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How Simple Gestures Like Saying Thank You, Apologizing for Bad Behavior or Appreciating Good Work Helps?

I remember this one time in my professional life when one of my seniors said thank you after I finished up the presentation for him. He had to rush for some urgent work, and he realized that the presentation had to be completed. He asked me to do it for him, gave me the credit, and even said thank you at the end of it. Guess what, I was all praises for this person, and though I spent a weekend working on the presentation, I did not feel bad about it. Why? The person requested me if I could do it, and then he expressed gratitude and even appreciated me and gave me the necessary credit. He could have done what other leaders do- just gone ahead with accepting the presentation from me and saying nothing.

But, that would have made me feel like I did his work, and got nothing in return. Here, I got that appreciation that I was hungry for, and he understood that. He also understood that someone had helped him by taking over, which is indeed a huge thing. Most of all, he did not take me for granted.

Why do I remember this incident? That’s because I realized what he did different, and how it affected me as a leader in my life. This incident helped me to become a better person towards my employees. I started appreciating the small things they did for me, as a result.

My employees became happier around me. In fact, many of them would readily assist me with the projects that I was working on.

So, how do you make simple gestures part of your life? Here are some tips that should help you.

Why Simple Gestures are Important?

⦁ A simple thank you can actually boost your morale. For instance, when you say thanks to the person who has helped you complete the project or, has helped you with getting your life back, it actually makes them feel good. It boosts their self-value, and encourages them to do more of such good work. The thank-you helps them realize their value in that small thing they did

⦁ In a corporate environment, it helps create positivity around the employees. The culture of appreciation is worth investing in, as in the long run it helps improve relationships, and works towards the betterment of the society. A simple gesture can make the other person happy, and ultimately give away satisfied employees to the organization

⦁ Appreciation also helps increase employee engagement, which eventually gives way to employee retention. A happy culture where the employees are not just considered as laborer, but also as people who help the organization grow, will have more employees wanting to stay with them. these employees will eventually transform into advocates for the company

⦁ When you appreciate someone, they will work harder and help complete the tasks and the projects well within the stipulated time. you are creating people who will want to work and help make things happen

How to incorporate simple gestures?

#1 Offer Recognition

How do you feel when you get credit for the work you have done? How would you feel when people actually tell you that you have done a good job? Doesn’t happen often, does it? That’s precisely why recognition should be part of the organization values. Leadership should understand the value of recognition, and offer it if they want to give their employees a sense of belonging.

#2 Appreciate Them

Let’s say they made a fair point in the meeting, appreciate their valuable input. Don’t let it go ignored, and don’t make them feel as though they don’t hold any value in the organization. If they have occasionally done a good job, and you feel that it has led your organization on the path to growth, then make sure to appreciate their efforts, and tell them how much it means to you. it is important that they realize how their contribution is helping you as an organization, and how valuable their work is for you.

#3 Allow them to share feedback

It is important that the employees are able to share their feedback, and let you know how it feels to work for you. the freedom to express opinions will help the employees feel like they belong to your organization. The employees will feel free to share their ideas and will want to give more to the organization. An employee who knows that what they are giving to the organization will add value and feels empowered and that will offer growth to your business. Such an empowered and honest environment is needed to help overall development.

#4 Apologize when wrong

This is very important. You need to tell them “you are sorry” after you have done something wrong or said something that you should not have. In case, you were wrong and yet you screamed at them, then make sure you apologize at the right time. it will make the other person happy and will help them feel a part of this company. Don’t bring in the barriers of leadership when you need to apologize. It will make up for a smoother life for the two of you.

Summing up

What a simple incident from my life taught me that you need to take a step back, speculate what went wrong, and if need be bring back changes for the better. It is important that you use small words like thank you and sorry to make the employee feel empowered and help them grow. When employees grow, your business grows automatically, and your organization becomes a better place to be.

If you want lessons on professional development or, want to give your organization a boost, then connect with me via email or phone.

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