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Legal Services

Hire a legal service consultant for your startup or new business(Trademark Registration or Copyright Registration)

Startup space is growing, and so is the need for Startups India legal service. From incorporation to IP application to Legal documentation, all the way up to startup funding, the legal expert is required at every step, for guidance and counsel.

We, at Get Everything Delivered, are all set to extend legal counseling and providing guidance to startups. We ensure that startups are founded on the standard compliance, and are aware of the legal formalities before they register a startup in India and during a course of serving clients.

With the world moving online is the new normal, we are planning to include this offering as an online legal consultation.

Our legal consultant will understand your requirements thoroughly, define the standards and policies as required. We make sure that you are able to startup smoothly with the help of our consultancy services.

We are committed towards offering you complete legal services- online, ensuring satisfaction, and zero starting problems.

Let’s Talk About Opportunity

    *Your idea is 100% protected by our non-disclosure agreement.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our goal is to fundamentally change the approach to Startups in a way that our clients seek our services at every step hence we work with our client as our partner and thus removing any apprehension they might have in approaching lawyers for advice.

    Partner in Pan-India Law Firm

    Practicing High Court Advocate with 12 years of Legal experience

    Masters Degree in Law from Top Law School in USA

    Registered as Facilitator for Trademarks under the Scheme for Facilitating Startup IPRs (SIPP- Start-up Intellectual Property Protection)

    At GED, we have been fortunate to assist startups in different domains like Information technology, food, education, health, logistics, lifestyle, etc. and are striving to identify people and ideas that we can service towards their growth being part of Startup India benefits.

    GED’s ‘O’ Philosophy

    Letter ‘O’ is a symbol of infinite and eternal power. As vocative, exclamatory or in emoji, ‘O’ represents strong feelings. ‘O’ through another lens, also is the magical ‘ZERO’. Zero is nothing and infinite; as adding ‘ZERO’ to any number – increases its value.

    This simple, yet powerful; meaningful, yet magical letter inspires us. At GED, our work philosophy and approach are expressed with following ‘O’ words that capture our values.



    Client's problems are our problems. We believe that problem solving begins with commitment. If problems are not known and not owned, solutions are elusive.

    Out of Box

    Solving problems demand alternative ideas. We know that the constraints or boundaries limit the possibilities as we seek creative solutions.


    Solutions are not just about effectiveness but is also about efficiency. We strive to provide solutions that deliver more 'bang for the buck'.


    Professional relationships are about giving solutions that are based on hard facts and transparent approach. Truth is bitter at times and we don't hesitate to bring it to our client's notice.

    Thus, at GED, our values revolve around these four ‘O’s that imply owning the problem, using open mind to find creative solution that not just solves the problem but solves it within the limited resources based on objective data and not subjective biases. In other words, the four ‘O’s are about commitment, creativity, pragmatism and transparency that guide our work.