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Online Copyright Registration Process In India Anticipated – What, Why And How?

Copyrighting your work provides the security of no one being able to steal the idea your work, or the identity of your work as their own, or copy something similar and bring it into the market.

Copyrighting provides the owners with the right of exclusivity over their work and thus they don’t have to constantly fear that someone might steal the idea of their work since the breach of copyrights can lead to severe consequences.

If your work has provided the protection of copyright, no other person can imitate, copy or reproduce the original work in any possible way, and the protection of copyright in India lasts for 60 years.

Copyright can be taken for the following works:

All the copyrights are protected by “The Copyright Act, 1967”, although there have been several amendments in the rules and regulations of the act, the fundamentals remain the same in India.

The Register of the ‘Registrar Of Copyrights’ is divided into 6 different categories:

Why Is It Important To Get Your Work Registered Under The Copyright Law?

Copyright law is to protect the authenticity of the art and empower the creators to create more without the fear of their work being stolen or copied and at the same time handing over minimum rights of his work.

Although copyrighting is not mandatory, it is always advised to get it done to set a public record and make people aware of your dedication towards your work, and the fact that you are accountable on every step.

Once your work has been copyrighted, it assists the people with knowing the worth and the commitment towards your work, giving them all the more reasons to buy your work or license your work.

Infringement Lawsuit can only be filed if your work is registered under the law of copyright, thus if there is any theft or copying or any kind of damage to the company’s name followed by financial or social loss, the company has no rights to file a lawsuit.

The Procedure Of Obtaining A Online Copyright Registration In India

  • A detailed application has to be filled out and sent to the registrar which contains (all the particulars and the statement of the particulars) in FORM IV format, accompanied by the requisite fees which are mentioned in the Schedule 2 of the act. If a single person has to obtain copyrights for different works, a separate application has to be filed for each one of them.
  • Every part of the application is then supposed to be signed by the applicant and an advocate who has achieved the favour of a POA or a Vakalatnama.
  • The registrar will then issue a dairy no. and then it takes a minimum time period of 30 days before the applicant receives any kind of an objection.
  • If the applicant does not receive any kind of an objection within 30 days period, then the scrutinizer checks the application in order to make sure the application does not have any discrepancy.
  • If the application is discrepancy free, the process will be done an extract is sent to the registrar for the entry of Register of Copyright.
  • If the application receives an objection from any party, both the parties are then sent letters about the objections and informing them about the dates of the hearing.
  • Post the hearing, if the proceedings are positive, the scrutinizer will scrutinize the application and approve it or reject the application in case there are negative results.

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