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How lack of clarity costs your organization in terms of money and efforts?

Clarity- how often has this been a battle in your life? What should I do with my life- how often has this question caused a debacle in your mind? Whether it is starting a new career or, starting over our life, the question always comes up.

Life works pretty much in a similar fashion. You either know the answer or you work your way through trial and error. When the things are unclear or there is no clarity in an organization, it can affect them monetarily too. It can add up to the expense sheet, and make the life of an organization miserable.

I will tell you a story to explain the importance of clarity to a business. A colleague of mine had come over to me once, after joining a new organization. He did not seem as happy as he had when the offer letter had come over. I calmly asked him what the matter was? He explained how the job role that was offered to him is not the job he is doing. In fact, he is not clear what he is supposed to do in that job. He also went on to say that the organization’s management is not clear about the job role as well.

I was shocked but, I realized that the unclear situation has affected my friend mentally, and has reduced his potential majorly. He is no longer an asset to the company, and they are thinking of chucking him out or, finding him another job.

How did this affect both the company and my friend? Well, firstly, the company went through recruitment costs and hiring costs. It then offered a salary that was on the higher end of the scale. All these costs went into drain once they realized that they did not need the position or, were better off without it. For my friend, it was another process of finding a job and getting hired elsewhere.

Unclear situations can put a monetary dent into your pockets.

Lack of Clarity: The Reasons

How lack of clarity occurs in your organizational life? What exactly leads to it? Well, one of the many beliefs is that there is a lack of communication at various levels, which causes a lack in the engagement between the members of the organization.

Imagine a situation where you had asked your subordinate to perform a particular task. You did not mention what had to be done, and they assumed a particular way. When the work was done, you were not satisfied, and it led to an argument between the two of you, wherein you claim to have told them exactly what needed to be done, and they managed to answer you with a negative on that aspect.

Who was wrong here? Neither! Both of you had assumed what the other knew or did not know. The thing that went wrong here was the fact that neither of you were clear about the situation in hand.

It is thus important for organizations to keep matters clear, and work on effective communication to make the situation completely clear. However, we have learnt that not having proper goals, and also undefined roles and responsibilities can also lead to lack of clarity.

  • If the goals and purpose of the organization have not been set or, the purpose for which the employees need to work has not been defined, then the organization may lack clarity. This will eventually lead to addition of costs, and more efforts being made from the employees’ end. Every aspect of the purpose should be clear and concise. It should be clearly defined
  • The roles and responsibilities of the employees when not clearly defined, will cause a lot of issues within the organization. It is important to have complete discussions when you are delegating work to the people within the organization, and make sure that every point is discussed in completeness. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything when delegating the tasks
  • If you want to discuss something, make sure you do it in detail, and consider every aspect of the conversation or discussion. Any point that is not discussed or has been left to understanding can cause an issue at a later time. It is better you discuss everything at a single go so that you are all aware of what needs to be done. The clearer the conversation is, the better it is for everyone.

What helps build clarity

If you want less drama at your workplace and ensure there is more clarity in what is being done, make sure you follow these points

  • Have a mission statement in place, which will help the employees and your marketing goals to align with your organizational goals. It should be clear, and should talk about what you want to achieve as an organization. The mission statement is what will get the employees connected with the organization
  • Have all the policies in place. Make sure they have been enforced, and all the employees in the organization are aware of it. In case you make changes to the policy, make sure that the employees are made aware of it first
  • If you need resources, make sure you know it beforehand, and have hired it in the first place. Communicate any downsizing to the respective teams, and ensure they are aware of the work load that will come onto them
  • The roles should be largely clear to the employees. They should know what they are expected to do, and how they are expected to complete the work. Make sure you have the reporting clear too. This will help in completion of task on time, and ensure complete productivity.
  • When you are building a team to perform a particular job, make sure you have only one person accountable for the affairs of the team. If too many people are accountable or, are managing the affairs of that team, then you might experience a lack of clarity and organizational mess. Ultimately it affects the project that needs to be delivered

Summing up

Clarity is a result of well-defined roles, well-communicated agendas and organized goals. If you have all three things in place, your organization will not suffer much. According to me, most organizations delay their communication, and are not really aware of what they want to achieve through the project they are planning, which leads to unclear or chaotic situations. Proper delegation and organization efforts are the answer to this process.

If you are organized and clear in both professional and personal lives, then you will be more productive and efficient. If you have questions related to clarity or want to discuss this aspect in detail, connect with me via email or phone.

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