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Mobile App Development

Don’t you prefer mobile applications over websites? So does your customers! Because it’s always easier to open your mobile and tap on an app rather than opening a browser and surfing through a website.

So without any delay, get the best mobile application for your online business now!

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Mobile apps are an integral part of 80% of the Indians day to day life, this is the reason that startups see flat 82% of business growth by launching a custom mobile app for startups.

Our technical experts possess 1.5 decades of experience in mobile app development and have the wide market knowledge to understand the potential of a professional mobile app for business growth and its role in improving business accessibility, visibility, and customer engagement.

The core experts at GED are the early movers in the mobile evolution arena. They with their set of tailor-made strategies and exceptional technical skills have keen knowledge to design, develop, deploy, and launch a mobile app to elevate graphs for small businesses.


iOS App Development

iOS is the world’s most loved and advanced mobile platform with over 2 million apps on the App Store. Developing a business-centric iOS app for the startup can help the business fit the market needs at the right level where they can serve the right audience they are looking for.

Our team of experienced iPad and iPhone app developers specializes in creating Apple applications based on the startup business requirements. We understand the core pain areas and USP’s of the business to convert it into an app feature. Our full-stack developers have in-depth knowledge about the latest iOS 14 SDK, built-in APIs, frameworks, toolkits, UI/UX development, and testing to provide a rich user experience.


Android App Development

Google’s Android app’s success is no secret as it covers 74.14% market worldwide, changing the revenues for many businesses. Being an open-source platform, the development of an Android app is comparatively easy and cost-effective as the SDKs are freely available with easy integration which reduces the licensing cost.

Our experienced developers can develop apps on various frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Phonegap, and cross-platform based apps to build well-functional, consistent and customized android apps with clean designs that allure the target audience to solve their real-life problems using your business apps.


Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Having your business app accessible from any device is an opportunity for the Startups, SMEs, and Medium range companies to reach a greater audience and improve business numbers. With cross-platform mobile app development, the apps would be accessible to iOS, Android, and Windows users simultaneously.

GED is a top cross-platform mobile app development company that helps startups empower the business with mobile apps. Our expert development team has proven skills in building affordable and quality mobile apps with trusted cross-platform technologies and frameworks like React Native, Phonegap, Ionic, Flutter, Xamarin.


Progressive Web App Development

PWA is a development niche that took all the right attributes from the industry. It is the technology that helps developers to build websites with mobile app features. PWA’s adopt modern web capabilities like facilitating offline website access, push notification, background data synchronization with advanced API’s make the site faster, reliable, and more engaging.

Our passionate team with their latest industry knowledge codes progressive web apps using frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js. The design and development team uses modern tools to develop PWA’s where customers like to spend more time to improve conversion rates of the business to yield better business results.


Mobile App Design

App designing and navigation plays a crucial role in the user experience. Many complex business services, when designed with a strategic approach, can help the users understand the business better. The app’s user-friendly design and the feel-good factor acts as an attribute for branding and improves awareness and usage of the app among its audience.

Our talented team of designers and web developers have a keen knowledge and vision on creating sharp app designs. We follow an approach where we create a Minimum Viable Product before getting into implementation. Our designers take care of the app user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) and follow style guidelines of Apple and Google to create simple and elegant designs for business to serve their ultimate purpose.


Mobile App Prototyping

The mobile app prototype is a mockup that helps to get an idea about how the app will function. It helps mobile app developers and startup owners save investing their time and money in the development of the actual app. App prototypes give a visualization of products look and feel to understand the way customers would interact with the app to improve customer experience and usability of the App.

GED can help you make smarter apps by providing you with excellent prototypes that have dynamic screen designs that help you view critical issues of the app that can be solved before real-life app implementation.

Our team of experts works on the latest technologies like Balsamiq, Invision, Marvel, UXPin, Flinto to make dynamic prototypes for our clients.


The team at GED has 1.5 decades of experience in the IT industry. We have various teams for ideation, designing, development, and support to help the customers with their every small need.

Our team members are reliable and passionate about their niche and are sharp headed with the knowledge of cutting edge mobile app development platforms.

This is a very tricky question to answer because every app has a different domain, design complexibility, features etc so it is difficult to answer this question straight but normally it takes around 1-4 months to deliver a full-fledged mobile app for any Startup. We at GED ensure you get things delivered on time to help you with your pre-launch strategy to gain maximum users for your app.

Here the development time may also vary based on the app features and client approval process.

The team at GED believes in customer satisfaction more than just “getting things done”.
Our support team will always be available to solve your queries even after the app is launched to help you provide the best possible services.

Our team of experts has developed robust apps for various industry businesses. Our clients preach our work as “disruptive” and “satisfying”.

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We have a flexible pricing model which probably depends on the kind of business and the app requirements. Android app development, iOS app development, or cross-platform app development, each of the niche has different requirements to differ in cost.

We can discuss your requirements and cost details via call or email. Connect with us with the options available on our contact us page and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to discuss your queries.