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The Lessons You Gathered from All 8 Seasons of Game of Thrones

It’s the 8th season of Game of Thrones, and we are still curious as to who will rule. Spoilers ahead! Jon Snow knows his identity, and Khaleesi has lost her entire army of Dothraki and the Unsullied. Cersei awaits her fate while, the night king seems to have finally met his end, or has he? There are just too many things going on, and the war of Winterfell was something you simply cannot miss.

What has remained constant throughout the eight seasons though is the fact that every character of Game of Thrones has given some incredible lessons that can influence positivity in your professional life. From the Lannisters to the Starks, there is something you can learn from them all, to make your professional life easy and stress free.
Here are a few things that I have learnt from the different characters of Game of Thrones, which I would like to discuss in here.

It is important you listen to everyone

It is important that you understand that you don’t know everything that you will need to complete a job or run a successful company. Like Tywin Lannister said, a good king will know what he knows and what he doesn’t, and he would listen to his advisers, who are ready to fill in with the information that he is not aware of.

That’s how you should be at your job. Whether you are at a senior position or heading the company, always listen to your subordinates and colleagues. You never know when you will hit a gold mine of information that can be converted into insights, which will help you realize that you are indeed doing something wrong. You will be able to rectify your mistakes early on by listening to the things that you were not aware of.

Personalize based on the insights

Remember the time when Lord Varys mentioned how he realized the power of information, and went on to actually collect information that could be used at the right moment. He was known for having a network of spies that could help him collect all the information and personalize the contents according to the use and person to whom he is mentioning it.

Similarly, you have to personalize every insight and information that you may have gathered along the way to make your life as a professional easier. If you cannot personalize, you wont be able to sell your services or products, thus reducing the profits that you could have made.

You should earn the trust of your people

What did Daenerys Targaryen have before she went on to attack Westeros? Nothing! Yes, you heard me right. She was being manipulated by her brother, who assumed he would be the king. She became the Khaleesi by marrying Khal Drogo. However, despite being in the rotten position she was, she learnt the ropes of the trade, reimagined herself, and eventually won the trust of the Dothrakis. She went on to gain a powerful army, and successfully marched into Westeros.

If you are unable to earn the trust of your people, be it your employees or your customers, you cannot become successful. You should listen to people, get them to talk about their woes, learn the tricks of the trade, before you can rule them. It is important to empower your people, before you can actually head them, and handle them in your capacity. Every leader should first earn trust, so that they can get the advantage of ruling efficiently over their people.

Learn to manage competition

Remember when Tyrion Lannister was made the hand of the king? He was efficient in the process, unlike his predeccesers. He took the saying, keep your enemies closer than your friends, quite literally. He kept an eye out for his enemies, and before they could attack him, he did what he could possibly do. He did not use his strength; he simply used his brain and a few tactics to understand how things worked, and what he needed to do.

It is important that you understand your competition, and play attack. You ought to narrow down your competition to the one who is most likely to burn you. once you have done that, it becomes easier for you to handle the competition, and grow to be successful.

Always know what is important to your mission

Being a Queen and ruling Westeros was always on Daenerys Targaryen’s mind. However, when Jon Snow persuaded her to join the fight against Night King, she agreed readily. She knew to attain her goals of ruling the seven kingdoms, she had to ensure she had everyone by her side. Her priorities were clear, which makes her a good queen.

When your priorities as an entrepreneur or as the team head are clear, your project ought to be successful. It is important you know what your goals are, and how you plan to achieve them. If you are unable to prioritise and organize the tasks, you might fail badly.

Adapt to the situation for the best advantage

There is no episode or instance that conveys how Arya Stark has managed to adapt herself to every situation, thus becoming the greatest assassin and the biggest asset for Westeros. From being a princess living a sheltered life to moving around the rough paths to get to her brothers, Arya Stark has not only battled every situation well, but also managed to adapt to the new situation.

As a new company or the owner, adaptability is something that you need to adopt. It is important that you recreate your image to suit the new situation and circumstances. If your battlefield changes, you should change with it too, making it easier for you to win the war. Keep learning and improvising if you want to gain success and eventually attain your goals.

Handle failures like a pro

If there is one thing that you can learn from Sansa Stark it is to handle the situation, and learning from your failures. When she was engaged to the King of Westeros, after few days of happiness, she saw the true nature of the King. Despite being in a troubled situation, she handled herself well, and managed to get out of it. Despite all the troubles, and falls she experienced through the different seasons, she managed to come out as a different and more confident person.

You need to learn from your failures, instead of crying it out. The more you reimagine yourself because of the failures you experienced, the better you will become as a person, and be able to restructure and resurrect your company.

Summing up

The key takeaways include:
⦁ Listen to all, you never know when you get a good piece of advice
⦁ Personalize every offering based on the insights you get
⦁ Earn your people’s trust before working with them
⦁ Manage your competition well
⦁ Prioritize your tasks before taking them up
⦁ Adaptability is important
⦁ Learn to handle the failures in your life.

If you think I have missed out on something, send it in the comments section. To learn more about organizing your world and being a better professional, connect with me via email or phone.

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