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The Avengers Are All Set to do Whatever it Takes to End the Game. Are you Ready to do the Same in your Life?

The wait for Avengers Endgame finally ended on the 26th of April this year, when it hit the theaters everywhere. With a lot of speculations around the movie, and a year long wait, people had already started pre-booking the tickets, so that they don’t get any spoilers before actually watching the movie. Currently, I am my US trip, being a mad fan of Marvel movies, I watched the movie at “Marcus” theater in its early days of release, and was witness to the amazing effects and the beautiful story that was. Of course, without giving you spoilers, I have to mention how difficult it was to see the ending of this movie, and watch fading away of memories built over a decade.

Some of my friends are still waiting to get a chance to watch the movie, as they weren’t able to secure the tickets earlier.

When watching this movie, a thought struck me, and I got started with this blog immediately after. Though I am slightly late, I would still like to share these thoughts.

The whole Avengers Endgame has literally changed how I think or process my thoughts. The moment the Avengers say we will get back our friends, whatever it takes, I felt that do we actually do that in our real life. It felt so impactful in the reel life but, how positive and lovely it would be if we were able to practice this in real life as well.

Imagine, giving whatever it takes to achieve success or, just making whatever it takes a mantra in our life.

While the first attempt at whatever it takes may not have been completely successful for the Avengers, it definitely gave them a sense of unity, and eventually when they did get an idea on how to turn around the events that happened last year, they did bid for whatever it takes attitude again.

As a professional, whether you are working for someone or have a business, the whatever it takes attitude it very important.

So, what is the whatever it takes attitude that you need to have in order to succeed in your professional life?

It is all about what’s inside you

When we say, whatever it takes, it literally means you need to do whatever you need to in order to attain your goal. If you are ready to take a risk or, even hire a person you are not really comfortable with, to achieve the goal, then you are ready to achieve the goal, no matter the path you have to take. Your hunger to achieve the goal, and a positive attitude that it will work will definitely help you along the path to success. It takes a very passionate person, with a lot of aggression (positive) to attain the goal.

If you see the movie, while taking the decision of time travel, Iron Man is well aware that he may never be able to see his wife and kid but, he still makes the decision because he wants Spiderman back as well as his other friends, who he lost in the Infinity War. That is the level of passion we are talking of here.

You should move out of your comfort zone

When we say comfort zone, it is the zone that you have been in for a while now. There are fears that we all have. I had a big fear of actually moving out of corporate life and starting out on my own. I wasn’t sure how it would work for me. When I released my first book, it was a move out of my comfort zone. If you want to achieve success, remove all your fears, and take that step towards the goal, even if the path you have to take is not something you are comfortable with. You need to take the risks, irrespective of the feeling you have while taking it. If you are sure of the goals, it becomes easier to take the path.

When Hulk tried to initiate the time machine, he was not too sure, and it was not something he was too comfortable with. You could see that in the results he achieved; however, his attitude was that of a risk taker, willing to move out of his comfort zone, so that he could help his fellow avengers. That kind of attitude is required in your professional life.

You should just evaluate the message

Just because the information came from someone who has the authority or has the power to deliver the information, doesn’t mean you listen to them. You need to think of the message rather than who is delivering the message. Evaluate every aspect of the message, think through the value it delivers, before actually incorporating the message in your everyday life. Your success depends on the message, and not on the messenger.

The scene when Ant Man talks about the quantum realm and how it works, Captain America and Black Widow heard him but, they were not totally convinced till he explained all the aspects of the realm. They were ready to give it a chance, and took it to Tony Stark, who listened to the message alone. He striped it into pieces of information that would help the remaining understand what are the potential risks involved. It takes a man this kind of attitude, wherein you actually understand and look at the message, instead of the messenger, to get the right information.

Avoid the negativity thrown by people towards you

On your path to success, you will see a lot of people who tend to pull you down in one way or another. They are constantly trying to rip you off everything that you have known thus far, by telling you how wrong you are to keep trying. They will talk about the risks involved, and also how it is not a good idea to carry on with this kind of deal.

However, you ought to throw away this garbage, and keep away from such people. It takes a lot of effort but, it comes with the whatever it takes attitude.

If you look at the relationship Thanos and his daughters shared, and how his daughters went against him during the Infinity War and the Avengers Endgame, you will see that it takes a person with high will power and greater passion to be able to avoid the negative impacts, and still win the war.

Summing up

Whatever it takes is all about the attitude you have to take risks, and incorporate passion and aggression to achieve your goals. It is not just an attitude; it is something you need to imbibe in yourself as a habit.

Whenever you are on the path to achieve success, don’t forget that people are not as involved as you are in your goals. Follow up with people, keep asking them if they did check on the emails you sent or have they looked at the idea you gave them and what they think of it. It is important to incorporate this attitude as well as ownership when you are following your passion and aiming to achieve the set goal.

If Avengers did not take ownership for their loss at the hands of Thanos, and did not keep looking for avenues through which they could succeed, they would never have brought all the Avengers back to life, and helped end the game.

If you want the Avenger like attitude in life, and want to discuss more about the success mantra, then you should connect with me over email or phone. I can even help you come up with a goal plan and a way to achieve your goals. Consultation and more available if you mail me or call me with your ideas and discussion points. You can even comment in the section provided below.

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