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Develop Food Delivery App Like HungryPanda or HungryPanda Clone App Which Raises $70 Million

For me, the news of HungryPanda raising $70 million is more exciting than the DoorDash raising $400 million! 

Do you know what’s the big deal with HungryPanda? 

Well, it is a non-English food delivery app operating in the 47 cities of the English countries such as Australia, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Kinnevik led its latest funding round – series C. It had already raised $20 million earlier this year in the series B round. 

Recently, HungryPanda tweeted and claimed that they brought the concept of specialized food delivery into the picture.

How does a non-English food delivery app – HungryPanda – operate its business in English countries? 

The food delivery app market is so congested that you can easily find more than one food delivery app in every city of these English countries. 

Sometimes, you cannot even distinguish one from another. 

To make the situation worse, they partner with the same restaurants and have the same menu, app features, logo, and delivery bags. 

But talking about HungryPanda, it is very different in terms of partnered restaurants, menu, and app features. 

It specifically targets Chinese people living in these English countries. 

For that, it ties up with Chinese restaurants. It also ties up with Asian grocery stores to deliver groceries. 

The primary language of the app is also Mandarin – not English. 

Even on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the app description is in the Mandarin language. 

If you want to order Pizza or Burger, you can’t order it from the HungryPanda app. You can’t even read the menu in English. 

Why did Liu launch a non-English, Hungry Panda app in English countries?

Liu was an international student, living in the U.K. 

Though there were a number of Chinese restaurants near his locality, he and other Chinese students were finding it difficult to order from it.

The problems they faced were, (everyone living overseas faces the same problems) 

  • English menu and app 
  • If a dish name has been translated, it has no meaning 
  • No authentic food 
  • Chinese, Korean, Indian restaurants with no delivery option 

The only solution he came up with was a specialized food delivery app, dedicated to Chinese people living in English countries. 

Why will you be generating more profit with HungryPanda clone app or a HungryPanda like app?

HungryPanda Like App’s Profit Scenario: How does HungryPanda make more profit per order than other apps? 

The largest user group of top food delivery apps like UberEats and Deliveroo are individual users who generally order for themselves only. 

Because of this characteristic of the users, the average order value of UberEats and Deliveroo is only around $20. 

Whereas, the largest user group of the HungryPanda app is the international students living in hostels or dormitories who often order in groups to eat ‘family style’. 

Because of the ‘group meal’, the average order value of HungryPanda is over $40. 

Why and how did HungryPanda convert its app to a super app?  

A super app is an app that provides multiple services to the users to address their multiple pain areas. 

International students and workers living abroad find it very difficult to purchase Asian groceries too. 

Though there are several Asian grocery stores in every English country, they aren’t in easy reach of all consumers and door-step delivery is something shop owners haven’t thought of. 

HungryPanda identified this problem. Since with food delivery, they already had the infrastructure, they rolled out grocery delivery service from the same app very easily.  

This way, they converted their app to a super app. Most importantly, they added one more revenue stream. 

Top factors pushing a non-English food delivery app toward success in English countries 

  • Rising Population of Immigrants 

Let’s talk about the USA. 

The US foreign-born population reached 45 million in 2015 and it is estimated that it will reach 78 million by 2065. 

The highest percentage of immigrants living in the USA are Mexicans, followed by Chinese and Indians. 

  • People Seeking Personalization 

According to research, 70% of customers find it frustrating, if the user experience is impersonal. 

Talking about the top food delivery apps, they surely provide the highest level of personalization to most of the users. 

But an international student or immigrant cannot easily find what he is looking for from these food delivery apps. 

As discussed, they find non-English menus & apps, poorly translated dishes, and lack of authentic taste frustrating.  

A specialized food delivery app like HungryPanda connects such users to the restaurants that can easily satisfy their requirements. 

Things you should consider to develop a food delivery app like HungryPanda App in 2021

If you’re planning to go for food delivery app development in the USA to develop a non-English food delivery app like HungryPanda, here are some expert tips. 

  • Focus on the overseas consumers i.e., Chinese, Koreans who are there in the larger number. 
  • Find their favorite cuisines and tie-up with the restaurants that have expertise in those cuisines. 
  • Your new app should not only support the language of overseas consumers. It should also support the English language. 
  • Hire delivery drivers who are familiar with both the languages (English and language of overseas consumers you’re targeting) 
  • Have a customer support team that knows both languages. 
  • Don’t forget to add a grocery delivery module in the food delivery app. 
  • Start with the MVP version or clone app as the custom app will cost you more. 

GED expertise – Multilingual clone/MVP/custom food delivery app at a startup-friendly price 

If you lack any food delivery app ideas, we would suggest two game-changing ideas we had already come across and earned expertise to implement. 

  • Food delivery service comparison app like FoodBoss 
  • Language and cuisine- based food delivery app like HungryPanda 

At GED, your journey to success starts with app ideation, validation, execution, delivery, and support. 

We strongly believe you need more than just an app to start the food delivery business. Thus, we also aim to solve business and legal challenges such as trademark, company registration. 

Our achievement we are most proud of in 2020 is – with a free 30-min consultation in the first discussion, we have not yet wasted time on any entrepreneurs who contacted us.