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How to make safe Online Food Delivery?

Ever since the onset of mankind, food has been a vital part of survival. But, as we evolved, we decided to level up everything around us, including food, into the stage that would suit us and meet our demands. 

Is the evolution of food necessary to describe?

Let’s give it a try! Imagine!

Boiled grains mixed with savory and roasted protein, with a big pinch of fragrant spices, originated from deep-rooted Indian traditions and garnished with the everlasting duo of mint and coriander. 

It’s nothing but our favorite chicken biryani!

So this is how simply boiled rice grains have evolved with time to become delicious biryani.

Gradually, people became busy in the materialistic world and digitization took all cords into its hands. Saving every second in this fast-running era is very important and so is comfort as well. 

People wanted to spend less time cooking, dining out, and in terms of money as well. So the restaurants decided to deliver the demanded food to the customers while they do their precious work. Because meals shouldn’t wait.

After taking all these facts into consideration, food delivery systems came to the picture.

Online food ordering, delivery, tracking, became a win-win situation for both customers and restaurants, including the bridge, the online food delivery service providers.

Online food delivery Apps constantly got upgraded and added with awesome features.

But as the world got threatened by a pandemic, is it still safe to get your food delivered from outside?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected many businesses, one of the highest-ranking being the food delivery systems and restaurants. And with the year-long lockdowns in force, people were forced to cook all the meals at home. Some became chefs and some might have gone miserable. 

It was a dead-end situation for both sides until the situation improved a bit before the second wave, the restaurants, and online food delivery collaboration came to action once again, with upgraded safety norms of course!

But the fear of the virus being transmitted through the food packages is still highly lurking in everybody’s mind. Every time a person orders food online, a definite pop-up comes as “ Is it safe to order food online?

How to make the online food delivery system safe?

The global pandemic has set all fears into motion and precautions should be taken from both ends to avoid the requirement of cure and make it safe for ourselves, while enjoying the delicacies. 

Precautions to be taken by the restaurants

  1. Hygienic Kitchen: Be it covid-19 or any normal day, hygiene is a crucial factor to be noted down by the kitchen staff, while serving thousands of customers. The kitchen slabs, utensils, floors, sinks, walls should be cleaned and sanitized before preparing any meal. 
  1. Sanitized clothes, masks, and kitchen gloves: To make sure that there is no or minimal, direct point of contact between the cooking materials and the kitchen staff, double masks, sanitized clothes and aprons, hair covers, sanitized kitchen gloves should be worn before entering into the kitchen.
  1. Sanitized Packing: Once the food is transferred into boxes or packages, the outer packaging must be properly sanitized before handing them out to the delivery people. Or the packaging should be sanitized with no direct contact, while it is brought inside the restaurants, stored properly, and used later.

Precautions to be taken by the delivery personnel

  1. Proper Sanitization: Every delivery personnel should sanitize their hands properly before touching the food packages. The restaurants should make sure that it is done. 
  1. Mask is compulsory: It is vital to make sure that the delivery personnel wears double masks all the time during the delivery works goes on.
  1. No entry into the kitchen: No delivery personnel should be allowed inside the kitchen. With the constant deliveries throughout the day, they meet many people, which makes them prone to the virus. 
  1. No Contact delivery: Every delivery personnel should make the deliveries contactless. The food packages should be left on the doorstep instead of handing them to the customer. The same goes for the payment.

Precautions to be taken by the customers

  1. No Contact receive: Every customer should cooperate with the online delivery system to make a complete no-contact acceptance of the packages and payment as well.
  1. Sanitization and masks: Make sure to sanitize your hands before and after receiving the packages. Wear masks without any fail.
  2. Sanitize the outer packages: Always make sure to sanitize the food packages after receiving them. 

The delicious food can wait, but the virus won’t!

Safety rules and precautions should be followed by all the levels in a system to make sure that no one is affected. Any mistake in any phase, can affect the whole system and make everyone prone to the deadly virus.

Be safe and enjoy your meals!