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Why on-demand business consulting service is the only alternative for business owners in the new era of social distancing

Have you ever imagined the life we are living today?

Staying indoors, maintaining distances, no social gatherings, connecting virtually with people for work, or just to check on our loved ones. The streets that were filled with a humongous number of people are now empty and deserted, following the Lockdown instructions. 

The changes are always hard to be accepted, but eventually, they become part of our lives. This is only possible because humans tend to find an alternative way of living life and dealing with the situations. Well molding yourself based on the circumstance is the best way to get through it.

With more people staying indoors, the change in the lifestyle and the need for getting things delivered or served from the comfort of our homes has made many businesses adopt some exceptionally new concepts of operating their business. 

Like if we talk about the big brand Swiggy, an on-demand food delivery service has taken leverage of its huge network and the current crisis of COVID-19 lockdown, has expanded its service from food delivery to grocery and essential things delivery. Thus developing a new habit among people to get their every essential thing delivered through the Swiggy app.

Well, this is what we call a smart step!

In the times when uncertainty about the lockdowns being lifted is very high, adopting such business solutions that don’t only serve the need of the time but are future of the business is the kind of approach every business owner should adopt.  

Getting straight to the point, the above-mentioned example of Swiggy is a real-time demonstration of people acquiring social distancing in their daily lives and the success ratio of the on-demand service concept that is required to be adopted by every possible business to enhance the service operations not just for today but also keeping the future needs in mind.

Isn’t it an amazing concept? Like you call for the service that you need, avail them based on your demand without being in any physical contact with the other person, and pay for the hours that you got served. 

Well, what if the business owners get such on-demand services for solving their business problems? This calls for a much-needed concept of on-demand business consulting services that can give relief to many small businesses facing difficulty in the crucial time of lockdown.

So let’s understand what it really means.

What is an on-demand business consulting service?

Your business might have a good infrastructure, a hardworking team, and properly traced business plans, but the uncertain situations that come without a notice, something that was not in your plan can lead you towards the need for expert support. 

Yes, there are many scenarios in the business world, like the sudden fall of your stocks, your team getting on strike or just the critical situation of lockdown that we are stuck in today, you might need an occasional pep talk from someone who can guide with the right steps you should take to tackle the temporary situation. 

On-demand business consulting service is a conceptual offering that provides remote support and guidance to the business owners on an hourly basis. Here the business experts talk to the business owners and discuss the problems these owners are facing. Based on the experience of the experts and the kind of queries presented by the owners, these experts provide them with the solutions or some basic plan of actions that can help them get through the situation. 

This service is provided to the business owner for a limited amount of time or hours till the demand of the business owner is served and the charges are offered based on the hours utilized in the complete procedure to satisfy the business demands. 

As many of the business owners today are stuck in the position of stopped business operations and drowning economy due to lockdown conditions, 

Why opting for an on-demand business consulting service can be fruitful for any industry? 

  • Advice from an expert builds confidence to make decisions 

Decision making is the biggest challenge for the business owner, especially when the conditions in the market are unpredictable. Talking and taking advice from someone who has been through these conditions, builds a sense of confidence in the business owner to take the step ahead. 

Availing on-demand business consultation at this time can help them make the right decision while showing them the opportunities that can fall in the business owners lap.

  • Helps stop taking wrong steps instantly

The difficult times might leave many business leaders startled, completely unknown about how to take the next step. Especially the startup owners, who at the end takes some wrong business steps leading to their startup failure. 

A call with an expert can help them simplify the conditions and stop them from taking the wrong step while suggesting to them some new business contacts and referring some established business in their niche to revive their business spirit.  

  • A simplified alternative to get advice on the needed services with smart prices 

The business owners with the huge service market might need help to grow in some specific business area, where they need a business consultant to guide them remotely for a definite task and not entirely for his whole business. With the on-demand business consulting service, a business owner can get the guidance for just the right services and can pay for the same. 

Looking for some outstanding ideas like Swiggy for your business during a lockdown? 

Below are some tips from the expert for different business to fight the COVID-19 crisis and beyond 

  • Tip for Restaurant owner

As the business operations are paused currently, it’s time you take advantage of the time and focus on digitization of your business process. If you have a website, invest time in revamping it, if your restaurant is not offering the on-demand delivery service, focus on developing a customized application for your business. 

Try to use the trend and develop the app features that can bring in more business to your restaurant, just like what a famous pizza brand overstory did recently. Tap on the video below to learn about it. 



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Getting such innovative ideas on your own can be harder, a call with an expert or a business consultant is what can act as your savior.

  •  Tip for retail business like apparel 

Clothes are something that’s never going to be out of demand and currently when people are forced to remain indoors, online shopping is the most preferable and only option for people to satisfy their demand. 

So if you are owning a retail shop, this is the right time to enter the e-commerce industry. Upload your business details and offering services like clothes, mobile phones, or cosmetics on the famous e-commerce platforms like Amazon or make a space of your own online by developing an e-commerce website to keep your customers satisfied with their needs.

  • Tip for Grocery shop owners 

Grocery is the basic need of people, not only today but always. Taking this as a positive attribute for your business, defining a good business policy would help you gain much more profit than you are earning currently. 

Prepare different packages and combos that can help you get more sales by attracting customers. If you have a store with a big name, try to reach more audiences by marketing it through social platforms to give people the right information on your offerings. Also, you can add on the facility of delivery services to the local areas near you by taking their orders through calls.

Implementing such smart business steps in current times can help you change the way your business operates by making it more efficient.

  • Tip for IT industry workers 

IT being a versatile industry, has a lot to be explored. With the availability of high-tech software and applications, working remotely has become just as easy as working together under the same roof. 

Being in the business, all the tech freaks need to acknowledge is to make the right use of technology and most importantly being aware of them. Find ways how the remote working tools can help you and your team continue with the day-to-day office work, while not affecting the productivity and the deliverables to satisfy all the clients’ needs.

Not only the IT industry but technology is making remote working easier for every business. Wondering how? Here is a complete read.

How can the evolving technology make remote working easier for any business?

A word from an expert

Did you relate to the above business solutions? How likely would you make efforts to think such ideas and implement them for your business?

Well, the hardships in the business stops every person’s mind to think beyond the critical situation they are stuck in, this is where the business consultants come to the rescue. In order to fill the demand (of expert support) and supply (of guidance) gap, we at GED can help you with your business problems as and when needed with our on-demand business consulting service.

Define your business challenges, find the areas you find it difficult to handle, book your slot of expert advice defined by the hours and our on-demand business consultant will help you guide through your problems and share some innovative ideas for your business that can help you make the most out of this lockdown time.

So, drop us an email on or connect with us on call +91 75750 79793 and our solution-oriented experts will be at your service on-demand.

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