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Is Coordination an Increase in Dependency or an Essential Way of Living?

Let me talk about a situation that most of you experience or, are at least aware of. You are married and both of you are working. Being a nuclear family, most of the tasks are upon you two to complete. With a baby, the tasks keep increasing, and you need help. If the tasks are efficiently managed, and well organized, you are less likely to face any issues. With proper delegation and timeliness associated to the tasks, you can easily accomplish all your work in a day’s time.

How do you do it? Coordinate with each other, divide the labour between the two of you, and finally assign a timeline for each of the tasks. Asking for outside help, and delegating the tasks that you both cannot manage, and organizing it in a way that you only need to monitor, will just add more effectiveness to your tasks.

Coordination does not mean you are likely to become dependent on the other person. It simply means you are likely to finish the tasks in a more organized manner, leaving no room for imperfection.

This applies to all aspects of your life, including workplace and entrepreneurship. The more you coordinate, the better chances you hold of winning the game.

Here we will talk of the ways in which you can improve coordination and work towards accomplishing your goals.

1).The visionary leader in case of the team work should have a complete vision of all the tasks that they aim to achieve in short term as well as long term. You need to be aware of the quick needs as well as the needs that will be posed by the team in the long term. Only when you have the right vision will you be able to harness the potential of the team, organize the tasks properly and improve the quality of completion.

2).The next step that you ought to take as a visionary leader is to set a goal. Make sure the goal is achievable and deliverable at the same time. It makes all the difference when the team knows what common goal they need to achieve. For instance, in the above case, the main goal is to ensure food is cooked on time, the baby is taken care of, and the bills are paid on time. when the goal is known, it becomes easy for the people on the team to take care of all the tasks. In fact, they would be aware of the unforeseen events as well, and will be prepared for that as well.

3).Who is on your team? As a leader, you ought to know who is on your team, and their expertise, as that will enable you to coordinate better. It helps assign tasks effectively, as you know the strengths of the people on the team, and you are fully aware of how to best harness their potential. For instance, the husband may be good at keeping the baby quiet at the night, then you should assign the task to him, if his work begins at a late hour in the morning. This will ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

4).Planning well in advance can help you stay prepared for everything that comes your way. You need to be sure of all the tasks; you can always list them out, and ensure that you know when these tasks are to be accomplished and how. It will help you be more productive and work on the budget that you have been handed.

5).Communicating regularly will help you know if the team is stuck up somewhere, and you can bail them out. If the team is unable to identify certain ways to accomplish the tasks, you as the leader can help them out. For instance, you have been taking care of the washing for a long while, and your partner is not really aware of how to operate the washing machine. When you leave them for a month, this can lead to pile of clothes dumped into the laundry bag. In this case, you need to help the husband with using the machine, so that he can complete the task, and you won’t need to work on that task once back. It is important that you keep communicating about every task that has been assigned to the people on the team.

Summing up

Coordination can help you in achieving goals with lesser efforts. You might want to improve your team’s productivity and ensure they have a defined roadmap to work upon. Coordination requires a lot of planning and efforts from all members of the team.

I have been working on bringing in harmony into the team, and ensuring that all the members are aware of their tasks and complete it on time. I am no task master or, magician but, I have some excellent strategies that help improve your way of living. Connect with me via email to know more about how I can help and what you can do to gain a winning attitude and success.

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