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Get Your Own Food Ordering App and Website with Your Business Branding

Launch Your Food Ordering/Delivery App or Cloud Kitchen Business Online

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or entrepreneur, connect customers, restaurants, and delivery drivers online with a custom delivery app that supports multiple business models.

A robust order and delivery management system

Separate apps for users, delivery drivers, restaurant owners

Support in-house drivers and gig workers

Commission-free with your own branding


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    Having a mobile app vs not having it = close on Tuesday vs close on every day

    It first seemed impossible. But when our efforts resulted in a 70% increase in sales of our 17 food business partners, we noted the power of a tiny mobile app.

    A mobile app is faster

    It provides a personalized customer experience

    It offers instant access to the restaurant menu and other services.

    It eliminates waiting time at the restaurant.

    It doubles results out of marketing efforts.

    It enables you to generate multiple revenue streams.

    It increases the productivity of the kitchen and floor staff.

    It eases order and customer management.

    Read valuable research on features of the top 10 food delivery apps

    We distribute app features in three categories – ‘crucial features,’ ‘advanced features’ & ‘nice-to-have features.’ The rearmost is avoidable to save costs.

    User App Features:

    Delivery Driver App Features:

    Restaurant Owner App Features:


    Update/Delete/Add the Menu

    Earning Dashboard

    Customer Support


    Promo Code Management

    Driver Tracking

    Order Request

    Ads Management

    Driver’s Profile

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    Advanced Features:

    Boost Zone (identification of areas with higher demand and diverting more drivers to there)

    Advanced Job Allocation Algorithm (to reduce gathering at the restaurant)

    Smart Selfie (to validate the drivers’ identification)

    Three-way Review System (drivers, users, restaurant owners can rate each other)

    Multiple Driver Account Types (i.e., bicycle account, scooter account, car account)

    Multiple Delivery Options (i.e., no rush delivery, priority delivery, contactless delivery)

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    We aim to deliver you peace of mind. Our solution supports all business models of the food delivery business.

    Regardless of your food business type and scale, our food delivery app, like Uber, can easily adapt to your custom workflows.

    Retail Food Chains

    Bring your multiple outlet food chains under the single roof virtually with a user-friendly customer app, CRM, sales, analytics, stock management, and much more.

    Cloud Kitchen

    Reach more customers in your locality for your delivery-only meals with a feature-rich app that is equipped with features to ease order, delivery, and payment management.

    Food Ordering Marketplace

    Enable restaurant owners to register themselves on your app, deliver their food orders with your drivers or gig drivers, and take a commission on each order.

    You’re not spending with us. You’re investing.

    We’re breaking stereotypes with our services beyond app development. We will help you from solving a single query to set up the entire business from scratch.

    1-decade of app development experience

    20+ delivery apps similar to DoorDash/UberEats developed

    Complimentary business, technical and legal consultations

    Startup-friendly pricing and company

    Calculate ROI with our Business Expert

    An app is just the tip of the iceberg. You need a strong foundation to stand steady in a rough market.

    An app helps you enter the game. But to win it, you need supporting resources that do not only support the app but support your entire online food delivery business.

    Driver Workforce


    Wide Partner Network

    Customer Support Team

    Licenses & Permits

    Media/Advertising/Public Relations

    Delivery App for X

    Considering the needs of adventurer entrepreneurs who want to explore other business opportunities of online delivery business, we engineered a highly customizable delivery solution.

    Grocery Delivery

    Flowers Delivery

    Cannabis Delivery

    Furniture Delivery

    Courier Delivery

    Liquor Delivery

    Meal-Kit Delivery

    Clothes Delivery

    Pet Food Delivery

    Medicine Delivery

    Cake Delivery

    Questionnaire on online food delivery apps

    Yes, you can deliver any product with our delivery app solution. However, it requires a bit of customization based on your business practice. But that’s our call. We customize it and deliver it within days.

    Order management, restaurant partnership, and maintaining the demand/supply ratio to fulfill orders quickly are the major challenges.

    We see UberEats’ success in a different way. It is successful just because of a single feature – Boost Zone. UberEats’ advanced AI-based algorithms predict the areas where it is anticipated to increase demand (orders). To cope up with this increased demand, UberEats offers some extra money on each delivery within those areas. So, to earn more per delivery, all nearby drivers reach there and satisfy the high demand.

    There is no fixed pricing. It depends on your requirements. However, we have a flexible pricing model to make sure that pricing does not define the future of your game-changing idea.

    We can discuss your requirements and cost details via call or email. Connect with us with the options available on our contact us page and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to discuss your queries.

    The operating cost of the food delivery app includes the cost of app maintenance, drivers’ fee, app marketing, driver/customer/restaurant onboarding, and APIs fees. Overall, a single delivery within 2.5 km costs you less than $10.