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A Unique Concept of Earning Extra Money to Students, White-collar Professionals, and Housewife

We have developed an app with a unique concept of allowing students, white-collar professionals, and housewives to bag extra earnings along with their regular jobs without much hassle in the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore.

The app has a unique USP, which is “Single delivery with multiple delivery heads”, which allows more people to earn money at their convenience and ease.

The app is integrated with the complete solution of app designing, developing, and third-party API.




Mobile Application Development


Android & iOS (Cross Platform)


Mobile App - Flutter Cross Platform

Backend - PHP/Laravel

Database - MySQL


Payment, Message, Geo Location


Android & iOS Mobile Devices

What problems led our client to this unique idea?

The digital world has somewhat made our daily jobs easier, resulting in extra time to rest on and off work. But the majority of people want to earn during their leisure time. If you ever search on the internet, “best sites to earn part-time, best sites to earn extra money, best sites to earn from home, etc”, you will get a number of sites and apps available. Because along with the work-persons, home-makers & students are also eager to bag in some money doing some part-time works, but the household chores and educational classes are holding them back, respectively.

And our client could see the gap in the system.

Client Requirement

So, our client came up with this brilliant idea of lending a helping app to the above-discussed group of people, to make the part-time earning everybody’s cup of tea, without disclosing their identities and with flexible working hours.

The client wanted to create a platform where these people can earn more by providing courier services while traveling to the office or heading back home. We helped them turn their wishes into reality by making a mobile app and backend Admin to manage the services.

Delivery Boy App

Customer App

Our Solution

With the rise in popularity of digital, part-time incomes, and their awareness among people, we knew that this was going to be a good shot. So, to make this app successful, we combined unique UI with flawless technical execution. Our expert designers and developers team met the challenge by producing the app with beautiful UI and easy UX with the ambition to captivate the young audience, keen on earning more and utilizing their time wisely.

The function of this app

The uniqueness of this App is that anybody can become a member of this app and work at their convenient time.

It works as a chain delivery method, where after signing in to the app, you will pick up the courier in your free time or while you are on your way to your workplace and drop it off at the courier delivery point near your destination or falls on your way and earn out of it. From there the other person will pick up the same parcel and deliver it to its exact destination, which is near to his workplace or home.
And the chain goes on.

Key Features
We Integrated

  • Multiple Pickup and Destination - Users can choose multiple pickup and destination through the app.
  • Pickup and Delivery Time Option - Users can choose the pickup and delivery time through the app.
  • User-Friendly Navigation - Users can move through the app with ease.
  • Push Notification - Users can get the notification through the app for their actions.
  • Payment Gateway - Multiple payment options and gateways allow the users to make the payment.
  • Location Tracking - Users can track the real-time location of their courier.
  • Security - Highly secure code, authorized APIs and encryption are implemented for the app.

Completion and Results

Finally, after spending six weeks on this brilliant project, our team’s complex and intelligent work got released into action with awesome results and client satisfaction.

Our teams of Flutter mobile app developers successfully developed a Courier delivery mobile app, including the required features and functionalities that our client demanded.

"After working with them on my mobile app, I feel that my app is in safe hands. GED has great and energetic team giving extraordinary experience"

- Suresh Kumar, CEO