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Build The Best Ed-Tech Platform & Help Every Student Across The Globe

It wasn’t until recently that the world started accepting virtual education as the new buzz. While the onset of Pandemic made it a necessity, many startups came up with brilliantly unique ideas of setting up ed-tech platforms, while many renovated them. Competitions rose to make the online teaching platforms as feasible as possible for the teachers who have been teaching their whole life in conventional classrooms and to restrict the students who never misses one chance to bunks the classes. Students could also easily access the online study materials.

But the obvious necessity of online educational platforms has made ed-tech an excellent startup option with many competitors. So, if you are bent on entering into this field, lets us help you know the existing features in the best ed-tech platforms alongside the necessary features, to rocket your app to the top. 

Types of Ed-Tech Platforms:

  • Online Training/ Study Materials Platforms: This is a type of Ed-Tech Platform that provides the students with online study materials like subject notes, subject videos, explanation videos, test papers, etc. They also offer training for different courses by providing a package that consists of specific training video explanations and the required study materials. Everything is pre-recorded here.

Example- Byjus, Udemy, Coursera, Coding Ninjas, Simplilearn, etc.

  • Online Classroom Platforms: As the name suggests, these kind of platforms are just an online version of conventional classrooms. The aforementioned category exists for a long time, but this one surfaced recently when the whole world got shut down due to the Pandemic. Education can’t and shouldn’t wait, so many entrepreneurs set up online classroom platforms to let the classes be conducted as smoothly as they were.

Example- Photomath, Google Classroom, LectureRoom, etc.

Important Features to consider while building Ed-Tech Platform:

  • Easy Dashboard: Design a modern dashboard that should be informative, easy to navigate, log in/log out and select their preferential subjects easily. 
  • Creative UI/UX: Easy and beautiful UI/UX is a must to attract your users to your platform. With several competitors in the market, your app should be beautiful and attractive enough to pull the users towards it. App developers and very much focused on making the UI/UX of the websites/ apps as beautiful and seamless as possible.
  • No Crashing or Late Reloading Time: Make sure that your website/ app doesn’t take much time to open a certain page or crashes mid-way. If a study page crashes in the middle, the student might get annoyed and look for an alternative.
  • Push Notifications: Students might not open your app for days. So, your app should send push notifications to remind them of what they are missing. Send them notifications about the new materials, new promo codes or simply reminders.
  • Proper Point Of Contact: Provide an easy point of contact in your app/website. Listen, understand and solve their problems.
  • Category Wise Distribution of Study Materials: Always does categorize the different courses and their materials in a proper systematic flow that would make it easier for the users to navigate through and land on one.
  • Provide Valuable Content: Instead of quantity, focus on the quality of the contents.
  • Doubt Clearing Feature: Doubts are bound to surface while studying, so provide regular doubt clearing sessions on your platform to restrain the students from deviating from your platform. Study materials, Explanation videos, tests, doubt clearing portal, all these together can make your online learning platform a sure hit!

Important Features For Online Classroom Platforms:

The aforementioned points such as Creative UI/UX, No Crashing or Late Reloading Time & Proper Point Of Contact remains the same but a few more vital features to be included are:

  • Easy Dashboard: The Dashboard should be easy to navigate for both the teachers and students. The teachers should be able to create classrooms and invite students easily and the students should be able to join as fast as possible. As we know that the teachers we are talking about have spent most of their career on boards and chalks, so it won’t be easy for them to navigate through complicated online platforms all of a sudden. The app developers must create easy navigation.
  • Sharing of Study Materials in the app: Teachers might need to share study materials, test papers while teaching. So, there should be a feature in the app to share the study materials in the app itself rather than relying on third-party apps like WhatsApp, etc. It will be easier for the teachers to teach without wasting much time.
  • Screen Sharing: You should never forget to build the screen sharing feature in your app. This feature allows the teachers and students to directly present by sharing their screens which saves the time of sharing materials.
  • Controls for Meeting Hosts: The meeting hosts should have the access to conduct certain activities in the meeting such as mute/unmute, allowing the participants, etc to avoid unnecessary disturbances.
  • Grid View Of the Class: The students and the teachers should be able to see everyone present in the meeting/classroom.
  • White Boards and other tools: The app should have an on-screen whiteboard and other tools like erasing, dragging, adding, etc to make it easier for the teachers to teach without using real boards.
  • Chat rooms: To increase communication and collaboration, in-app chat rooms should be provided. Whatsapp class groups can be replaced by using this feature.
  • Recorded Lessons: If someone is unable to join the class due to internet connectivity issues or any other issues, they should be able to access the class video from the recorded and archived section. So, online recording of the classes is important.
  • Cloud Storage: The recorded lessons should be stored in the cloud storage of the app to avoid any space intervention of the devices.
  • Automatic Attendance Recorder: It is an essential feature that many apps have integrated into their apps. It records the attendance of the students joining and leaving without bothering the class along with saving a lot of time. 
  • Easy distribution, conduction and evaluation of tests: This feature makes conventional exams possible on online platforms.
  • Online Proctoring: AI-based and Manual Proctoring is an important feature to be provided on online platforms to make the online exams possible with less or no malpractices.
  • Specific IDs and Passwords for Specific Classes: To avoid the students from entering other classes, there should be individual IDs and Passwords for each classroom.
  • Supervision of Higher Authorities: The higher authorities should be able to check the activities in each class.
  • Student Activity Details: The performance and growth of each student should be recorded in a specific dashboard for the teachers and parents to evaluate.

Why choose us for your or online classroom app/Ed-Tech platform or website development?

We are a group of experienced developers who believe in creating a seamless online world for each of our clients. Our hands-on experience in JavaScript, Flutter, React Native, etc has helped many in realizing their dream into successful online business platforms. 

Along with lower developmental costs, we understand that project management is a vital point that every client desires from us. So, we have made it easier by following the steps below:

  • Understanding client needs and objectives
  • Understanding the existing problems and the gaps in the system
  • Creating a model solution plan 
  • Ongoing continuous improvement
  • Constant review, evaluation, and updates
  • Final delivery of the solution
  • Feedbacks and re-evaluation
  • Final Delivery of the project

An online platform is the base of an online business and we understand that wholeheartedly. So, if you want a seamless app/website for your new business, we are always just a click away!