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Funding Consulting

Scale-up your business with our startup funding consultant services

Can you gain business profits without investing money? Hell, NO!

Funding plays a crucial part in every aspect of business operation, from product development to manufacturing, setting up operations to managing people, marketing to branding, the evolution of each activity, needs money to be invested.

Gaining an investment for your startup idea is a tough row to hoe, this is where you need an expert to help your carve the road to funding. Our vetted team of startup fundraising advisors can help you with your financial valuation, business planning, and pitch deck that can have a drastic impact on your prospective investors to raise capital.

The business funding specialists at GED provide you with ways to gain investments through venture capital, angel investors, or crowdfunding based on the startup’s existing status and future growth possibilities.


Startup funding specialists with their experience and knowledge helps startups to discover opportunities and secure government grants and other fundings. These consultants help the startup in the following areas;

Help you write your pitch deck

Choose the right accelerator program

Solve your startup legal issues related to funding

Guides you to raise fund without giving away your equity to investors

Acknowledges you about different funding stages and helps you define fundraising plans and strategies based on various stages of a startup.

We at GED focus more on getting you the right funding for the business ideas. Our experts with their knowledge and business networks can help you identify the right investors and also help you prepare to get investments.

We value good ideas and talent and are open to funding it if we find an extraordinary concept on our desk. Our funding consultant believes in helping such ideas to attain the deserved success.

While you look for an investor, make sure he/she has good knowledge about your industry. Research about his past fundings, talk to the entrepreneurs who they have worked with before.

The investor must be someone who has a strong business network and is willing to invest his time, money and support to your business ideas.

We assure you 100% security about your sensitive business data. We believe in professionalism where we sign a letter of confidentiality that states us about our responsibility to ensure none of the information is leaked or misused especially about funding and investors.

The rates of funding consultants differ based on the startup size and the kind of specialists you choose for your business. Our experts acquire 2 decades of industry experience and will evaluate your business and share with you our costing model.

You can get the costing structure by getting in touch with us through an email or filling your inquiries in our contact form.