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Know the pros and cons of online beauty salons before starting your own

“It’s been a long week! I guess I could use a good pedicure and massage, but I feel so lazy! 

I don’t want to step out….probably I should drop the plan.”

This is where the salons lose their potential customers, but I guess now it’s time to put a stop to it and increase the revenue.

Let me explain how!

We live in a world where racks to stacks, everything is going digital. We have developed our brains beyond muscles and veins, made it into computers and calculators, built robots that are capable of almost anything except having emotions, as of now! Life has become easier as we can order anything to our doorstep and have control over things like nuclear plants with some clicks.

As the world evolved digitally, every industry integrated itself with digital technology. Starting from the food industry to the clothing industry, groceries to fisheries, and even the cab industry. Up until recently, the only industry that was deprived of it was the beauty and salon industry. 

But the revolution soon took up the beauty industry into its claws and somewhere before 4-5 years ago, online salons and beauty freelancing were introduced.

Many people want to groom themselves weekly or monthly, but work plans, family issues, and laziness kill many potential clients. So the salon industry understood that providing home facilities would be a double shot for the business, along with the outlets.

Not only the salons, but some individuals also took up to beauty freelancing such as home henna works, bridal makeups, etc.

So, on-demand beauty salons are the new vogue now! 

And we are trying to be the bridge that the conventional salons want to cross, a perfect online platform to air their salon on the internet.

We, the GED team, are here to provide you the best guidance and develop the best online salon app/website for you but before setting up your service online, get the following points fitted into your mind.


(Advantages of On-demand Salons)

The whole world is going online, why should you not?

Well! Here is the list of reasons why.

  • More exposure- Your local salon might attract the townspeople or might jump to another town nearby, but the internet is just not limited to a specific town. It can help you in spreading your service to different places, far away from your outlet. 
  • Bloom in business- soon after a while of your beauty service going online, you can open up the services in different cities and if it goes well, some might even go overseas. This will boost your business with more revenue and popularity.
  • Less maintenance- Your online services might spread, but the rent charges for every outlet, electricity bills, water bills, other maintenance charges will be reduced to only storage bills and salary checks.
  • With the pandemic on the move, people prefer not to go to salons and other crowded areas. So while giving home services, you can and should sanitize the beauty products and tools in front of them to make them feel safe. Meanwhile, they won’t have to worry about going outside.


  • If you want to go online, the first requirement is a perfect app or website for your online beauty salon. You need to have all the essential features like the menu of the services, time and availabilities, wishlists, contact details, and the most important, every possible online transaction method. 

Building or having an app or website is crucial and to help you in making your base stronger with the best app/website, we are always here with a team of the best app/website developers.

 So whenever you search for the best app/website development company for your online salon app, remember that we are always just a click away

Visit us and decide if you want us to be your app developer.

  • Always be super active in digital marketing like social media marketing, online engagements, articles, etc. It will help you rank your service at the top of the search results, resulting in awesome business.
  • Always engage with your customers in the best way possible. Know their requirements and the latest trends in the market.
  • Try to provide discount coupons to regular customers and during special occasions. This has always been a good method to attract customers.


  • Bigger machines might create a problem to be relocated to the customer’s site.
  • A home environment with other family members around might distract you from your work.
  • Relocation of required elements and machines safely might create a big bill.

Well! Everything has pros and cons but it depends on us to decide which side is heavier.

We are happy to evaluate the current business situation and work with you for the best possibility for your business online. Contact us and let us show you what we have created in an on-demand hair salon app.