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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Queries

GED is a platform providing services to business and startups growth with more better avenues.

We understand you and your business needs, classified your problems and provide different services which can help your team and business to florish.

The headquarter of the GED is situated in the Ahmedabad, India.

Before actually suggesting services for your startup or business, GED digs into DNA of company and their core pain areas. Based on stregths and weakenss of organisation and people the services are customised for notable growth.

GED provides specific services for startups like operational, team building, development, IP and legal services, branding and digital marketing services etc. Please visit our Service pages (Startup Services, Team Building Services) for more information.

We understand the value and privacy of each of client. Download our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement here.

This is not easy to answer without fully understanding your requirements. To get a better picture, it’s best to get in touch with us and we can help you with cost by understanding your core needs.

We have served around 10+ clients till now and more can be discussed when both parties agreed & signed NDA.

There is standard hour/days/weeks defined for each of the services but ultimately it depends on your needs and pain areas.

Unfortunately No. But we do teach founders how to raise capital. You can avail our services for this.

SInce GED helps startups with different services and strategies, it opens up the door for more growth which can result into more revuenes for businesses.

Currently, the company has total 10 full time employees and on-boarding consultants and mentors.

The client owns the legal rights to the technology developed and data provided by GED.

To ensure the security of your idea, we will sign an NDA with you, ensuring the complete security of your idea.

Depending upon the type of change you want, our team can assist you.

To communicate with our expert consultant or sales team, you can get in touch with us through:

Call: +91- 75750 79793
Whats App: +91- 75750 79793