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Revenue Generation Model Of A Successful Photo Sharing Application And An All-Rounder Guide On How To Make An App Like Instagram

When the word social media strikes in a conversation, one name that pops in our head is Instagram, the most commonly used photo and video sharing social media platform, innovated in America and currently owned by Facebook.

It has also been an excellent platform for marketers willing to reach out to a large number of audiences, with minimal marketing costs and highly achievable targets, with constant upgrades and innovations.

The Millenials and Gen Z are believed to spend at least 5-6 hours a day on social media; this generation is believed to be the most social generation. The idea of meeting new people, and sharing minute details about your life with the rest has become a trend.

Instagram has brought in fun and engaging features over the years, which has resulted in a large number of audiences inclined towards joining the platform. Every user that joins the platform makes a unique contribution to the platform.

Instagram has been a launchpad for millions of influencers who have dived in with a couple of followers and have now become top sensations on the internet. These influencers utilize the platform as their own store by selling their own uniqueness and exclusivity.

With a sleek and user-friendly interface, Instagram is believed to be the fastest-growing social media platform. Over 60% of the users log in daily, making it the second only platform after Facebook with the highest ratio user-engagement.

Compelling content is produced on Instagram in order to gain followers and attract the targeted audience. Instagram has immensely helped small scale businesses to reach out to a large number of audiences.

Instagram’s Market Statistics And Growth Analysis

In the year 2019, it was reported that Instagram has over 1 billion active users, and the rate of Instagram users in America rose from 35% to 37% in a year. Thus, that signifies that Instagram has been there for over a decade and has been proved to be highly influential.

Considering the statistics geographically, the highest number of users are based in The U.S.A, i.e. 116 million, followed by 73 million users in India and 72 million users in Brazil.

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Apart from working as a photo and video sharing platform, it has also acted as an exceptionally profound advertising platform for most influencers worldwide. These influencers collaborate with Instagram in advertising them and Instagram earns revenue from the same.

Our research suggests that by the end of 2020, Instagram ad revenue is projected to be about 30% of the entire company’s revenue because Instagram keeps the users more engaged with the stories and the sponsored posts.

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Instagram has been a platform where the brands meet the influencers and get their products endorsed. The followers often tend to buy their liked influencers’ opinions compared to a mediocre advertisement online.

These influencers review the products, give their inputs about the quality and services and compel the followers to opt for it by engaging them with the benefits of the products and showcasing how it has affected their lives.

The statistics available on the business accounts help the influencers study their followers’ behaviour, which allows them to create content according to the need of the viewers and followers.

Instagram offers a wide range of visually appealing and stimulating content, such as filters, fonts, stickers and GIFs, themes, etc. that make the content worth the view and catches the viewers’ eyeballs.

How to make an app like Instagram In 2020?

While developing an application like Instagram, there is a bundle of features that need to be included in order to make your platform a stand-out product and engage the users with the services provided.

Basic features that need to be included in the application are:

  1. Authorization
  1. Profile Editing
  1. Uploading Photos And Videos
  1. Editing Photos And Videos
  1. Linking Social Media Networks
  1. Geo-Location
  1. Search
  1. Messaging And Commenting
  1. Settings
  1. Stories
SuperzoomStory Highlights
Rewind VideosIGTV
Emoji SliderShoppable Posts
Question StickersExplore Page

A Certain Key-Points To Keep In Mind

  1. Carry out research in the market and learn about your competitors and their services, how you can make your services unique and stand apart.
  1. Define your targeted audience and produce content that will appeal to them and make them want to explore more about the products and services without a second thought.
  1. Develop an MVP and test it in the market, including features that put you in a dilemma and make the decision based on the final results, which signifies what is accepted by the audience and what is not.

The Revenue Generation Model Of Instagram Is Based On Three Prime Segments: 

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is collaborating with the influencers on the web in order to get your product advertised by them on their social media handles, which attracts the followers towards the brand.

It is not a very quick process; the influencers take time to research the brand, analyze the brand, try it themselves and then note their experiences to share with the audience.

This way, an influencer on Instagram, when approached by a brand, endorses the products on their page. The brand pays them for the endorsement; the payment is not always monetary; it can vary from free products to discounts coupons to payments.

  1. Promoting Skills And Talents

We live in an era of social media stars. These social media stars are the people who showcase their talents online and gain extreme recognition from the audience and become famous.

There are Instagram pages with a large number of followers. They give a shoutout to talented artists with extraordinary skills, and these artists pay a certain amount to these pages in return.

Often, singers, dancers, painters, comedians choose this source of marketing, which helps them gain a lot of attention online, and at a low cost, and hassle-free management.

  1. Social E-Commerce App

There have been tremendous innovations in the Social E-Commerce industry, which has led to a wider scope of acceptance by the consumers. On Instagram, the shoppable posts directly redirect you to the brand’s profile.

The buyers can make purchases on the app without having to leave Instagram. There are shopping stories also now available on Instagram explore, which refreshes the options based on the user’s previous purchases or pages previously explored.

The sellers can tag their products in a single sticker with customizable fonts and colours to make it easier for the viewers to make a smart and quick choice about shopping.

FAQs About Developing An App Like Instagram

  1. How Can I Make An App Like Instagram?

Ans: Research in the market, plan your goals, hire the best in class app developers, and test your MVP. It gives a clearer idea of the customer’s responses.

  1. Does Instagram Keep In Mind The Safety Of The Users?

Ans: Instagram provides a two-factor verification system that protects users from getting their accounts hacked or facing privacy concerns.

  1. How Can You Stand Against Social And Safety Concerns On Social Media?

Ans: Instagram lets the users report any account, picture, video or comment if they find it offensive or harmful for the rest of the users, and takes necessary actions against the liable user.

  1. Does Instagram Provide Photo – Editing Options?

Ans: Yes, Instagram has an in-built photo editor, enabling the users to edit pictures and videos before uploading them. Features like filters, fonts, colour transitions, cropping and rotating/flipping, etc., are available.

  1. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like Instagram?

Ans: Roughly it takes between 200-600 hours of work to replicate the features of Instagram and again it depends on which features to include as priority and basics.

  1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Instagram?

Ans: It depends on exact features you are looking to implement from Instagram. Roughly it ranges from US$5000 – US$50000 to include all features like Instagram.

But the best way is to divide features into development phases and start with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which gives a more clear idea about the existing product.

Our Expertise And Strong Belief In Developing A Photo And Video Sharing Application

The social media world has become divergent and, at the same time, brought the world as a whole a lot closer, where accessing all the information and interacting with people has become possible at your fingertips.

We believe in creating wonders in mobile applications that become the town’s buzz and create success stories like never before.

Our technology experts and creative headmasters ensure the final product’s prime quality without a pinch of hesitation.

Develop an app like Instagram and paint the world with your creative ideas and blasting technology.

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