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It Is Said That Outstanding People Have One Thing In Common: An Absolute Sense Of Mission. Here’s A Peek Into How They Do Things Differently.

Success is not always measured in terms of money; sometimes what you have achieved also makes you successful. Once when I was travelling for business, I was privileged to have been accompanied on this journey by one such outstanding and successful person. You may not know him but, what he does makes him every bit as successful as those who are rich and famous.

He had this unique little book in his hand which made me want to ask him more about it. Slowly the conversation went from that book to what we did, and our profession. I got to know that he has a day job, and runs a night school for the underprivileged. His maid’s son was the reason why he got into this whole thing. She was unable to afford his schooling, and he was sent to work during the day, despite it being illegal. So, this guy decided to teach him during the night. After a while, my co-passenger realized that there are many people who were facing this issue, and required someone who could help teach their kids.

Initially, he was just tutoring them. soon, he realized that they needed to appear for exams, and clear them if they wanted to further. He fought hard to get the license and then moved on from being a tutor to running a night school.

His family is his biggest support. Today, he holds a day job and runs the night school because his colleagues, his family and even the people around him have been out to help him. He was telling me how he is planning to quit his day job as it is not easy for him to manage anymore. His wife would be running the house and he would be running the night school permanently.

I was surprised how, in this age and time, when people just think about themselves, I was travelling with someone who was managing this task. What made him stand out? A sense of purpose- he wanted to eradicate illiteracy and wanted everyone to get that basic education so that they can grow in their life.

He was a true leader according to me. That’s when I realized that outstanding people aren’t just those people who have earned fame, but also those who are doing something for the people around them.

So, how do people go from being ordinary to outstanding? Just by doing things slightly different.

Here are a few things that make people outstanding.

#1 They are driven

Yes, outstanding people are driven by a sense of purpose. They want to achieve something, have a vision in their mind, and are ready to move ahead on that path. This co-passenger wanted to give something back to society; he wanted to give education to the underprivileged. He was driven by that one factor, which made him do double duties, quit his job once he could and seek help from people. When you are passionate about something, you will do everything that you have to, so that you are able to achieve that one thing you are after. It is the drive to do something that makes outstanding people different.

#2 They are always accessible

They welcome people. They don’t let success get to them, and go off people, like most people think. Even if they are busy, they make time for their loved ones as well as people around them. this is the greatest achievement of outstanding people.

For instance, this guy I am talking about was definitely busy, and had to run pole to post to ensure all things get done. However, he made sure he was there if any of his students wanted to meet him personally or, the parents had some queries. He never let his busy self take over or, let them down.

#3 They make communication their priority

If you want to do something for the society, people or even for your own self, you ought to communicate your thoughts in a way that gets to the people around you. communication is central to outstanding achievement. You should make sure your communication is meticulous, to the point, and in sync with what you want to say. Leaders don’t just express; they communicate and open their doors for conversations. They try and understand what the other needs through two-way communication or, via a good method of communication so that they don’t fail to gather the right insights.

#4 They are decisive

You will not see a single leader taking the time to make decisions or, regretting their decisions. They don’t even panic when they have to make a quick decision. They are calm throughout. I remember while talking to this guy, he told me how he made this decision to run a night school and did not even think twice about how he will manage the affairs. He communicated his decision to his family over dinner and asked them to give him time to figure things out. He asked them to trust his instincts, and that was it.

The idea is to take a decision with a clear head, and making sure you know what you are going after.

#5 They want to learn new things

Outstanding people realize that there is no end to education, which is why they keep learning new things. Their thirst for wisdom keeps them alive.

In this case, our guy wanted to know more about how he can offer better education while staying within the system to these underprivileged students. He kept studying ways in which schools worked in other countries. He decided to talk to other teachers and people who were in the teaching industry to learn new methods of teaching. He kept learning and even today he is gathering new wisdom to keep his school running and helping these kids become better people.

#6 They adopt work-life balance

Work-life balance is not something new for them; they have it as an inherent part of their life. While running this night school and working day shift, he did not ruin his family life. In fact, he gave as much time to his family as he did earlier. His family’s support and the way they both worked together allowed him to become better in the work-life balance.

He realized the importance of spending time with family and enjoying some hobbies together.

You should leave your work when you are back home so that you strike a balance.

Summing up

It is not just about being successful or outstanding, but also about being fulfilled and satisfied in your life. The one way in which you can achieve it is by keeping yourself updated with new things and understanding your priorities. You should be mission-driven, and should have a purpose that you aim to achieve.

If you are looking to consult someone to identify ways in which you can become a successful professional or company, then connect with me via phone or email. I will not only help you become more productive and efficient but also help you drive home success by helping you identify your mission.

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