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Why are mobile apps for business inevitable to survive in 2021?

An average smartphone user has 80 apps on their phones, 40 of which are actively used per month and opened 50+ times in a day. 


Did we realize how business apps are actually becoming the need for people rather than just an alternative online option?

Let’s try to understand it by contemplating some recent scenarios where mobile apps helped many businesses outlive the difficult times of pandemic.

  • Survival of IT companies and remote working employees was only possible with the Video Conferencing apps like Zoom and Google meet.
  • Banks were shut temporarily, thanks to the online banking apps that made it easy for people to remain financially active. (YONO SBI, iMobile app)
  • People were unable to live without basic things for a living, it was some Grocery apps that helped people maintain their lifestyle even during social distancing. (Bigbasket app)
  • Closing of schools challenged institutes to keep up their business, the school management app and some educational apps helped students continue with their academics. (BYJU’s app)
  • The restaurant business got the biggest hit by COVID-19, still, some stakeholders saved themselves with their mobile apps for restaurants. (Oven Story)

The list of such use-cases of mobile apps has no end but it’s truly a mirror to millions of business owners on how mobile apps are gradually becoming an essential attribute for business to attain success. 

Well if you own a small business and are wondering about your capability to bring a change with an app, here is a story to know;

BYJU, the multi-million Global Edutech startup from India was started in a small village of Kerala where the founder was teaching few students in an auditorium, this number gradually increased to 1000 students.

With an aim to make the learning more interactive for students, BYJU started making videos for these learners. With the help of his students, he started a small company and prepared core learning products for 4 long years. 

This was progressively embedded in an app that we today know as the BYJU’s learning app. Over the years, BYJU’s has created thousands of educational programs and in-app features to secure decent funding and reach heights that we find it today. 


It’s not the size of your business that matters, but the perception of your ideas to make a change.  

And if you want to walk with today’s digitized world, tech apps should surely be a part of your change-making business journey.

Let’s discuss your mobile app idea

Unaware of the tech trends? Here is help for you!

Some innovative mobile app ideas for small business

  • Augmented reality app for retail business 

The app has the ability to change the customer experience by helping them select products and put them into real-world spaces.

  • AI-based apps for hospitals and small business

Adding intelligent chatbots or leveraging the analytical capability of AI through an app can help improve service and user engagement for businesses. 

Features like voice, image, and gesture recognition can be added to such mobile apps.

  • IoT apps for electronic gadgets/business

Expanding the functionality of mobile apps from displaying electronic images to actually operating it can be possible with IoT based smart mobile apps. 

Turning on & off your AC and lights with an app is what IoT apps offer.  

But, how can a mobile app help local businesses?

  • Increases customer reach: There might be a customer miles away searching for a service you provide. Having a mobile app for business can help you serve a larger audience irrespective of their location.
  • Boosts sales and revenue numbers: Mobile apps tend to increase the availability of the service, helping the business gain new customers by providing them with a convenient option to get themselves served.
  • Improves brand presence: The majority of people spent a significant amount of time exploring the apps on their phones. Having a business app will ensure they come across your business app logo and image, increasing the chances of your business getting more attention.

Great right! Coming to the point;

Why do we believe mobile apps are essential for business in 2021?

Well, this is what the statistics say, the mobile app market for business is estimated to grow USD 98.03 Billion with a CAGR of 15.24% till 2021. Moreover, mobile app downloads will surge to 258.2B in 2022.

Undeniably, the mobile app market will see disruptive elevation post-COVID-19. Reason? Increased digitization and changed human habits. 

You might find it crucial to convert a business idea into a fully-functional mobile app unless you are guided by some experts in the field. 

Our experienced mobile app development team would love to work on your app ideas that could boost your business growth. Connect with us via email or drop your queries in our contact form.