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How can your 10-100 people team utilize our Army Building program?

Sam and Ryan are my close friends in the USA. They have recently partnered for a business venture. When I was on my trip to the USA, we decided to hang out for breakfast. While eating, I noticed that they were worried about something. Sam started discussing their current startup and was the first to answer my curiosity. Ryan jumped into the conversation and told me that they were experiencing serious troubles to make the team operate together.

I was pondering over their problem when I remembered Jack Ma talking about Alibaba. He had once said, you need smart people to work for your company but managing them to work together is a tiring task that you need to perform successfully as a founder. He has calmly described that those who are not smart enough can be made to work as a team very easily but handling smart people takes time and skills.

The best solution for Ryan and Sam was to opt for a team-building program. Later, I called them up to suggest the idea and within a week the results were evident in their work environment!

Here I listed a few questions which might come up in your mind while reading the blog. These are also the reasons why I started a team building program and Why startups entrepreneurs like Ryan and Sam should opt for it?

» Why should organizations opt for a team building program?

Team-building or Army-Building encourages collaboration and teamwork and brings people together. It involves fun activities that enable people to see each other in a different light and allows them to connect with each other in an offbeat setting. The employees are then told to think about associating these activities at their workplace.

The most influential reason to opt for a team-building or army building program is to get results. It helps to motivate and build team skills like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution through a series of planned team building events. These activities help to promote long term team building through cultivating positive connections, deeper discussions, and processing.

There are many entrepreneurs like Sam and Ryan who are unable to handle their teams or keep them together. We have designed an army building program for such entrepreneurs at GED by putting in all my mentoring and entrepreneurship experiences of two decades for you to avail easily.

What are the benefits of Team-Building/ Army-Building Programs?

No team is born completely “effective”. So, Team Building activities are of utmost significance as great things in business are never done by a person alone. These activities help in the overall development of the team members and also enhance the team’s performance. It also strengthens the relationship between the employees and they feel motivated to accomplish tasks and reach the targets.

Let me mention some great things that can be achieved for your team through Army-Building:

» Better communication and working actively together

Just talking behind people’s backs will not help, instead, it will break your team apart. I have seen many misunderstandings arising among my team members as they did not speak to each other clearly about what was going on in their minds. And it took me a long time to clear those misunderstandings within my team.

Everyone wants a happy and friendly working environment. To work better people need to be comfortable with each other and communicate more. Team-building activities can achieve improved communication and bonding for your employees. That’s necessary for a successful workplace whether it is large or small.

» Encouraging innovation and creativity

When we are comfortable with the people around us we get better ideas and our imagination is at its best. Team-building activities bring people closer and help in building a creative workplace. The key to a successful business is collaboration in the workplace. Each individual in the team has their own insight and ideas to contribute. Team-building allows them to have an opportunity to voice themselves out. Let them share their opinions.

» Celebration and motivation for better performance

I was impatient with my team when I was still into the learning phase of leadership. But I saw that the team needed more support during those worst days. So, I learned how to encourage and support them instead of being pushy. Also, I started appreciating small things and experienced a huge change in the attitude of my teammates.

Like there is a celebration or party after any sports team wins a game, the team-building activities help the teams to celebrate, have fun and motivate them to do even better. The team-building can encourage your employees to perform more and more with each passing day.

» Healthy competition and Valuing each Individual

Healthy competition increases productivity. Also, after climbing the stairs of success, I know how I used to feel being an employee once. So, treat the employees like you want yourself to be treated as an employee. As we all know, happy employees can make customers satisfied. Teams can bond more effectively by directing that improved productivity into a pleasant, inclusive team-building activity than by any other approach.

» Teamwork and increasing team accomplishment

The team-building program focuses on team-building activities that enhance workplace projects that require teamwork because it helps teams to understand each other better. This understanding can eventually help the progress of the company.

» Networking and socializing

In the role of CTO, I used to make my newly hired team feel relaxed by using several interesting techniques like the introduction of members, making them picture themselves in different roles and playing different games.

Working with friends is the best way to increase productivity. So, what could be better than having friends in the workplace! The team-building programs help in socializing and making friends in the office. This makes your office environment pleasant and solves the everyday problems of employees.

What does our Army-building program offer?

Our team-building process is called the BPS – Beginning, Process, and Success. Defining it further, it is something like:

  • Coming together – Beginning
  • Keeping together – Process
  • Working together – Success

Basically, the army-building program designed at GED covers different issues in your workplace and gets the following objectives solved for you.

  • Increases confidence and leadership skills
  • Determines the obstacles that thwart creativity
  • Evidently establishes objectives and goals
  • Refines processes and procedures
  • Promotes organizational productivity
  • Recognizes a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhances the problem-solving ability

So, no matter if you have a team of 10 or 100, a team-building or army-building program can help you to build or train your own army of dependable, smart individuals with the qualities that can guarantee you success. With our Army Building program, you can also get advice for deciding team size and business strategy to help you grow faster.

If you are interested in availing Army/ Team Building Program, drop-in your queries here. I am most happy to help.

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