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Digital Marketing

Traffic on the road might be a hassle but traffic to your business website surely isn’t!

So, just hold our beer till we drive your brand to the top of the search engine, through everybody’s feed with our tangible digital marketing methods.

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Drive more traffic, improve search visibility, and brand awareness to your business with our Digital Marketing Services.

Do you have an exceptional business idea? What if only a bunch of people know about your distinctive venture?

Opting for digital marketing for startups could help your business get the right exposure by creating brand awareness through various online platforms. Startup marketing acts as a driving force for business growth, as it improves the online visibility of business by elevating website traffic and social media engagement.

The digital marketing experts at GED can help you widen the scope for your business success by creating outstanding marketing strategies for startups and helping you promote your business in the digital space.

Our digital strategies for startups aim at gaining leads, improving business reach, create a brand identity to stay up with the competitive online market with our digital marketing services. Our team of digital marketers are well qualified to solve all your challenges related to maximizing your business reach online.


Search Engine Optimization

Your target audience might not be patient enough to find your business website ranking on page 10 of search engine results. To help your business get noticed by your prospective visitor, having a good website ranking on google becomes a must.

With our SEO service, the digital marketing team helps you do the on-site and off-site website optimization to make your website gain good traffic with improved keyword rankings. From keyword analysis for a business to ranking it on the same keyword, our team assists businesses on every small SEO aspect like website speed, site code, and backlink creation to build a good authority score of your business website.


Social Media Marketing

There is no secret that Social media platforms are the fastest and the easiest way to build a brand identity. Social media marketing helps businesses improve sales and customer engagement through various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. Advertising and promoting a business on such platforms are a great way to strengthen brand loyalty and reflect the authenticity of a startup business.

Our team helps you create customized social media marketing plans based on your business needs. Our marketing experts will guide you to define engaging social media campaigns, posts, videos along with a strategic plan to boost those campaigns through Facebook ads and reach a wider audience to promote your business. We assist you to prepare post schedules, monitor engagement and analyze your social media competitors to gain maximum followers for your social profiles.



Want instant traffic to your website? Our PPC marketing service professionals can help you advertise your startup on Google. PPC is a paid form of online advertising which helps improve sales and generate leads for business by boosting website traffic. It is a highly controllable method to earn the first spot on the google search results with the finely optimized PPC campaigns.

GED has a team of dedicated paid search specialists that helps you with your Google AdWords campaigns and Display ad management to guide you with the right placement of the ads and the choice of the keywords to be targeted to gain more traction with fewer costs. We assist startups to analyse PPC reports, study the difference in CPC’s to optimize their paid campaigns, and drive real business results in less time.


Email Marketing

Getting into your customer’s inbox is a smart way to let them know about your business. But does it mean you start clogging their email boxes with bulk emails that simply go into junk? A smartly designed email marketing campaign can help you expand your customer base unleashing many business opportunities for startups to build their brand.

Our digital marketers help you draft goal-based email campaigns that could trigger your audience to explore your services. Whether it’s a promotional ad, a new product launch, or a discount, our team will help you put the right content and layouts to create email campaigns that are engaging enough to drive it into a complete conversion. Our campaigns are aimed to accelerate the business sales cycle by serving the right content at the right time and to the right audience.


Being new in the industry, it’s very important for a startup to get the right exposure to help it grow and reach its target audience. Digital marketing services help these newbie businesses to create their brand identity in the digital space with various marketing services like SEO, SMO, PPC, and email marketing.

These services could help businesses to generate leads and improve their customer base by increasing brand awareness through the platforms.

Every business based on its industry needs different marketing strategies. We analyze your business niche and competitors to understand what works best for your business.

Our experts based on their reports, analyses and previous results creates a marketing plan for a specific business ensuring it matches market trends and business needs.

For a business to earn a positive result in terms of leads, website traffic, customer engagement, and ROI, it takes over 6-8 months to get things up and working.

Our team defines business campaigns that build quality traffic for your business to have a higher customer retention rate within the defined time-span.

Well our team at GED loves creating good content that would interest our audience to keep them engaged. Our social profiles are proof of our expert’s enthusiasm to serve the best of a brand.

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The cost of marketing your business depends on the type of digital marketing service you choose. Like, the cost for PPC service would be more in comparison to other services as it requires a budget for paid advertising for Google ads.

You can discuss your concerns on costing with us by sharing your startup marketing requirements through an email, our representative will study your email and will get back to you with the favorable costing options.