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Learn the Game-Changing Business Idea for a Food Delivery App. In the End, We Only Regret the Opportunities We Misfired, So Go and Grab It

It was Friday evening. After a tiring week, I was about to leave for home. 

While I was signing out, my teammate entered the cabin. 

“I shared with you the weekly report. And since you missed it, here is the physical copy.”, enthusiasm in his voice was enough to tell me that we had profitable business this week. 

“Please read it out.” I was so exhausted that I didn’t dare to put effort into it. 

“Okay.”, he cleared his throat, “We delivered 3 food delivery apps this week and got inquiries for more 4 food delivery apps similar to UberEats.” 

Though it was one of the best weeks in terms of business, it didn’t excite me.

“You aren’t happy with the results we delivered & achieved this week?” he asked with narrowed eyes. 

“Well, I am happy because our company is doing well. But I am not happy as the market now really lacks some unique food delivery business ideas.”

“What do you mean?” 

“We developed the first food delivery app back in 2013. Since then, we’ve been developing similar apps because that’s what our clients demand. The market is now overpopulated with food delivery apps. Anyone who wants to jump in this market now must have some unique idea.”

“You are right.” he only nodded. He must be thinking I was here expecting that you would compliment the team for the result!  

“Leave it.” I decided to change the topic, “Do you want me to handle any of the queries we got this week?” 

“Oh yes.” he acted as if he just remembered something, “An entrepreneur named Kev from our city who contacted us yesterday wanted to host you at his workplace today at 8 pm.” 

“What? Today at 8 pm?” I said, hurried. 

“Yes. Kev wanted to discuss some custom million-dollar food delivery business ideas.” he paused for a while, “This is what Kev said.”

That was what sparked me. I have always been eager to meet entrepreneurs who could think of anything beyond clone apps. 

“Alright.”, I slid my laptop into the bag, “Send me Kev’s address. I’m on my way.” 

I reached Kev’s location. From the outside, it looked like a grocery store. 

But when I entered, I witnessed a typical startup environment – black-colored roof, yellow lights, and no chairs – only bean bags. 

A man wearing shorts and a long dark beard welcomed me. He was Kev. 

After a formal introduction, we both placed ourselves on bean bags near a corner. 

“I honestly didn’t expect to have you at my place.” Kev fired up the conversation again. 

“I honestly didn’t expect to hear the custom app from the new entrepreneurs.”, I said with a steady facial expression. 

Kev laughed. 

“Yes, I don’t want to go for any food delivery app similar to UberEats or Deliveroo. Because I know there is now no space for similar food delivery apps.”, Kev just said, which I would always love to hear. 

He continued, “I want you to share the way we can implement to take the common food delivery apps next level.”

I now understood that Kev had to add some custom features into the food delivery app that can provide a better user experience than existing apps. 

Before I could reply, Kev took his mobile out, “Let me order some food for you. It is dinner time. You must be hungry.” 

Though I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t deny Kev as I wanted to give him a real-time demonstration of the latest food delivery business idea. 

“Why is this taking so long?” I noticed Kev switching between different food delivery apps.  

“Wow! This business has an enormous earning opportunity.” Kev laughed to himself, “The same food has different price & delivery fee on different  apps.”

“Kev, different prices on different apps is also a challenge.”, I interrupted Kev’s laughter. 

“What?” his laughter turned into silence. 

“Yes, many people like you would like to compare the food price and delivery fee of the same food available on different food delivery apps before placing the order. So why not develop a food delivery service with a comparison app like the Kayak for hotel price comparison?” 

“But is this technically feasible?” Kev seemed puzzled. 

“I have an in-house team that can make it happen. FoodBoss has already achieved it.” 

Kev was taking extra time to grasp the food delivery app idea I just shared. So, I made up my mind to leave. 

But before that, I didn’t forget to make my Friday evening visit to Kev’s place profitable, 

“If not planning to jump into the food delivery market with a food delivery service comparison app, we’ve already been delivering UberEats Clone Script.” 


  1. How does the food delivery service comparison app work? 

It requires API integration with the food delivery apps that you want to compare. All popular food delivery apps are providing their APIs. If an app isn’t giving API, you can share your app idea with them and request API. After all, you’re helping them to get customers – from your platform. 

  1. Does the food delivery service comparison app cost more than the standard food delivery app? 

It depends on your requirements. For instance, if you only want to let people compare the different food delivery service providers, the app costs less. But if you’re going to let people compare other food delivery apps and order from your app itself, the app costs more as development hours increase. 

  1. How many are food delivery service comparison apps out there in the market? 

The idea of such an app is new. Thus, there are less than 15 less popular apps and 1 or 2 popular food delivery service comparison apps in the market. One such app is FoodBoss. 

  1. How will GED help me to execute my food delivery app idea? 

We will help you design and develop the custom, clone, or even MVP version of the app. However, we’re not just limited to app development. We will also help you with app idea validation, legal things such as company registration, trademark registration, funding strategy, business model drafting, marketing plans, etc.