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How to Build a Strong Team that can Survive Covid-19-like Pandemic without Affecting Productivity?

We are living in difficult times, especially since the Covid-19 and the reality surrounding it has hit the surface. Last night, during a casual conversation with a friend of mine, I realized how big it was, and how difficult the times ahead are going to be.

We were discussing the markets, the panic that led to the crash and how it is affecting even basic financial theories. At that moment, this entrepreneur friend started talking about his own troubles. His team in Delhi was not operational. He was not prepared for such a calamity, which meant his team was not ready for work-from-home. As a result, as soon as they were to be quarantined, he was unable to make the provisions.

He was telling me how he was facing losses for the past 14 days, and he was not going to see any productivity anytime soon.

I was shocked to know that in this age and time, someone was not prepared for the team to be available and productive. I was silenced by his take on the situation. I told him a few simple yet effective steps that he could take, and he was surprised that it would be so simple to move from no productivity to a very productive offering.

I told him that when he is building a team, it is his responsibility to build a strong team, a solid infrastructure to be able to support the office during calamities.

I realized then that most of the people, especially small businesses and startups don’t have the provision. We all believe that having a solid team and a backup plan is something that we do as an enterprise. That’s not true! If you work the right way, you will be able to match the agility of enterprises and would be able to transform yourself.

So, what’s this big secret?

Building the Strong Dream Team

Here are a few things you need to get straight when you are building a strong dream team.

#1 Solid Infrastructure

The dream team cannot work without a solid infrastructure. Whether they are working in-house or remotely, you need to make sure that they can ably work on the things you want them to. For instance, to be able to work on the software solution you aim to provide, they should have the design and development kit as well as the laptops and other resources. You should make sure that the other necessary things that are essential during this time are also present.

Now should they move from office to remote, they should be allowed to carry their desktop or office laptop home. In case, you believe that they need certain other things to carry out their work, make sure you include that as part of the infrastructure. Keep it as a norm to include all the infrastructure elements in your plan, so that whenever the need arises for the person to work remotely, they are able to do so without a hint of a problem. This way you can keep up with your work and make sure you don’t lose out on productivity.

#2 Invest in Productivity Tools

This is very important. Most of the productivity and communication tools are available for free, and as a startup, you can work using it. this will allow you to share design files, talk to each other in real-time, discuss the solutions and brainstorm through the new project. With these tools, you will feel as if you are in the office, even when you are operating from home. this way you will be able to offer better and will be able to make your team efficient.

Skype and Slack are some of the tools people invest in, which makes it easier for them to transfer files, and stay connected. In fact, with these tools, remote working is made effective.

When you train your people, make sure you include these tools as part of your process. This way, when you want to move from in-house and join a remote working staff, you won’t feel that you are not productive or, you need to make an effort into it.

#3 Safety Measures for Covid-19

If you feel that you want to continue working in-house but, you also feel responsible towards your employees, then along with the infrastructure, make sure your employees feel protected. The main thing is to provide them with the essentials that can safeguard them from Covid-19 and other such diseases in the near future. Today we are facing this deadly virus but, you need to remember that the task force is prepared to battle any issue.

  • Ask them to sanitize their hands at all times. You need to remember that the virus spreads through contact. Whenever the person makes any contact, immediately get them to wash their hands and sanitize them
  • Prepare for the transportation of these people. Yes, you don’t want them to travel in public transport, and the employees cannot use the private transport of their own. For the time period, you should have a transport solution in hand. This will help prevent the spread of the virus
  • Ask them to wear the carbon mask so that whenever they sneeze or cough, it does not spread and they can stay protected.
  • Finally, it is important to ask doctors or someone akin to that position to come and hold a talk on this subject. You need to ensure that the people in your team don’t believe in the forwards they receive. 

In case people from your team are sick, then they should stay at home and get well before coming back. Make sure you offer them paid leaves.

Summing Up

A dream team is a result of efforts put in by the company’s head as well as the people within the company. If you are planning on setting a dream team, then you need to ensure you have a safe and operative backup plan for all instances. Your team should be able to manage productivity and efficiency, whether they are in the office or at home.

I can help you build your dream team and achieve the targets and never miss a single deadline. If you want to talk more about how to build your army and what factors to consider when hiring the skilled people and training them, connect with me. I have an corporate team building program that you can join, and we will even help you safeguard your team in the times of Covid-19. So pick up your phone or write that email and get in touch with me now.

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