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The Gravity Of UI/UX In Mobile Applications And How It Changes The Dynamics Of An Application

We live in an era where the usage of smartphones has become inevitable. Our routines revolve around our fingertips, providing us access to all the worldly information in a few clicks. 

The smartphone world is filled with applications of many kinds available on the App Store. There is an application available for every type of service, from healthcare to beauty and wellness. 

With constant competition in the tech industry, some of these applications witness a huge success while the rest just experience the download.

These applications’ success is based on various factors such as UI/UX designs, the application’s services, etc.

UI/UX designs play a vital role in deciding the future of an application because it transforms an app developer’s dreams about their products, in reality, offering a wide range of service to the users.

Why Is UI/UX Design Critical For Mobile App Development Process?

UI/UX has created a fizzle in the smartphone world, with being responsible for the app’s functioning, how the app is displayed on the screen, and the feeling user experiences while using it. 

From navigation systems to cloud security, these designs create wonders in the form of these applications.

These mobile applications are built by considering two factors, UI i.e. Extravagant User Interface and UX i.e. Extraordinary User Experience, both of these are interdependent and the subset of subsequent others, since the failure of even one of these can lead to failure of an application.

With creative heads all-around changing the way technology looks, enhancing the customer experience, and delivering rock-solid smartphone applications, the UI/UX design needs to be overwhelmingly top-notch for a stand out mobile application.

The Gravity Of UI/UX Design – Where UI-UX Can Help You?

  1. Boosts Your Brand: The way you application feels or looks says everything about your application, it conveys a story to the users about what is the goal of the application, thus an effective design can booth the name of your brand at multiple levels.
  2. User Interaction: Interacting with your audience through your platform can build a very strong relationship between the users and the developers, giving the company an upper hand in conveying the message they desire. Interactive applications are preferred more by the users to find their way effortlessly.
  3. Consistency: The consistency of the interface and experience should remain constant on all the platforms, resolutions and dimensions. The designers have to keep in mind that the outlook such as the background, theme and colour schemes should remain the same at all times.
  4. Conventional Elements: Using elements which appear familiar to the human eye, can draw ample attention of the users when something familiar catches the eye, it builds a sense of belongingness in the users’ mind. Bulletins, colour combinations, symbols and icons, etc, should be inspired by the ongoing successful app trends. 
  5. Speed: Applications with dynamic conceptualisations touch the grounds, even with the utmost potential to reach the skies, only due to lack of speed in the application. None of us wishes to keep staring at the screen longing for the graphics to load, or layering of the database. 
  6. Limited Usage: Simple is beautiful is something a lot of app developers neglect, and end up developing an application with multiple features that makes the application difficult to use and thus ruins the entire experience of the users, which also result in users opting for substitutions that are easy to use.
  7. Focus On The Platform: The accuracy or functionality of these applications can only be measured if the UX in an iOS and an Android are conveying the same message and serving the same goal yet with the exclusivity of their UX. 
  8. Audience: Like discussing at the beginning of the blog, the prime focus of any app developer should be to estimate the target audience, and then design the layout of the application any further. Designing a vague layout, or a theme without keeping in mind any particular audience can turn out to be irrelevant. Its relevance only rises when the users can connect with the content delivered.
  9. Fast Response: Well all of us have been annoyed about our applications lagging at some point when you enter input and the application doesn’t respond instantly, it indicates some kind of an error in the design, and thus when such lagging becomes usual, the users tend to uninstall the application and switch to better options.
  10. Localization: India is known for its culture and heritage, a country of colours, the same way each country, each place has their symbolization and thus depicting that into your application does not only attract immense attention, but the users seek comfort when they see a more localized theme, and their inclination towards using the app only gets stronger, and thus play with colours, explore the backgrounds and make sure you sprinkle a bit of the local element to make the application a piece of art.

It’s often amusing to find out new and different things about your mobile application development, well, as appealing as these discussed pointers look, the process of developing an application is far more appealing. 

Here mentioned are a few unusual and unique points that are often overlooked, and we opt for nothing but unique when we serve our clients, so let’s discuss what other points affect the user experience and shape your application in the best possible way. 

Let’s discuss how to flourish your app


Your work speaks for you, and everything you create or design is a step forward towards achieving your desired goals. It sure takes a toll to hop on the ride of developing an application with the best UI/UX Design, but it all seems to be worth it when the number of downloads of your application touches the sky.

Don’t limit your imaginations, the sky’s the limit for all the creative heads wanting to leave a print on the world with their work, and thus, tactfully designed UI/UX will disappoint no one. 

Keep in mind the points discussed above, and develop your mobile application with a spark.