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Which core values should be followed by every app development company?

One fine morning, my friend Rahul came to me with a lot of questions in his mind. Even after one year of being in business, he was confused about defining the mission statement for his organization. He could not understand the importance of defining the core values of his organization. I think like Rahul, there are many app development companies or startups are known for their pioneering mindsets, creative leaders and fast-paced growth. But they are not aware of the importance of the mission statement that they have on the walls of their office and why the founders had such beliefs.

So, when Rahul expressed his concern, I quickly understood his problem. I explained to him that as his personal core values define him as a person, the core values or fundamentals of the company define the company’s character and brand. As Tony Hsieh rightly said that for individuals character is destiny, similarly, in the case of companies, culture is destiny.

When I started my own startup venture as an app development company, I always held steady to the core values amidst all the innovation and growth. Because I believed that a company flourishes by staying true to the unique core values and fundamentals which remain constant amongst the ever-changing scenarios.

Let me share the examples of tech giants like Apple and Amazon to make you understand the concept of core values and the fundamentals that make these companies extraordinary.

Which distinct core values are Apple and Amazon known for?

» Apple: Apple’s technology is identical to its minimal, elegant, and functional design. Steve Jobs has always been an advocate of simplicity and said that it takes a lot of hard work to create simple things. It takes a long time to truly understand the challenges associated while building simple things and come up with elegant solutions.

» Amazon: Amazon is popular for its razor-thin margins. Jeff Bezos has always said that he considers the margin for others as his opportunity. Here we can understand that Amazon’s frugality is the core value that sets it apart.

So, basically through these examples, we can make out that to build a strong building you need a firm base. By base, I mean the fundamentals and the core values on which your organization stands. By having core values, you can ensure that each of your employees right from the top leadership to the newbies walk towards the same common goal and share a greater objective.

If you are confused about the mission of your company, You can clarify the doubts through my Startup ready program. I can make you understand how to decide the core values for your startup over a cup of coffee.


“Values are descriptions of belief”

As I am from a technical background I believe, if the attributes are present, you can build software that can make your customers happy and at the same time, it will enable prompt change with confidence during the short and long term, both.

Importance of business or company core values

As per my experience of building and handling app development companies, here are some fundamentals that every app development startup or company should have.

1. Integrity And Ethics

Your organization must be built on the basis of honesty and fairness to make it go a long way. Integrity is nothing but building strong and trusting relationships between the employees, stakeholders, and customers. Honest behavior by everyone in the organization can build a credible reputation for your app development company in the market.

2. Respect

Your committed employees are the backbone of your company. The growth and profitability are achieved when your teams work together with the system. Respecting here means respecting your employee’s individual human rights and privacy and elimination of any kind of discrimination. You need to ensure providing them a safe and healthy workplace environment. Building a close-knit family culture in your company can help encourage the morale of employees and makes them feel like an essential, even indispensable, part of the company. This sparks feelings of responsibility and energy to do better constantly.

3. Innovation

Being an app development company it is good to focus on being ahead of the competitors. But you must be careful that the ideas you are launching in the market are a part of innovation and not duplication. To be a trendsetter this is crucial for an app development company. You need to introduce the products that will be loved by your customers and at the same time, the products do not feel like imitations. Remember, copied ideas and products will not help you to walk far.

4. Improve with each passing day

Imparting this value among your employees can encourage them to improve with each endeavor. The value can provide your employees with a platform to explore their creativity and skills and moreover intensify themselves.

Microsoft can be a good example of a company having this core value. Bill Gates believes that though celebrating success is an important thing, satisfaction is unacceptable.

So, cultivate an environment to make your employees realize their hidden capabilities and nurture them as valuable resources.

5. Problem Solving

Being an app development startup you need to focus on solving problems for your clients as they will appreciate your solution-oriented behaviour. You can train your developer team to hop from problem to problem and seek solutions faster.

Apart from these, a few other values that you can consider for your startup or app development company are – solution initiation, refactoring, delivering promises, quiet heroism, simplicity, fast-feedback, clean codes, etc.


So, ultimately, the core values prove to be very crucial for your startup or app development company if you wish to create a successful and motivating place to work for the long term.

Your company’s core values educate your clients and potential customers about the work culture of your company and define the identity of the company.

It does not matter if you are a startup or an established company. At GED we can help you to get inspiration to determine the core values for your organization or refresh them. We can also examine how your company can truly honor those values and encourage employees to follow them through our Manageable Growth, Startup Ready Program and Army Building Program.

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