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How can you start your Cloud Kitchen App? – Debunking popular myths surrounding Cloud Kitchen App

“This year, I will start working towards my dream of owning a restaurant. Yes, I can certainly start with a home-cooked food delivery service.”

For once, this idea must have clicked into your mind if you have ever thought of starting your restaurant.

I must tell you that you are thinking in the right direction. The current market supportiveness in the cloud kitchen business has attracted many people to jump in it.

With fewer investments and more profits, starting a Cloud Kitchen Application is the ideal way to take off for your dream business and make it a reality.

With the ideas comes the curiosity, with which comes the understanding. But sometimes, this knowledge cycle becomes a vicious cycle of developing and bursting the misconceptions.

Likewise, many of us have misconceptions surrounding the Cloud Kitchen App. But here I am to save you from falling into this vicious cycle.

Let us burst all the myths related to Cloud Kitchen Application Development:

Myth #1: Can’t I run my cloud kitchen manually?

Truth: Of course, you can start and run your cloud kitchen manually without any app. But having a mobile app opens up new doors for better customer service and experience. Let me tell you how?

Suppose you have started your cloud kitchen without the mobile app.

Your resources may get underutilized in answering (less important) customer inquiry phone calls related to the menu, order delivery updates, and so on.

You can avoid all these unnecessary tasks with the mobile app.

The app will allow customers to explore your food menu, place an order, track the delivery, make the payment, contact you/delivery person directly through the app, and so on.

Myth #2: Why hustle when you can associate with the aggregator apps?

Truth: Yes, you can indeed list your cloud kitchen on various 3rd-party aggregator apps, like Swiggy, Zomato, etc.

However, these 3rd party apps charge a significant amount of commission (almost like 25-30%) on each order.

The best part of starting your own cloud kitchen app is that you do not have to give any commission to anyone for receiving an order.

Another advantage of not going with any aggregator app is that you will have your own fleet of drivers for delivery.

Though you will have additional work of managing the fleet but trust me, it will definitely be worth it. Let me explain.

You might have noticed in the news how the aggregator drivers mess up with the order delivery. Many times they delay the delivery or deliver the wrong order.

Having your own fleet of drivers in your own app, you can enjoy ultimate control over the timely and effective delivery of orders without any commission.

Apart from these, having your own cloud kitchen app increases the visibility of your business. Let me tell you why.

You can gather and analyze the customer data in your cloud kitchen app and utilize them in making strategic decisions to increase your sales.

You can also send the personalized deals and offers to your customers based on analyzing their behavior in your app.

Myth #3: Your cloud kitchen can only be successful if you offer fast foods.

Truth: This myth is popular amongst most of us, but it is not the truth at all.

You can successfully run your cloud kitchen by offering multi-cuisine options other than fast foods, including single portion foods, regional foods, healthy foods, meal boxes, grandmother recipes, small eats, etc.

Myth #4: Starting your cloud kitchen app means you can serve your food through the app only.

Truth: This is not true. You can start a take-out and dine-in option besides delivery in your cloud kitchen business. Also, in this way, you can increase your revenue by almost 50%.

However, by extending your premises for dine-in or take-out, you may have to deploy additional staff members to your business, to effectively manage the customers and their orders.

Myth #5: Setting up your own cloud kitchen app is expensive.

Truth: Well, I must tell you that starting your cloud kitchen app is not very expensive. It is way too much cheaper than establishing a full-fledged restaurant business.

You can start your cloud kitchen app from your home, where you have enough space to cook and pack your food for orders comfortably.

Since a cloud kitchen does not require a larger space for dine-in, you can save your additional; expenses from the overhead of managing a large property.

You can utilize these savings in creating a strong online presence for your business through the app with the right technology.

Myth #6: You can start a cloud kitchen right away.

Truth: It is undoubtedly true that starting the cloud kitchen is much easier than starting a full-fledged restaurant business.

However, starting a successful cloud kitchen app needs professional support in terms of legal and technical aspects.

If we talk about legal aspects, starting a cloud kitchen requires country-specific licenses or permits. In India, you will require FSSAI registration, GST registration, Trade license, etc.

On the technical side, you need the skilled app developer team to deploy a bug-free, full-featured application in the market for its better functioning.

Therefore, for novice entrepreneurs, I recommend you to have professional assistance for starting up your own cloud kitchen app.

Do not Worry! You have got your back from GED…

Yes. GED is not just an app development company but an ultimate solution for starting up your own cloud kitchen app.

We at GED have a dedicated team of app developers, app designers, business experts, legal experts to entertain all your requirements in starting a cloud kitchen app from scratch.

We also offer the most affordable ready-to-go white-label food delivery app solution.

Since it only requires basic customization to our already developed white label solution, you can launch your own food delivery app within 15 days.

Our readily available cloud kitchen app solution is fully-fledged with market-friendly advanced features.

Such as easy onboarding, menu search with filters, price breakdown, order history, in-app navigation, in-app call/chat, in-app support, push notification, rate & feedback, etc.

You can even get your first business consultation free of cost at GED, which is quite rare as not all white-label app solutions providing companies offer free business consultation.

You can ask us anything related to your cloud kitchen app, including company registration, trademark registration, funding consulting, app development, digital marketing, etc.

We can give you the best solution for free in your first consultation.

Amazing, isn’t it? Let us connect!