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Mentoring Startup Ideas

Put your best foot forward in the market with our startup business mentor advice

A great idea, a talented team, huge funding, and an extraordinary business plan, is your startup still lacking the desired success?

Well, GED with its business mentors for startups is meant to fill this gap between startups and success.

Our startup experts will help the early-stage startup to evaluate their business idea, expand the customer base, guide with the investment ideas by analyzing the business from a different perspective to verify its ability to stand against market competition.

The experienced mentor helps the business owner to develop a thought process to see its futuristic picture and guide the startups in their growth process.

Irrespective of the financial and business industry backgrounds, our startup consultants dive deep into queries to solve questions on customer acquisition, product retention, and business complexities to help them form a stronger base to start their empire.


The business experts at GED, have decades of experience as an entrepreneur in the tech industry. Their valuable learnings can help businesses to carve a path to success by giving personalized solutions to their problems.

We at GED don’t believe in sharing motivational quotes to attain success, instead, we guide the startups with practical real-life experiences to help them deal with tough business challenges and decisions.

We don’t tell you what you want to listen, we help you acknowledge the truth. Our experts’ clear goal is to communicate the unvarnished truth and showing them blind spots acting as obstacles to their success.

A business mentor is someone you can look at with an expectation to get the right business advice at the right time. Mentors are not accountable without having a clear understanding and communication. Our experts have a standard operating procedure that leads you to your business goal and that is accountable.

When you contact us we will ask you to tell us about yourself and your business. We will send notes to your mentor then he/she will get in touch directly to schedule a date and time that works for you. You will meet via phone or video conference for a 30 minsession customized to your needs and goals. We do not charge until this 30 minsession process. If you and your mentor are agreed to proceed further then we will provide you the cost with an action plan.