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Custom Mobile App Development Trends – The Uprising Of Modern Day Mobile Applications Blending In The 21st Century Trends

Today, when we look back at the time when smartphones were a luxury, it puts us into thinking about how it has been a need for every single person. 

The world underneath smartphones is huge and offers a variety of features and options about anything and everything.

Mobile Applications are what make these smartphones unique and magnificent. Every business owner today, at the back of their minds, has thought about how a smartphone application for their business can be amusing to the customers.

Mobile applications can act as a game-changer, especially in the current times where smartphones play a vital role in everyday lives. The year 2021 will bring a better tomorrow with vast technological advancements and mobile applications being an inevitable part for all the organisations.

These applications channelize the workflow of the company, establishing a communication channel between the customers and the business owner, keeping a record of all the data on respective panels i.e. Customer Panel, Admin Panel, etc.

The customers are provided with a variety of options to choose from the services or products offered. 

It acts as a catalyst for the business module considering that it expands the aura of the company, enabling it to reach out to a wider audience, establishing a brand name.

These mobile applications are one of the greatest reasons behind the improvement in the revenue generation of companies. 

It improves the efficiency of the work that is being carried out by offering constant support and easing the work process for the employees.

Futuristic Mobile Application industries That Will Rule Over The Market Post COVID-19

» E-Commerce Mobile Applications: E-Commerce has been taking a toll over the traditional market in the past few months since the lockdown has led to customers becoming more aware and cautious about the social distancing protocol.

These applications can uplift small scale businesses and local vendors, and help them reach out to a larger audience and make their way in the market.

These E-Commerce Applications should be customer-centric and should carry out a smooth chain of communication between the vendors and the customers, in order to establish credibility.

The most essential factors are smooth and secure payment getaways, providing the customers with options like UPI Payments, Net Banking, Payment through Mobile Wallets, Debit/Credit cards, etc.

E-Commerce is a pool of ample opportunities, with the digital world taking over, developing an E-Commerce platform is nothing but an investment towards an enriched future. 

E-Commerce is becoming the new trend in the market since every individual prefers to sit back at home and shop as per their requirements. This not only gives the marketer an upper hand but also gives them the power to influence the customers with unique and advanced services. 

Let’s Develop an E-Commerce Mobile App

» Fitness And Diet Control Applications: With COVID-19 redefining the entire health segment, fitness regime and diet – control programs are the new beaming concepts in the world.

People prefer to monitor what they eat and how the food they eat can benefit their health and lifestyle and thus developing an application for all that can be nothing but a shining business opportunity.

Post COVID-19, fitness and nutrition will be given importance over everything else, and thus with every segment going digital, the online market will rise with initiatives such as online yoga sessions, online exercise sessions etc.

With people being self-aware, and opting for options like Cult, which is an online fitness application, being the talk of the town, coming up with an online fitness and diet mobile application where the customers can directly get in touch with the experts and get guidance can be an uprising opportunity.

Develop an online fitness & diet app today

» Education Mobile Application: Regardless of how the market will be post COVID-19, one sector that has been rising higher and higher amidst the pandemic, and post it is the field of online education.

Online classes have been commenced by the smallest of educational institutions, from taking tests and evaluations to guiding the students in the chat rooms, online education is becoming the new normal, considering that students can study remotely in their comfort zones while not being exposed to the virus.

These mobile applications offer the ease of education and thus developing an online educational application can bring in a lot of success and revenue.

Develop your online educational portal

Things to know before hiring mobile app developers

While we are at it, let’s bring in the limelight the role of mobile application developers, who lend a hand in creating and inaugurating the lifeline of your company. 

Choosing an application development company that understands your goals and matches with the wavelength of the company is rare, and thus making the right decision is extremely important.

Conveying professionalism through the frontline designs of your application, and at the same time keeping it chic and classy, is what makes your application a stand out product. 

The user interface has to be built in such a way that the customers can swiftly make their way through the application, and figure out it is everything they need. 

While the deliverables of the application sure make an impact, the theme, the flawlessness, the texture and the user experience takes the toll. 

Designing an interface that woos the users is what makes your product stand out, take a detailed understanding about how UI/UX impacts your business in the most unexpected ways and how designing the perfect module can be a lifesaver.The wonders that these applications create for the company, like a magical wand, is something no business owner would prefer to miss, because not only do these applications help in the growth of the company, but also helps to improvise the organizational structure with every sunrise.

Let us learn about a few futuristic mobile application trends before jumping into discussing the factors that will mould these applications to blend in the trends of the 21st-century technologies.

  • Cloud-Powered Applications – These applications enable you to access your data from any part of the globe, which streamlines all the companies operations and makes a way for Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Quantum Computing.
  • The 5G Technology – From empowering the browsing experience to enabling AR/VR technology and 3D gaming, 5G has it all. Providing unparalleled speed and experience, this makes the future of smartphones look a lot brighter.
  • Al and ML Making The Applications Wiser – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are what the future of technology looks like. The futuristic approach of these technologies has taken over the medical and educational sector already, making its way into bringing sci-fi to reality.

Factors Contributing To The Blending Process

Continuous Engagement Of The Users – Smartphones applications are a great medium of engagement for the users with the companies, updating the customers with new and exciting offers, receiving feedback and reviews from them, and constantly improving the quality of services provided.

A company has to develop an application that serves the purpose of the company, which makes it closer to the end goal, establishing a strong customer relationship. 

The application ought to be both interactive and innovative with new and updated offers to keep the users tied up.

Mobile applications also serve the purpose of bringing out the productivity in the staff members, giving them a purpose to convert all the efforts and infrastructure put at stake into revenue and profit generation.

Mobile-Centric Business – Smartphones have been an integral part of mankind, and thus an average person spends approximately 5.4 hours a day on their phone. 

This signifies that building an online presence for your business in the form of an application can do wonders for the business.

The process of building an application requires critical thinking and strategic planning while incorporating the thoughts from a customer’s perspective, thinking about what the customers expect from your application and how your application can fulfil their needs and demands.

Keeping your business mobile-centric can gain a lot of attention since customers keep exploring their options on the mobile phone, and if they come across something appealing, they sure opt for it.

Build Brand Recognition – Regardless of whether you have an established business offline, or you are a budding entrepreneur, a mobile application can be a blessing in disguise whilst the process of entering your business module.

Your application symbolizes your business, it portrays the efficiency of your enterprise while making the customers aware of what your business has to offer. 

A sleek application appearance and design can catch the eyeballs of the customers, making them want to explore more and know what the application has to offer, which might even give an insight into the business offerings and make the customers aware about their desires and wants

Ability To Reach Out To A Wider Market Base – A mobile application lets a business to operate beyond its boundaries providing an option of operating worldwide. These applications provide a base to the business structure and bring insightful data about the ongoings in the market.

The business owners get the leverage of not limiting their operations on a geographical basis since the mobile application can be downloaded from any farther place.

Social Media platforms also play an integral role in reaching out to prospective customers, by innovatively putting ideas with creativity that satisfies the aesthetics of the customers and gives them the motive to look into the product more.

Flexibility and awareness of users – Ease and flexibility of using mobile applications is not a trend these days. Mobile phone users number is expected to reach around 66% in the global population by 2020. If we see a larger picture than over 93% businesses with more advanced strategies see growth in business revenue growth in 2019 as users are more aware and know exactly what they want. This will give the mobile app development process a new boost considering the future of users and market scenarios.

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