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Why do you need an experienced CTO or Technical expert for your app development idea?

Technology is undergoing a great revolution and the businesses are responding to it in many creative ways. I have been an eye-witness of this revolution being a former chief technology officer (CTO).

When I joined a startup as a CTO, we had the vision to create a fortune 500 company. So, we took every bit right from the HR, bookkeeping, marketing and of course, the product and technology very seriously. And since technology formed the base of our app development company, my responsibilities as a CTO became very crucial.

Why you need CTO for your app development idea, What exactly are the responsibilities of a CTO?

Even though you feel that you can make good decisions for your company or for your app development idea independently without having a CTO, you can experience the changing demands of customers. When you are busy focusing on innovations within the company that enable your business to have an adaptable infrastructure, keeping production moving and satisfying the customers, you need someone to focus on the product.

A CTO is very much focused on the product. He assures that you deliver the product having the best technology required for your customers and for your product at the current point of time. As the market is becoming customer-centric, the importance of CTO’s is also rapidly increasing. That is not just because of the singular focus on the customer, but because there are a lot of technologies available to enhance a product and it is the CTO who has to make the right decision.

You need to add a level of support for your customers when you deliver the product. At the same time, a fast-paced technology could sound great for your company but it can totally bewilder or puzzle the end-user.

So, now you know why I said that my responsibilities were crucial as a CTO!

Why does your business need a CTO or a Technical expert?

🡆 Basically a CTO is a brick fixer and solution-oriented guy.

In my role as CTO, I have seen my company facing challenges related to technical aspects of our products- apps and websites. I have seen the irritated end-users who were not ready to get any technical training but they want the product to work wonders. So, I focused on finding user-friendly solutions and support for our customers which is relevant in the current scenario.

Recently, my friend Harry came to me with a long face. His 3- month old app development startup was facing technical issues with various complex technologies and the CTO was not able to tackle them. When I checked out the matter, the CTO’s vision seemed different than that of Harry’s which led to the conflict. A little more study made me realize that the app development companies can thrive without a CTO in their initial phase.

Instead of having multiple co-founders for your startup, if there is a need for advice in technical areas, you can go for a consultation by technical experts.

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Why hiring a CTO at an early stage of your startup is not recommendable?

Since your startup is at an initial stage, you cannot risk having the wrong person in the leadership. Instead, seek advice from the experienced CTOs who are ready to help you.

The following reasons can make you understand why I am emphasizing on not hiring a CTO:

🡆 Finding the right CTO takes a lot of time.

As every technical skillset is the same, you might have a hard time finding the right fit for your organization. And, if in case, you end up hiring a wrong CTO, your startup can suffer. So, it is better to take your time to make the right choice and not hurriedly make wrong decisions.

🡆 The CTO should have an appropriate skill set for what you want to achieve.

The CTO should be able to perform coding in specific programming languages, create unique bases, or integrating third-party features into a tech stack. Apart from all this, the CTO needs to have a substantial understanding of the products that your company sells.

🡆 The approach of CTO should be a problem-fixing in all aspects of Software delivery life cycle

The CTO is a person who should have a solution-finding approach and should be able to keep the bricks of the organization together with this basic skill and technical knowledge.

He is the one who has full knowledge, understanding and experience to fulfil complete delivery life cycle in the interest of all stockholders.

🡆 Compensation for CTO is very high.

I need not explain this to you. As you already know good technical skills are really expensive and to top it someone is taking a risk on your startup. So, obviously, the salary of a CTO can cost you too much if you consider compensation and equity both.

🡆 Finding a CTO with the right vision is difficult

You need a CTO who has a similar vision as you and the other co-founders. If you hire a person without the right vision he could end up becoming a risk and liability while you move forward with your endeavors.

So, instead of hiring a CTO it is better to rely on your designers, engineers, and developers working together in harmony, your vision can come to life in a very effective way. Considering a CTO could be a good idea for the future, once your startup takes off well.

At GED, we provide a Startup ready program and Army building program to help you in creating strategies for your startup businesses. We are aware of the results that a comprehensive team is proven to yield. So, we help you to build strong teams to kick-off your app ideas. You will receive powerful suggestions directly from a former CTO to make your technical processes easy and to save you a lot of capital.


Drop-in your queries and comments to discuss the technical needs of your organization.

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