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Top Corporate team building ways to increase the Productive hours in your Team

Have you heard your team members groan or seen them roll their eyes when you say these magical words “Team building exercises”?

It’s natural! Employees generally try to find a way out of the team-building exercises, and you will find them talking about work that needs to be done. You will even see people murmuring about how team-building exercises are a waste of their time.

However, it is time to change this attitude and to help them understand that team-building exercises are very important and why.

A lot of corporates decide to go on a one-day picnic or take their team for a team outing and identify these as the best team-building exercises. However, it takes more than an outing and a normal day to actually build the team.

You need to put in a lot of efforts and think through creative ways in which you can build a team.

Here, we have identified some of the techniques that you can incorporate to build your team’s strength.

So, are you ready to know how to increase the productivity of your team?

#1 Understand your Team

Before even moving forward with the team-building exercises or identifying ways in which you can build the team, try and identify what connects with your team. You can use focused group discussions or survey methods to know your team, what works for them, and what they consider to be your company’s biggest failure. This will help you identify the method to build your team’s strength and cultivate a good culture.

#2 Resolve the Conflicts

before you get started with team building, you should resolve the conflicts that exist. Sit down with your team, know who is having issues and why, and try to identify a good solution. It is important that all team members get to know each other, talk about their conflicts and try to identify the best possible method to resolve their differences. Till the differences are not sorted out, you are not ready for any kind of team-building techniques.

#3 Communication is Important

As a team, you will see that people have some thoughts and ideas about the members. You need to make sure that they are communicating with each other, have an open channel that allows them to discuss anything and everything, and are in sync. They need not have the same opinions but, they should be open to discuss and share their opinions. It is important that they listen to each other, value the other’s opinion and look out for each other.

#4 Set Achievable Goals

When you are building a team, and working from strength to strength, you need to understand that it is not a one-off activity. It is a daily job that will eventually fetch you good results. You need to set goals for the team. It could be anything from achieving a sales target to completing the work for the week. Your team goals can help the team come together and work towards achieving it.

What if they don’t achieve the goals you have set? Well, that is the most important thing you may have to deal with. Your team may not achieve all the goals you have set, which is why you need to find a way to tackle with the situation. You should always ask them to offer an explanation as to why they failed. Instead of scolding or demotivating them, appreciate for what they did, and tell them how they can improve. This way they will feel more motivated to do better the next time.

#5 Empower Them

The team is working hard to achieve common goals but, if they have to come to you for every decision that they need to make, then it might get difficult for the employees. Delays in getting things delivered is inevitable. That’s why you should always empower the team, and allow them to make the decisions that you believe will help them show their abilities. It is important that the empowered team works together, as they can achieve more than the team that is dependent on the manager or the head to dictate their way forward.

#6 Go Creative with Team Building

The game-based team building method is not only effective, but also helps the team know each other. It is important that you go as creative as possible with the games. It should be all-inclusive and interactive.

Game based methods work as people like them and relate to these methods.

• You need to have a set time for the games and make sure you use that time well
• It should not be a one-off incident. You should have it every week or every fortnight so that the team gets to relax and it allows you to know them more
• Outing and lunches with the team could also be included in these activity-based exercises.
• Go beyond the traditional trust exercises. You will find a lot of game-based theories that you can apply to the team
• Make sure to ask the team to evaluate each other every month so that there is a healthy peer atmosphere
• Make the team enjoy each other’s company as much as possible. a healthy and happy team can help bring in more success.

Summing Up

We always feel that corporates should have a serious tone to them, and only then would employees and customers take them seriously. It is time to unleash the wild side if you can have a happy team by your side. Corporates should sometimes let their hair loose and find a way to build a strong team. Games, outing and even two-day activities with an event management team can help you get these elements in.

Our army building program is aimed towards helping corporates understand the importance of team, and getting them to evaluate their team and its strength. We want corporates to realize how their team is performing and what steps they can take to improve the team.

This 5-day program can help you build a strong team that will improve your business and fetch more conversions. Connect with us, if you are interested in this program, and we will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. We even customize the program to meet your unique needs.