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How to Develop a Fitness App in 2021 And Makes $1000+ Everyday?

During the pandemic, gyms and fitness studios remained closed or went digital. 

According to the World Economic Forum, downloads of fitness and health apps grew by 46% worldwide. 

Talking about India, it witnessed the highest increase in downloads – by 156%! 

The most successful fitness app category is the home fitness app. 

Home fitness apps enjoy a user base of 1.5 billion people. 

Talking about the top-grossing health and fitness apps, the mental health app Calm tops the chart. 

You must now be wondering which are those factors fueling the success of fitness apps during and after the pandemic? Let’s discuss. 

4 ‘Profitable’ Reasons Why Should You Invest in Fitness App Development in 2021

  • The Safer Workout Option

Gyms welcome hundreds of people in a matter of a few hours. 

People using gym equipment and leaving the virus behind make the situation dangerous. 

Whereas, the home workout app is the safest option to keep yourself in shape while keeping yourself away from the virus. 

It does not only keep you away from viruses but also saves your traveling time and cost. 

  • A Fun and Engaging Experience 

With features promoting gamification, users have a fun and engaging workout experience. 

Features like point scoring, competition with others, rules of play make users feel like he is part of the game. Similar experience users can’t receive even in the gym! 

These features also motivate the users and keep them engaged in workout activities and the app. 

With a high degree of engagement, a casual user becomes a regular user and takes a frequent part in your sales life cycle.  

  • Easy & Automatic Tracking of Progress

In the gym, it is a tedious and time-consuming task to track your progress as every time you manually need to feed the data either on paper or in a digital file. 

But in the case of a fitness app, it records your progress automatically with the help of smartphones’ and smart wearable devices’ sensors. 

  • Easy Communication with Fitness Experts

The fitness apps come with built-in features that enable users to talk to fitness experts directly from the phone itself. 

This eliminates the biggest myth of the users that they can’t get expert tips while working out from the home! 

If You’ve Made Your Mind to Invest in Fitness App, Here Are Different Types of Fitness Apps You Can Develop in 2021 

If you are planning to go for fitness app development in 2021, you should select the fitness app category very carefully. 

We’re making this task easy for you by sharing the list of most popular fitness apps as of December 2020. 

  1. Flo My Health & Period Tracker

App Category: Women Health and Fitness App 

This is the first female health and well-being assistant app dedicatedly developed for women of all ages. 

Flo helps women follow their cycle, fertility, or pregnancy. It also facilitates women to keep a diary of their weight, water consumption, physical activity, moods, and PMS symptoms. 

One of the reasons why Flo attracts more users than any other fitness app is that it is solving a specific challenge of a specific user group. 

You can also consider developing a similar app for a dedicated user group. 

  1. Fitbit: Health & Fitness

App Category: A Complete Workout Solution With Activity Tracker 

This is a free app that lets users track their day and progress over time. Users can find free workouts based on their goals and strength. 

It also offers nutrition programs, meditation tracks, sleep tools & more.  

Additionally, users can connect with their friends, challenge each other, and join the community. 

This is also a physical activity tracker app. It tracks the physical activity, time, and burned calories using a Fitbit activity tracker device. 

Such a category of app is very popular as it serves almost all the purposes of users related to fitness. However, developing such an app is costly and time-consuming. 

  1. Calm 

App Category: Sleep, Meditation, and Relaxation

Mental fitness influences physical fitness in a direct way. 

Calm app aims to strengthen the mental health of users by providing them a way to have better sleep, low stress, and less anxiety with guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music. 

This is one of the fastest-growing app categories as the number of people with awful mental health has been increasing dramatically since the pandemic. 

  1. My Macros + | Diet, Calories & Macro Tracker

App Category: Diet App 

No matter how aggressively you perform physical activities, you can’t lose that almighty layer of fat without a proper diet plan! 

My Macros+ app helps users to prepare and then track the diet plan. It is equipped with a directory of 5 million-plus food items that makes it very easy for users to track intake calories. 

It also enables users to track the barcode of the food package to directly add it to the ‘intake calories’ list. 

Other best features include a bodyweight tracker, water intake tracker, see nutrition breakdowns, etc. 

How to Make Money With the Fitness App and Most Importantly How Much Can You Make? 

We totally agree that the goal of developing an app should be solving a challenge of users and making money out of it! 

Following are some ways you can make money with your fitness app. 

  • Freemium Model

This is the most popular monetization strategy of app owners. Under this, users can only access some basic features for free. For accessing premium features, they need to pay a fixed fee. 

However, it is a challenge to convert free users to paid users as users do not prefer to spend on the app – unless you promise them to deliver exceptional results. 

Thus, it is crucial for you to develop a useful app that actually solves some real-life problems of users. 

  • Ads

Note it down, this will be your major revenue stream! 

Google AdMob is the most popular app monetization platform. Advertisers who want to promote their product or service pay Google for showing their ads on your mobile app. 

Based on the number of impressions and clicks on the ad, Google pays you the commission. 

How much money can you make? 

Well, no one can predict the amount you can make with an app. However, you can get a rough idea of earning by evaluating how much other apps are making through ads. 

The following data are provided by Google itself. 

  • An app development company named Balloon Island has created many games and as of 2016, the company was earning $2000 per day only through ads. 
  • Another app creator developed the simple free slot machine game app and initially, he was earning $100 every day with over 300,000 downloads. 
  • There is an app called Blood Pressure on Google Play Store. It has over 26000 reviews and 1 million installs. As of 2013 – during the initial days of the launch – the app was making $700-$800 per month from the ads only. 

From these above examples, we can see that it is very common for apps to make well enough money from the ads. 

These are examples from the year between 2013 and 2016. 

In 2020, there are more smartphone users and with more smartphone users, you can easily generate $1000+ of revenue each day with a medium size of user base. 

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Fitness App or Workout App? – The Detailed Cost Breakdown You Should Keep in Mind

The app development cost depends on the number of hours the developers required to develop your app as they charge hourly. 

And the number of hours required to develop the app depends on the number of features and its complexity. 

In a developing country like India, the app developers charge $25 per hour. Whereas in North America and Europe, they charge a minimum of $60 per hour. 

The following is the quick cost breakdown. 

Most Common FeaturesHours Required (Android + iOS)Total Cost (Based on $25/hour)
User App Features: 
Sign In Page 20
Push Notification, Reminder 25
Social Sharing 10
Geolocation 15
Gamification 50
Wearable Device Integration 70
Goals and Tracker 60
Payment 50
Hours: 300Cost (User App) : $7500
Admin App Features:
Admin Login 10
Dashboard 40
User Management 30
Subscription Management 30
Statistics 10
Payment Module 50
Customer Support Module 60
Hours: 230Cost (Admin Module): $5750
Total App Hours: 530Total App Cost: $13250

What is the Most Affordable Way to Develop a Fitness App in 2021? – This Saves Your Around $7000! 

Yes, it is indeed pretty expensive to develop a fitness app with these basic features yet paying $13250! 

The only reason why it became expensive is the app development approach we’ve selected. 

If you will select the custom app development approach, the app agency will charge you based on the hours required to develop the app. 

The same applies when you select the MVP app development approach. 

However, there is a magical approach to save costs by more than 50%. Yes, we are talking about the clone of some popular fitness apps. 

We develop clone apps equipped with all features same as the original app and we charge somewhere around $5000 for it

Most importantly, we deliver the app within a few weeks

So far, we’ve worked with more than 100 startups and brilliantly saved their 50% cost on app development. (That is more than $100000!) 

You can challenge us that I want to develop an app within $XXXX! We will do that!