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How Moving Out of your Comfort Zone Makes You a Better Person?

Somebody asked me whether I have tried something I am scared of ever in life? I thought about it for a while and realized that I have never taken a risk in my life before. Quitting a full-time secure job was the first-ever time I actually moved out of my comfort zone, even for a bit. Don’t know what came onto me, and I went ahead with quitting that job and fulfilling my passion of living life my way.

So, when this question came my way, I said no. The guy asked me why? What was the reason that you never moved out of your comfort zone? I had no answer. Probably, I never felt like moving out or, there was nothing worth moving out.

However, the actual reason was – I was damn scared. What if it did not work out? What if I regretted it later in my life? The “what ifs” never ended, and that scared the hell out of me, and I refused to move out of my comfort zone.

Today, having moved out of the comfort zone, and knowing life a bit better, I have come to realize that moving out of the comfort zone is essential, and life actually begins at the end of the comfort zone. Though you are scared, and you really don’t want to do it, moving out of your comfort zone makes a lot of sense. Here are a few reasons why you should step out of your comfort zone.

Reasons to Move out of Comfort Zone

  • One of the major reasons why you should step out of your comfort zone is that it helps build confidence. You know you can achieve way more than you had planned, and the move out of the comfort zone manages to teach you just that. You get motivated to try harder, and actually, win. New things and new horizons don’t scare you. you strive hard to keep moving ahead because you tried once and succeeded at it. Even your self concept gets stronger by the day, with the right move
  • You get to challenge yourself by moving out of the comfort zone. You are able to understand where you stand and how big a challenge can you take up. You get to realize that you can rise to the occasion and win the world with your stand. The idea is to know how much can you take and how big can you think
  • Excitement comes when you do something new and unthinkable. When you do something you are scared of, it becomes exciting. For some people, sitting on the rides can be something they dread but, if you overcome that fear, you are in for some adventure. The level of excitement that a simple thing can bring to your life is unthinkable
  • The whole thing about moving out of your comfort zone is that you can achieve new goals, set new horizons and finally generate new ideas. You are more creative when you move out of the comfort zone

Tips to Go Beyond the Comfort Zone

When it comes to the comfort zone, there are several things that you ought to do before you can actually go beyond that stage. It may not seem easy to move out of the comfort zone but, you ought to do it gradually. Small step each day will help lead the way to moving out of the comfort zone. Here are a few tips that should help you move beyond that zone.

  • When you are moving out of the comfort zone, it seems scary. The main reason why going beyond what is your comfort zone seems risky is because you lack the basic information about the activity that you are planning. Whether it is quitting your day job or sitting on that ride, make sure you are completely equipped with the right information. You need to understand every aspect of the move in detail and get yourself educated about the subject. Right from understanding what it is all about to know the risks involved, a good amount of information helps process clarity
  • You need to have the courage to move out of your comfort zone. However, it is not as easy as it seems. You ought to plan well and ahead of the time to be able to move out of your comfort zone and get that courage. Apart from having a step-by-step plan, you also need to set benchmarks that you can achieve your goal and get you the courage you require to move out of your comfort zone
  • It is important to avoid stagnation if you want to move out your comfort zone. When you feel you don’t have anything more to learn, you start believing that and you don’t really look for new horizons. The best way to move out of your comfort zone is believing that you have reached a stagnation point, and actually working your way through that ladder and moving to the new zone which is both uncertain and uncomfortable. That is when you will learn more and better
  • A lot of us don’t know that upgrading skills is essential. For all of us, the core competency is something that we have been living with for a while now. However, that is not true. You need to reach out to new competencies and try out new adversities. This helps you figure out ways in which you can react or respond to a new situation rather than go with the flow. You are prepared for the new situation in this case
  • Accountability is important. You need to ensure that you are ready to take that step to move out of the comfort zone, and actually live up to it. You should have a diary maintained that will help you understand when and how you are making the move out of your comfort zone. If possible, involve people around you who can help you make that move out of the comfort zone. They will give you the necessary push to move out of the zone and actually help you win the new situation

Summing up

It is important you take baby steps to move out of your comfort zone. The baby steps that you can take should be part of the plan you have in place for the move out of the comfort zone. It is important to keep challenging your comfort zone. If you feel that you have reached your goal, tap your goal a little higher, and move to the next level. Play your competencies like a video game so that you know you are ready to reach the never level at the end of each goal you have achieved.

If you need help in creating the plan for the move out of your comfort zone or, just want someone to discuss the ideas to move out of your comfort zone, then connect with me via email or phone.

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