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Love Your Job: Be the best asset to your organization

“Hard times always reveals your true character”

We all might have heard this kind of statement, where our parents use to teach us how recognizing the real well-wishers around us is important. Well, these situations do reveal a person’s character which is based on the kind of choices he makes during this time and the change in the behavior and thoughts that comes with the time getting harder.

Talking about the times we all are living today when most of the organization and businesses are facing crises or are in chaotic space, the person under the most stressful state of mind is the owner of the company. Yes, the crisis does affect every individual that is the part of the organization, but the effects seen on them are minimal. Being it a human nature, most employees don’t believe in the fact about the employers being stressed. 

For all those employees who have a misconception of the leisurely life that their bosses are living, it’s time you know the other side of the story and realize the need for the stakeholders (employees and vendors) to stand with their employers in the crises and make it easier for all of you to get through the situation effortlessly.

So, here are some of the actual life concerns that employers are dealing with

  • Shattering thoughts about maintaining the clients in crisis
  • Thoughts about how to cope with the situation to take the business back on track
  • Struggle to find new deal incase he lose any existing one
  • Keeping employees safety and economic state in mind before making any decision
  • The isolation he feels while being in his own office

Did this make you acknowledge what your employer is facing day in and day out? How are you being a part of your organization planning to be the backbone for your employer? 

Below are some of the suggestions on how the employees with their combined efforts can prove to be the greatest asset to any organization in the time of crisis. 

So dive in to try out some.

  • Contribute some part of your salary 

In the situation of being locked down in the country, every individual is doing his work remotely sitting in their home, most of the daily expenses that are spent in traveling to the offices, eating junks, partying or hanging out with friends are reduced to zero. 

Being the part of the workplace family and a responsible employee, every person based on his economic feasibility and keeping in his mind the role he is playing both in personal as well as professional lives can give away some part of their salary at the end of the month. 

Cutting down the leisurely expense and combining each of the employee’s contributions can collect a good fund for the future investments of the company and can act as a great support for the employer to plan something new once the situation gets back on track. 

  • Talk to your boss often, even to take a casual update

It’s often seen that most of the people are very casual to talk with their coworkers, but when it comes to bosses or someone at the authorized position, the difference in the designations makes it awkward for both of them to talk about something other than work.

The isolated life that the bosses live in their respective cabins makes them deprived of the chances to socialize especially with their employees unless its an event or a function organized in the company.

But when the time gets worse, it’s very important for the employees to make sure their leader is in a stable state of mind to deal with the changes that are happening around. Taking it as their responsibility and not just a formality, the employees should take the initiative to talk to their boss and discuss what’s in his head and how they with their combined strength can deal with it easily. 

Understand it’s not just always a leader who should be taking care, sometimes the team also needs to get their swords out to keep their king safe.

  • Share new ideas for business 

In today’s situation of quarantine, there is a lot of time everyone has to spend with themselves and also to learn new things. While we are spending our time brainstorming about different aspects of life and feeding our minds with a lot of information, there would be an abundance of ideas that would have crossed each of these thoughts. 

Instead of daydreaming through those vague thoughts, direct your mind towards thinking something that can bring in some good results for your company. As you spare some time with your family, you can also give your hour or two thinking about what you can do to bring something innovative in your organization. 

Exhibit you care, love your job and your workplace. Share and discuss your ideas with your employer, use your experience and knowledge to plot out things that can convert this CHANGE into a CHANCE to explore new opportunities. 

  • Support in terms of work and deliveries 

The hardest thing for the employers during lockdown is to maintain the flow of delivery that his clients are habituated. With the teams working remotely, there might be a time when all of them would not be able to deliver things at the same time, unlike they would do sitting together in the office environment. 

The uncertain delivery times make it challenging for the employer to sustain the customers and convince them to continue working with them with the same rates. 

At this time, you being the employees should be the biggest support, coordinate yourself so well that there is no delay in the deliveries. The team has to be very proactive and work in a way that can yield the most productive outputs. Everyone on the board should be ready to spend some extra time if needed to make sure the things that are expected from them are delivered on mark. 

This is the biggest support your employer could get as he has a responsible army behind him to serve his customers.

A bird eye view on an employer’s spot

Employers are always overlooked when it comes to working pressure and meeting deadlines, in fact, they are the most stressed individuals who have the answers to be given. Yes, they are the ones facing the clients, keeping them in the loop and finding new opportunities to grow his workplace family. 

The crisis is the most difficult time for them to survive, having a well-coordinated and understanding team who are efficient in their roles and responsibilities makes it easier for any entrepreneur to pull through the difficult times. 

Here comes the need for a good workplace culture and some nourished employee relationships that make them empathetic enough to understand company problems. We can help you gain such a stronger workforce and create some employee relations that are far more than just money and work. With our corporate team building program, you can train your employees to withstand any extremity by making them stand together.

To enroll in, hit us up through an email or send your plans for your team by filling the form on the contact us page and we will get back to you with the best possible advice for your organization.

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