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Going Beyond Delivery: A Restaurant that took Experience to the Next Level

I used to always believe that delivery is the one experience that any service provider can offer. However, a recent incident proved me wrong. Let me begin by narrating this amazing experience, as I would love to call it before I conclude my thoughts on the same.

So, it was my sister-in-law’s birthday, and we had booked this interesting place for the celebration. We reached, talked to the person-in-charge about the bookings, and we were taken to our table. Interestingly, the place had a formal dress code, which we had already known about before coming here.

So, once seated, we thought it was a simple order and serve kind of service. We were stumped when the first thing the manager did was to introduce the waitress who would be taking care of the services. They were serving a seven-course pre-decided meal, and this person was in charge of taking care of all our needs.

Even when the waitress was introduced, I did not expect more than getting the food served and being taken care of. She first asked us whether we were vegetarians or non-vegetarians, to which we responded with a vegetarian. She followed the question with another about allergies to food items.

What happened next was unbelievable! She came with the first meal course, and before serving or allowing us to eat, she took us through the dishes. She explained what each dish consisted of and how it was made, and why it was so special. We were also told how best to relish each food item. We realized that they did not just deliver food; they wanted to make food experience for the consumers.

The restaurant’s speciality lay in the fact that they wanted to make the customers experience food, rather than just eat it. They wanted to give them to know what the craze behind that dish is all about, what each thing means before serving it to them. the idea is to take care of the little needs that you might have as a foodie.

For me, most of the food items were new, and I never knew I could relish them but, the way they made the experience so special for me, I did not want to leave the dishes untried.

You may think it is such a small incident so, why am I raving about it. Well, as usual, it set me thinking about what delivery is, and how to make it more experiential than it is. Here are my thoughts that I simply cannot stop sharing.

What is an after-delivery experience?

When I say after-delivery experience, I never thought there was something that could be done to make a delivery extra special. For instance, this restaurant made it all about the customers and how they wanted the customers to feel extra special. I was asked to taste a particular dish in a particular fashion, which made my life easy, as I did not know how that dish was to be eaten. Similarly, there are issues that every customer faces, and you need to find a solution that will aptly solve their problems.

For instance, in this case, the problem faced by most customers is that they don’t know how to enjoy the dish. That’s why the restaurant people went one step ahead to give them that experience, and help them with that. Every step was indicative at making it special for the customer.

Similarly, when someone comes to you with a problem, you are not just supposed to solve it and end it at that. You are supposed to ensure that every problem’s solution, which is offered to the end user, is carefully planned, and explain it to them individually. You should understand what they really need, what parts of the solution they did not understand, and help them with that.

It is not just about solving the issue, but also about making the solution personal for the customers who come there.

Points that help make experiences better

» Start with understanding the issue that the customer faces. In this case, the restaurant understood that the major issue  facing the customers would be how to relish a dish. So, they introduced the solution based on their identification of the problem, by getting a waitress to introduce the dishes as well as the way to eat them

» Make your whole process, from delivery to actual experience, all about the customer. You need to think from the customer’s perspective, which will help you understand what kind of solution will work best for them. For instance, here helping the customers understand how to eat a particular dish, helps them enjoy the dish better

» When you introduce a solution, make sure you take them through the solution, and stay with them till they have managed to implement the solution. you need to see if they feel any issues while implementing the solution and try to help rectify these issues. The idea is to make the process smooth and complete

» Finally, you need to plan for the experiences of the solution. when you give a solution, you are also helping the end customers experience the solution. if you cannot take them through the entire solution, and stay with them through it, then it is not possible for you to make it reliable and validated enough. Stay with the customers till they are satisfied with what you have given them as part of the solution, and see to it that it has been well imbibed. Once done, you know you have done the job completely.

Summing up

I always believed that it is all about delivering a solution. However, we recently realized that it is also about owning the solution, and seeing to it that it is delivered nicely to the end customers. It is also our duty to check that the solution has been implemented nicely and every aspect of the delivery is experiential.

If you also believe that experiences go beyond delivery, and you need to work your way through it, let’s catch up and discuss it further. If you want to improve experiences at your workplace or in the solutions you offer, connect with me via email or phone. I will help deliver the apt solutions to your needs.

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