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Methods to increase traffic to your online business

E-Commerce marketing tactics!

We all live in an era where digitization is the new vogue.

It has pulled every industry into its claws of immense modernization and this ‘not-very-new’ trend is highly popular on the internet.

Fisheries to groceries, rack to stack, cab to tab, everything is now online. And as we know, this phenomenon calls itself E-Commerce, which introduces the process of buying and selling goods/services online. It also involves the process of online money transactions and data collections for the above-mentioned process.

A common misconception might occur that, e-commerce refers only to online shopping sites.

No! E-Commerce means availing of any service online. Be it online shopping sites, virtual assistants, online banks, Internet Security, social networking, etc. Basically, any kind of servicing and transaction of money that takes place via the Internet is categorized under E-Commerce.

Until recently, many people didn’t realize the importance of settling their businesses online and having a great marketing strategy to grow it, rather than limiting it to the local reach. But, as the world underwent and is still going through a pandemic, and with the customers being locked up in their houses, the businesses understood the importance of E-Commerce and its growing rules.

So, if you are a reader or a future entrepreneur, you should know and work on these two factors before entering into the ‘nasty and hasty’ world of E-Commerce.

  • Requirements for setting up your business online.
  • Perfect marketing tactics to increase the engagement of your online business.

Requirements for setting up your business online.

  • As mentioned above, E-commerce can involve the trade of any kind of online service or product and their online transactions. It’s the same as your conventional store, but online!

So, while opening up your conventional business, you must have rented or bought a place to store things and have made it your outlet. Likewise, while shifting your business online, you need an app or website with all the necessary features in it. We, being a group of app developers, understand that there are a few features that are marked as vital ones. 

So while developing an app or website for an online business, we always keep in mind to put in these important features in them:

– Category-wise division and display of products or services.

– Easy and captivating UI/UX

– All types of online transaction methods.

– No website/app crashing and quick loading of pages.

– Wishlist or cart feature

– Point of contact 

 Building an app/website that is going to be the base of your online business is just like the first baby-elephant step, so always look for the best app/website developer team, speaking of which, we are always here for you!

  • Smart and hard-working team.
  • You should have a proper stock of all your launch and display items, to avoid the last-minute rush.
  • Systematic delivery and tracking system. (ex-food delivery services, online shopping delivery services, courier services.). Just like the mentioned examples, your online business should have one delivery system or third-party tied service.

Tip- If you want to spare yourself from the heavy commissions of the third-party delivery services, you should get one delivery service app developed for your online business. This way you can tie-up with the local people to work as your delivery service personnel and help yourself out from the commissions, alongside creating more employment.

  • Work and man-power management system.
  • Proper conventional and digital marketing methods for the best reach of your online business.

Perfect digital marketing tactics to increase the engagement of your online business.

  • Social media marketing – Regardless of your industry and your target customers, social media is the new and the best platform to attract leads.

As the whole world keeps scrolling through their Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn feed, keeping up with the trends can boost your online business visibility by 70%.

– The reel feature in Instagram is one of the most popular in modern techniques.

– You can integrate your advertisement into the trending memes for better reach.

– Organic marketing posts.

– Ads (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.), etc.

  • Blogs and articles can help you in the SEO results, provided the keywords should be strong and wide enough.
  • Good SEO is always one of the best keys. The higher you appear on the search results, the better the chances of getting more engagements.
  • Discount coupons can attract more customers than you can imagine. It works, believe me! 
  • Email marketing is another way to remind your customers about your new launches and sales. 
  • Backlinks are an important part of digital marketing. So while doing guest blogging, try to use backlinks in the best possible areas.

No matter where you are advertising your product on the internet, always provide the link to your website to increase your online business website traffic.

We always encourage entrepreneurs to make the base strong while launching their online businesses. And we always help them by developing the best app/website for their new businesses.