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Top Reasons for Creating a Cloud-Based Wallpaper App [Top Wallpaper Apps, Challenges, Business Model, Cost]

Let’s skip the unnecessary introduction and start with the most important question. 

Gallery image as wallpaper or dedicated wallpaper app – what people prefer most? 

Here, human behavior plays a major role. 

A person unlocks his smartphone an average of 63 times in a day. And when he unlocks the phone, the first thing he sees is the wallpaper. 

Over time, he gets bored by seeing the same wallpaper – at least 63 times a day!  

Our business experts and research fellows have also found that many users feel like having a new smartphone when they set their favorite new wallpaper. 

This isn’t a surprising thing as that’s how a human behaves. (We always seek novelty!)

Unlike a gallery, a dedicated wallpaper app gives a user more choices and flexibility. 

For instance, using a wallpaper app, a user can set multiple wallpapers that make users witness a new wallpaper every time he unlocks the phone.  

The gallery does not provide such flexibility. 

Additionally, a wallpaper app gives more choice of wallpapers than the phone gallery as it only has the images clicked by the user himself. 

Are you still confused over wallpaper app popularity? Here is what Google and Apple say about the popularity of wallpaper apps. 

Google Play Store and Apple App Store are the best resources to study and evaluate wallpaper apps’ popularity. 

Wallpaper App Google Play Store Downloads Google Play Store Rating Apple App Store Rating 
Zedge 100,000,000+4.54.2 
Tapet 1,000,000+4.64.0
Walli 10,000,000+4.74.5

So, after reading so far, if you are thrilled to make a wallpaper app, let’s discuss the types of wallpaper apps you can develop. 

Most popular types of wallpaper apps 

Based on the mobile devices’ screen size and wallpaper categories, you can consider multiple types of wallpaper apps to develop. 

Types of Wallpaper Apps 
Live Wallpaper App This is the most popular and engaging type of wallpaper app. The live wallpaper reacts to user touch on the screen. However, live wallpapers are notorious for draining the mobile battery. 
4K Wallpaper App Users who want to experience the highest quality of wallpapers would prefer to set 4K wallpapers. 
AMOLED Wallpaper AppUsers who have smartphones with AMOLED display opt-in more for AMOLED wallpapers as it looks stunning on an AMOLED screen and saves battery.  
3D Wallpaper App People are looking for a unique experience set of 3D wallpapers with depth effect. Such wallpapers react according to the device’s motion sensors, gyroscope, and accelerometer to give you the best parallax effects.
Wallpaper Maker Such an app enables users to make custom live and static wallpapers with the photos they have clicked. They can even create and set video wallpapers. 

Why should you develop a cloud-based wallpaper app?

The following are significant benefits of having a cloud-based wallpaper app. 

  • Seamless Database Integration 

A wallpaper app requires a very large database of wallpapers. 

The app needs to establish a link with the database to provide wallpapers to the users. 

Integrating a database to import all data is time-consuming, which ultimately increases the cost of development. 

Cloud platforms allow developers to integrate databases without writing any code that makes data integration seamless & rapid and reduces development efforts & cost. 

  • Affordable 

As said earlier, you would have a lot of data of wallpapers that requires a storage ecosystem. 

If you do not select the cloud, you will need a dedicated storage infrastructure to increase the upfront cost and maintenance cost dramatically. 

  • Security 

A cloud platform hosts thousands of mobile and web applications. Thus, security always remains their top-most priority. 

With the cloud, it becomes easy to take a backup of your data automatically on a fixed interval. With just a few clicks, you can restore data if some mishap happens. 

  • High Data Availability 

Unlike a physical server, the cloud server keeps sending data even in the case of hardware failure. 

As a result, you can achieve the ultimate uptime for your app. 

  • Performance 

Cloud platforms provide you with the freedom to directly influence the performance of your app. 

Depending on your budget and requirements, you can increase or decrease the resources directly affecting the app’s performance. 

For instance, if you use insufficient resources, the performance can be miserable. But if you buy all the necessary virtual hardware, you will achieve the best app performance. 

The major challenge is that a wallpaper app is tedious. How can you make it more engaging?

Yes, a wallpaper app is dull as there is nothing to do more in a wallpaper app except for exploring the wallpapers. 

And that’s why almost all wallpaper apps fail to engage users. 

However, there is one wallpaper app named Walli that runs the artist partner program to engage users. 

Under this program, people register themselves as artists on the app and upload their arts as wallpapers. 

Based on the number of times a wallpaper gets downloaded, the artist receives the payment. 

This way, a user gets the opportunity to explore the unseen wallpapers of individual artists. 

To take this next level, you can let users explore the entire artist profile and chat with artists. 

How do these tiny free wallpaper apps make money? – The business model 

How much does it cost to make a wallpaper app with GED expertise? 

Yes, our expertise makes a lot of difference in your journey from wallpaper app ideation to execution. 

We have the wallpaper app development experience of 1 decade. In the last few years, we upskilled by developing 22+ wallpaper apps and each wallpaper app idea has its unique performance. 

We do not have any minimum budget requirement as we’re a startup-friendly workplace. 

Talking about the cost, there is no fixed pricing. It depends on the app idea and it’s features.

We have a flexible pricing model to ensure that pricing does not define the future of your game-changing idea.