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7 questions for your food delivery app development

Mike: Hey Atit, I want to create a food delivery app.
Atit: Mike, In India, there are many online food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats and more.
Mike: Yeah, that is why I have a few questions for you, such as:

  1. Is it still worth investing in on-demand food delivery business?
  2. Which type of food delivery app should I choose for launching the business?
  3. Which business model will earn me profits?
  4. Do I really need an on-demand food app?
  5. Which features should my app have?
  6. Which is the best on-demand food app development company?
  7. How much money should I invest in the food app?

Well to answer Mike and entrepreneurs like Mike who are enthusiastic to dive-in in food delivery business. I’ve written up all the answers based on my research and some of the similar apps’ I’ve delivered.

1. Is it still worth investing in on-demand food delivery business?

I would say, yes. Online food delivery apps still have room left for innovation. Though there is a good level of competition, the market still has the potential for robust growth in the future. And of course, it is absolutely possible to establish your brand among the top food delivery apps. But even the apps at the bottom are tasting success!

Let me share some data to support my answer:

The Statista reports revenue in the Online Food Delivery market raised up to US$107,438 million in 2019 which is assumed to touch US$156,819 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 9.9% (2019-2023). A user-friendly on-demand food delivery app is necessary for any business in this area to thrive and reach out to customers.

2.Which type of food delivery app should I choose for launching the business?

Before proceeding for the development of food delivery app of your own, I would like to make you acquainted with three types of apps that you can go for.

» Order-focused food delivery app

Order-focused food delivery apps work as a medium between customers and local restaurants. The customers can browse through different restaurants and place an order swiftly. The app passes the order to the restaurant and the delivery is made. Generally, the charges for food items in this app are fixed.

» Order and Delivery-focused food delivery app

This type of app offers food delivery services from restaurants that don’t have their own delivery system. So, you can allow the customers to still order from their favourite restaurants and deploy your fleet for food delivery.

» Restaurant-related food delivery app

If you are a restaurant owner already and have your own food delivery fleet, the food delivery app can allow you to extend your services easily. In this type of app, a customer looks at the daily menu, places the order and gets the food delivered from the restaurant at their doorstep.

3. Which business model will earn me profits?

There are several business models to choose from while setting up your food business. But the trick is to make the right choice. This involves the validation of your business plan. The choice of a profitable business model depends on investment, location, market research, and much more. To know the accurate business model for your particular business and to develop a tailored business strategy, a personal consultation session is recommended.

4. Do I really need an on-demand food app?

I find throat-cutting competition in the food delivering market. The present buyers are looking for comfort and convenience whether it is for taxi or food. So, if you want to be successful in your food venture, the key part is on-demand food delivery app development. Also, launching your own demand food delivery application indicates convincing yourself to be set up to use the benefits from this gigantic market.

5. Which features should my app have?

The features for any food delivery app depend on the type of app you are launching and the business you are into. Many mobile app development companies have shared the common features that a basic on-demand food delivery app should have. But the features can be validated based on your investment amount and business plan.

6. Which is the best on-demand food app development company?

Every mobile app development claims to be the best. But you need to check if they really understand your requirements. Make sure the company provides you with proper support and guidance. In the one-on-one consultation session, I can guide you to choose the right mobile app development company based on your personalized business needs.

7. How much money should I invest in the food app?

Investing money in the food app is an essential part of reaching your audience. So, while planning a business, you must keep a particular amount, especially for app development. Once we at GED can help you to validate your business plan and know the monetary position, we will be able to estimate the amount you should invest in app development.

So, do you wish to explore the food delivery market?
If yes, you can bring the idea to reality by getting your plans validated. In our business consultation session at GED, you will be able to understand the recent market scenario and raise funds for your business.

We will guide you regarding the monetization models for your business and design an unbeatable strategy for you to become the market leader. We also have the resources to assist you with your food delivery app development process.

Intentional perseverance to deliberate patience overpower talent, similarly, a fresh food delivery app idea with planned execution in-app development leads you to the top of the market.

MVP for on-demand startups to enterprise app development includes technical, UI and UX experience, company branding, localization or internationalization, security, data, performance, and scalability. The food delivery app could be expected to solve any of the gazillion problems, you can connect with us for a 60 min free business consultation session. We are happy to be a part.


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