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Why Should You Step into the Online Car Rental Industry?

Transportation facilities have changed over the years and convenience has been the key factor of every evolution. From bullock carts to rental cars, the on-demand development era has brought us a long way.

Although cheap, public transportation is much of a hassle in the overcrowded world today.

Everybody wants to get on a public bus to save car fuel; everybody else thinks the same. However, the onset of the Pandemic instilled in us a fear of crowds for the right reasons.

Today, when the rental car business is fast blooming, you should be familiar with every aspect of it  and its development process in order to establish a solid foundation in the market and this blog is the ideal place for you to do so.

3 Reasons for the success of Online Car Rental Apps:

  1. Everybody wants to drive a car to gatherings, functions, work and dates. However, not everyone can afford one. Rather than booking an Uber/Ola and relying on the driver for a one-way drive, people can easily rent cars using online car rental apps and book them for a fixed number of hours or days without depending on drivers. They can self-drive them.
  2. Public transportation is becoming more and more crowded every following day and the Pandemic has played a sweet role in creating the ‘crowd phobia in everybody’s mind. As a result, it is one of the primary reasons for the enormous success of rental cars, cabs, and so on.
  3. People can choose the car of their choice for a reasonable price. In addition, Online Car Rental Apps provide coupons and discounts to their loyal customers.
  4. It is clear why people prefer renting a car, but the reason for the success of Online Car Rental Apps is that, instead of going to the local car rental shop, people can use online car rental apps to book one anytime and anywhere.

4 Types of Car Rentals:

  1. Self-Driven: Here, people can book a car for self-driving from any online car rental site. They don’t have to depend on the drivers for it. They will be charged for the type of car they select as well as the time period for which they’ve hired that particular car for.
  1. Corporate Rentals: This category provides special services to corporations, such as the ability to hail rides for official purposes.  The customer can book rides for a single day or multiple days for which they’re provided with a corporate account, and the fare for the same is deducted from their corporate account.
  2. Local Rentals: This is for local driving purposes. You can use this category to facilitate airport drop-offs, etc, or rent cars on a full-day, half-day, or hourly basis.
  3. Interstate/ Intercity Rentals: The users can book the cars for interstate or inter-city rides and keep them longer. Charges will be applicable according to the distance and hours.

Isn’t it incredible that we can get a car at our doorstep for as many hours as we want to with just a few clicks? 

Well! We should thank the app developers for that. 

They put in countless hours of effort and knowledge to build and maintain the apps that provide us unimaginable luxuries. 

Likewise, it is the duty of the app developers, like us, to ensure that every app should have every feature in it that will provide the best user experience.

9 Car Rental App Features: For Users

  1. Easy Registration/login: Some apps ask a slew of questions during registration, which might annoy the users even before logging in. Therefore, always provide an easy registration process or allow them to link their google/ Facebook, etc., accounts while registering.
  2. Options to choose a ride: Provide opportunities to select their favourite car out of several properly categorized vehicles list. The list should be categorized under the fuel consumption type, car size, etc.
  3. Car Booking Fare: The booking fare should be adequately shown, with calculations based on the number of hours/days booked. The algorithm for the same must be developed using utmost intelligence.
  4. Scheduling: Time slots for booking a car, expecting and ending a ride should be available. Future bookings should be there as well.
  1. Online Payment Gateways: Make every possible online payment gateways available for the users to make it easy for them to use your app.
  2. Real-Time Tracking: Users should be able to track their rides immediately after booking them. Real-time tracking will increase users’ trust in the company while also ensuring their safety.
  3. Easy cancellation: As booking has to be easy, the cancellation has to be accessible as well. Therefore, Minimal questions should be asked; feedback can be expected, though.
  4. Push Notifications: Remind your users about you, but don’t overdo it! Instead, keep it trendy and funny.
  1. Accessible Point Of Communication: Customer service should have an easy point of contact.

4 Car Rental App Features: For Admins

  1. Dashboard: The Admin Dashboard should contain information about every car that’s been rented out,  such as their real-time tracking, payment information, etc. The admin should have access to all the business information in a single place.
    The Dashboard should contain the details of the new vehicles being registered in the app.
  2. Communication Panel: Communication with both the users and car drivers should be easy using the app features.
  3. Analytics: The Sheet with all the previous, ongoing, and future bookings, availability, payments of the rentals should be available in the app to keep a good tab on the business.
  4. Payment Management: The app should have an in-built feature to manage the customer and driver’s payments.

Top 5 Online Car Rental Apps:

  1. Zoomcar: Whenever you feel like driving around the city with your friends or going for a trip out of the town, Zoomcar will always be there for you in 24 cities of India. With over 20 different vehicle types, Zoomcar is leading the way now.
  1. Avis India: Avis India offers over 6000 premium cars in 50 conveniently located stations across the country in over 20 cities. As a result, Avis has become the top brand in car rental services. The services include Chauffeur Drive and Self Drive car rentals.
  1. Ola Rental: Your Ola Cab services have more than just one service up to their sleeve. They are also into Online Car Rental service in 110 cities.
  1. Uber Rental: It’s just like your Ola Rentals. But better? It’s up to you to decide.
  1. Drivezy: This app has now made renting a car or bike easy and smooth. The service gives customers the luxury of renting a car and bike at a low price with an immediate refund, a low-security deposit on your leased vehicle, and much more.

Based on our mobile app development team discussion about the car rental business and a little research for this business, we could provide this information. So we are happy to talk with you regarding making the best car rental app for your business and offer a whole new experience to your targeted customers.