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MVP Approach

Ensure the success of your app ideas with our MVP development services for Startups.

Feeling anxious about your app launch? Have you assessed it to be market-ready?

Let us help you test your mobile and web app ideas to be compatible with your target audience by building MVP for startup apps.

The team at GED follows the MVP approach to create systems that contain core features enough to test for the first set of users to take their valuable insights and build a better product that will resonate with future users. This can help you save from spending additional time and money on adding more features.

Our team with their expertise understands your idea to develop an app version by analyzing risk factors and areas of improvement to make it to market more rigorously and acquire good funding from your potential investors.


Developing an MVP for a startup can give you an idea about its potential to work in the market. MVP’s being the first sample of the product includes selected features to test its acceptability among the audience and get their feedback to develop a full-fledged working app that could satisfy the customer’s needs.

The cost of developing MVP’s is much lesser as it includes only the core features of the app idea. Testing and validating this app model with the right customers can help gain valuable insights to make the changes at the very earlier stage.

This reduces the time, efforts, and money involved in developing the final app.

There is a difference between the customer’s need and want. Our knowledgeable team of developers knows this boundary and helps you choose the features categorizing it based on must-have and good to have things.

We help you prioritize the requirements of each feature by helping you gain an understanding of its place in your MVP model.

Having an MVP of your app idea increases the chances to get the investment as you have a live product to showcase them and help them identify that your idea has the potential to grow with their help.

MVP help’s especially a startup to represent themselves and the clarity they have behind the ideas they have come to pitch over. It acts as a great power booster to the startup owners’ confidence.

We build relations on trust more than money. Your ideas are safe with us as we ensure security by signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) where we are obliged to make sure your confidential data is safe with us.