their subordinates and answer the tough questions asked by the seniors. Stuck in between, they have no way out, and the only mantra that keeps them moving on with the day is this “Apna Time Aayega”. They believe that some day they will overcome the challenges they face, and how they will also become Murad of their company, and win hearts.

The question here is what are the challenges they face during a normal day, and how can they overcome them and become a winner.

Being reactive, instead of proactive

Murad, in the film, for a very long time stayed reactive. He reacted or, sometimes just did not bother to react to the situations. He was talented but, could not muster the courage to speak his mind or, do what he really wanted to do.

Account managers face the same situation on a daily basis. They are so piled up with work, and forget the part about prioritizing, that they end up being reactive and defensive. They are called to fight fires, and end up being caught in the management ball game. The word proactive doesn’t exist in their dictionary, which can be quite a problem for them in the long run.

Instead of reacting to a situation, they need to start thinking on their foot. They need to think from the customer’s perspective, understand their needs, and give proactive and strategic solutions to them. It is always easy to get a solution after the damage is done; however, it is critical as a planner to ensure that the damage is prevented, and your account is safe.

Too many or inconsistency in the processes

When you sail on two boats at the same time, you are bound to fall. Similarly, when you are bound by too many processes, chances are you won’t get the things done on time or, get the things done at all. Again, if the processes are never consistent, and you change them with time, you will not be able to complete the task on time.

Most account managers and planners perform impromptu, which simply means they don’t adhere to any processes or tasks as planned. They will change with the clients. The new people coming on-board may face difficulties as a result, which will end up in a slow learning curve.

If you want the people to learn faster and to improve the efficiency of your systems, you ought to make sure you follow a consistent process. Define the process that needs to be followed immediately on taking up a task, be it a new account or a follow-up project within the account.

There should be one, and at the most two processes that you have defined for the projects. Anything more than that can cause a lot of confusion, and can lead to delays in the completion of the project.

Changes not communicated properly

When you are an account manager, it is your moral responsibility to make sure all the changes communicated by the client are properly implemented. However, it seldom happens that way. You get to know of certain changes, however, you are not completely sure if the changes can be implemented. Some times, the account managers tend to make false promises in order to retain the client.

It is important, in order to retain good client relations, that the team has a meeting with the client, and everyone heading the various departments is responsible enough to take ownership of the tasks. A discussion on the changes can help the clients understand if the changes can be made or not, and you can even suggest the changes that you believe can be performed on the particular project. This way you will have a healthy relationship with the client, and you won’t face any hurdles while completing the task.

Missing out on regular meetings

Many account managers believe that once the task is handed over, it is done. However, that is not the case. Just when the deadline is approaching, in some cases, you will observe that the tasks have not even been started. There were issues that the team was having, and you were busy thinking that the team is just doing fine.

The best way to deal with the possible issues is to ensure regular catch up sessions with the team and with the top management. Keeping everyone on the same page is important if you want to achieve the things on time, and ensure good relations with the client.

Summing up

If you really want the slogan “Apna Time Aayega” to come true, then you ought to work hard for it. Make sure you start redoing your processes, and communicate with your team in a better way to keep your clients happy, which is your sole responsibility as the account manager.

If you want to re-imagine your organization or, improve your processes, then connect with me via email or phone. I will not only help you come out victorious in your projects, but also help you plan for the future.

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