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Business owners tips to stay positive in COVID-19 pandemic – A look on the brighter side

Stress, anxiety, mental pressure, the thick black cloud spread by the threatening COVID – 19 viruses has enveloped people living all around the world with the thoughts of negativity. The news reports, lockdown announcements, and the increasing death rates are adding to the burning fire across the world.

Just as I was going through my daily routine of catching up on the updates on the market and the current trends, I came across a very positive news report that talked about how the earth was healing, I stopped the TV channel for a moment and got interested in what the reporter was showing; the news talked about dolphins returning to coasts, a huge drop in air pollution due to lockdowns, co-operative people of country uniting to fight keeping aside the disputes and people spending time with their families reliving the old times.

This made me realize, amidst all the negatives that are rolling out every now and then, there was something positive that we all are overlooking. We are so overwhelmed by the negativities that are swirling around us that we fail to look at some positive impacts that the situation is creating.

The same implies to the business world, all the small business owners and entrepreneurs are so busy counting the negative impacts that the situation can create on their business that they just avoid their power to turn the tables around by taking a positive approach towards the situation.

So I decided to be productive in the time of quarantine by sharing some positive vibes for all the business owners to make the tough time work in your favor. So let’s dive in to look at the brighter side as a business owner and what benefit the lockdowns can bring to us.

  • Challenging work-life balance is solved

The first benefit that tops the list is, quarantine has given time to gain work-life balance to many of your employees. Your employees always complained about how spending more time at work affected their personal lives as they were not able to give enough time to their families.

People are stressed out with their daily routine, some lived away from home for a job, while some traveled kilometers to reach the office on time. In this state of everyday hustle, there was a need for people to pause and think about the directions they are running every day. These ambiguous situations lead many people to leave their job.

But now, with the situations of lockdown and more people adopting work from home policy your employees get some time to give to your loved ones and gain clarity about their goals along with managing their professional life by connecting virtually.

  • Chance to rethink the strategies

You might be working with the same process for a very long time, the daily deadlines and project deliveries might refrain you from thinking about the alternatives of the possible situation which makes your lives monotonous. Just imagine the change in the daily work track that the lockdown condition has created for us, people who have never tried working at home are delivering their best sitting in their cozy room.

Think about how it’s a great opportunity for you to find new ways to provide service and find loops in the existing structure. It’s a chance for you to reconstruct and redefine the way your business operates and serves people. Ponder on how your business could function in a new way that you never imagined and even in the absence of many basic things. So it’s a great time for you as a business owner to add value and attributes to your existing business to make it work more gracefully than before.

  • Declutter the piled-up work

It’s hard to keep up on every aspect of the business while doing the efforts to make it work efficiently. While being busy with your daily meetings and schedules, there are many things you keep aside to take a look at later. These things get piled-up and are just kept untouched for a very long time.

With situations like lockdown, when you are not allowed to move out, you can make the productive use of your time by decluttering all the junks. Get all those stuff out, think why you keep it pending and whether it’s of your further use or not. Do the same thing with your business strategies, spend some time to revisit your old policies and tactics that did not work, find where you missed and how taking a different approach to the same could have made a difference.

Investing time in this brainstorming process will help you make further decisions better as you are well aware of things that work for your business.

  • Opportunity to reduce your business cost

You might have never imagined the situation you are in and how you would be planning to make things work out even in such crises. Like, think about how your employees working from home are being an advantage for you.

Imagine if these processes worked well for your business, you no longer need to invest your money in having a separate office, paying bills and rents. Your employees would not have to travel for hours to reach the office or leave it early for the same reason. Taking this situation as an opportunity and learning a different work process that costs you a little less is what you can gain from your experience during the lockdown.

So while you are sitting at home, think about some different and cost-effective ways that can make your business function well.

  • Time to upgrade yourself 

The quarantine has made you sit on your sofa while giving you a chance to do things that you would not think of sparing time otherwise. Like listening to your favorite music, taking care of your health, exercising, eating on time, reading books you like. It’s time for you to grow better, not only physically, but mentally and empathetically.

As a business owner, you might be always busy looking into different aspects of your business, while coming back home, taking care of your family and responsibilities becomes your priority. Quarantine has given you an opportunity to spend time with yourself, it is a chance for you to do something you like, self-care and learn something new. Yes, it’s the best time to invest in doing things you always wanted to try or upgrade your existing knowledge, enroll in some online learning portals and try your hand on unlearning and relearning things to make better use of it in the future.

Summing Up

The human mind has a very rare quality of making itself think in the direction it actually wants itself to go. We are all aware of today’s reality and it’s very hard for us to escape from being looped in the negativity that has spread all around, but one thing that makes every person different from the other is his perception towards the situation in front.

Being a business owner it’s hard for one to keep away from the thoughts when the market outside is on whirl, but enveloping yourself with a positive attitude and making the best use of the situation is what would make you different. I can help you make productive use of your lockdown time by guiding you virtually with my startup growth program. It is designed to help the newbie business owner to learn what works for their business and to find silver linings in the tight spot.

You can get more information about it by visiting my page or simply sign up through the form to discuss it in person. I would be glad to discuss your queries even through email to discuss the potential of the program.

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