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The Best Real Estate Companies around the World

We are the residents of Earth and no matter which corner of the world we go to, we will always need shelter. Caves to huts to buildings, the human race evolved but always kept a landmark of their own. 

Possession of a shelter has always been a great achievement since the beginning of mankind and shall be till the dawn of it.

Owning a house in this era has become a luxury instead of a necessity. But everybody needs a shelter that they can call their home, so various methods came up to provide everybody with a roof on their top.

Creating multi-floor buildings, big colonies, etc became the life-saver for overpopulation. 

But as the land shortage came to the surface, land/square foot became costlier and not everybody could afford to buy one. 

There came the method of renting a house. It soon became easier for everyone to live in a house of their own budget. 

A common method of finding out information about houses on rent were local brokers and ‘to-let’ signs on the gates of the available houses. 

But as the world transformed digitally, real estate bloomed at its best. 

It soon became easier for people to find apartments, land, buildings, etc for rent and buying. 

We know that real estate is a field that requires a lot of legal procedures and legit availability, it is vital to land a good real estate company for your new home. 

Despite the risks, many real estate companies around the world have gained name and fame due to their increasing traffic. 

Dongnae- A Seoul based real estate company

South Korea is not a very easy place to find new and affordable homes as people have to look for many brokers before finding a good one. A former WeWork executive found it as a golden chance to uplift the fragmented real estate market in South Korea by establishing ‘Dongnae’ in 2020. 

Dongnae was initiated with a motive to create a single magnetic point for the South Korean brokers and acted like a Multi-listing system. It soon expanded its brokerage partnership to more than 70 and ongoing. 

Soon after receiving an investment fund from NFX, the company released its Android and iOS application to ensure a smooth user experience for the customers. The buyers and sellers could easily list out, look, select and close a deal with the help of Dongnae.

REDFIN- A US-based Real Estate Company

The USA is home to not only the native Americans but many other races from different countries. People are eager to move to the USA for job opportunities and even permanent settlement, which leaves it prone to unavailability of enough housing facilities and over-pricing.

But the real estate market has its hold in every corner of the world and one of them is the REDFIN.

Having its branch in every state and city of the USA, Redfin is marked as one of the top real estate companies in the USA.

If you visit a website, you will find a detailed menu of buildings, lands, and apartments in every state. 

With a proper website experience, it has increased its traffic steadily.

You might wonder how you can make your own online real estate business

  • Create a website and app (iOS and Android) that gives a seamless user experience to the customers
  • Define clear marketing goals for your target audience
  • Make your business active on social media 
  • Online offers, deals and coupons make your online business stay super-active to gain the interest of buyers/sellers
  • Available lands/ houses to after the deal, always keep a polite point of contact
  • Features to keep assigned brokers in check with scams, overpricing, and extra commissions
  • Always provide legitimate real estate information to the buyers/sellers

We will post more about the online real estate business. Keep visiting us!